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Amal Clooney spotted in Oscar de la Renta in New York, 04.11.2019


Amal Clooney was spotted leaving her apartment in New York and heading to Columbia Law School.



Style Files


Amal Clooney wore a OSCAR DE LA RENTA skirt set



With DIOR Bar bag


JIMMY CHOO  Women’s Gray Court Shoes Romy 85 Suede Grey



105 suede pumps

available here


VERSACE Sunglasses

available here




47 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Oscar de la Renta in New York, 04.11.2019

      1. Although her street style is eccentric and tacky, at least is original. But her hair is so dated, dried out and badly in need of a fresh cut.

        Nati is her hair her security blanket?

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      2. The peplum detail along with the nubby nature of the fabric does wonders for her figure. It gives the illusion of feminine hourglass curves. Not all of us are blessed with curves and her stylist made a good choice on this one. Gives her a bit of heft and bulk. She so thin she can wear something that gives a bit of weight and still look bird-thin.

        With the makeup I wonder if that’s a cultural thing along with her tacky dress. Middle Eastern women I’ve seen globally wear very heavy, heavy makeup and very loud, flashy clothing. The young girls idolize the Kim Kardasian look. Very, very few Queen Rania styles of dress.

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    1. Why doesn’t she leave her hair naturally curly. There’s a few photos out there in the public where her hair is full on curly and she looks the best there.

      No severe micro bladed eyebrows and Charlotte Tilsbury drag queen makeover. Enhance what nature gives you without going overboard. She does the keratin straightening to the death of her hair. No wonder she has to plug in clip in extensions.

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    1. Her bodyguard is wearing a coat, sweater and shirt. This man is probably tough ex military and he needs to layer but Amal is wearing a thin short sleeve top with no stockings. Hmmmmmmm.


  1. You know, I am really getting tired and, frankly, a little bored stiff of these “spontaneous, deer-in-the-headlights” pic-posts. Poor Amal (?). Here’s an idea: Take charge of your life and deep-six this stuff. (Seriously, with all your wealth and influence, you can’t control your own front doorstep?) Yes, you’re wonderful, you dress impeccably, you’ve got a career, a husband, children. You could find a way to stop this is you really wanted to. It’s all so tedious. I’m ashamed I found my way to this website. I’m going to leave you alone from now on. I really don’t want to support this anymore.

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      1. Yeah spot on, they both wanted fame and celebrity and won the lottery with Clooney.
        About her legal skills.. is questionable by many that really know the profession. She has become an expensive speaker though. Definetely she is a “famous” attorney now, when before Clooney, no one knew who she was or her mum.

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  2. Nati:
    This question is not about fashion, but able Amal’s work at the Clooney Institute for Justice. Do you happen to know the address/phone/email for their office in New York? I can’t find it on the web. Thanks.


      1. Thank you so much. I wanted to refer a case to the Trial Watch program and with this information I was able to do so.


  3. The colour and cut are very flattering on a slim figure. The shoes look better with the thicker fabric, I thought they appeared a bit too heavy for the satin turquoise dress she wore recently.
    She looks good as always when dressed in lady like attire.


      1. I don’t think Amal is particularly pretty or stylish but I like her political activism.

        Does that mean I don’t like her? That’s not logically possible. I don’t know her to be able to dislike her.


      2. Since you’re asking for my personal opinion. I prefer classic styles with woven in trends. Clothes should accentuate the woman, not scream ‘look at me!’ I like looks that are fresh but timeless. This is the antithesis of Amal’s style.

        Plus the constant PR of Amal’s beauty has been a bit overboard. She’s striking for sure – she tall, very thin and has a angular face. Someone I’d notice. But a beauty… I’d disagree. But again, my opinion. Again, I don’t know her to like or dislike a celebrity-activist.

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  4. I just asked everybody, because I thought, people who visit her blog are interested in her style and look. And normally when people are interested in a person`s look and outfits and style of life, the interest shows that there is also a kind of admiration. Otherwise there is no need to come here. If there is interest in her work – there are other platforms to look at. But I am looking forward to your repsonses,


    1. I visit here because I admire her in many ways. Her intelligence, her beauty and fashion sense (although I have to admit I enjoy it more when it’s her own quirky styling and just not being a mannequin). I’m intrigued that she was able to peak the interest of George. She has her faults, and I don’t shy away from dis using them, too. To be honest, I’m a bit envious of her. I think it would be fun to be her, or have her lifestyle anyway.


    2. “If there is interest in her work – there are other platforms to look at.”
      I disagree, as Nati has featured Amal’s work on this site; so I think it is appropriate to comment on her work. Amal is an intelligent woman and she has chosen to present herself both as a fashionista and as a human rights lawyer publicly. I find this an odd combination of personas, but these are the images that she is actively presenting-certainly with much PR assistance.


    3. Why do you care what others comment?

      Nati can easily police the posts. I don’t believe she is in need of a second lieutenant-in-command-of-Amal-not-worshipping-post-deleters.

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    4. “And normally when people are interested in a person`s look and outfits and style of life, the interest shows that there is also a kind of admiration.”

      Not necessarily.

      One can also be interested in the miraculous workings of a well-greased PR and media machinery which apparently can hype a rather ordinary person into alleged ‘icon’ status, provided there is enough money pumped into this campaign to do so.

      Boris Johnson would be another example.

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      1. Oh yes I agree with the incredible work of her well-greased PR. Reminds me her friend, M. Markle”s PR system as well.
        I am also seeing that she is morphing into a political speaker more than a so call “human rights lawyer”. It is a combination of PR and politics, similar to the Clintons too.
        Yeah they are all good friends.. but their political PR work is incredible powerful, showing that money can buy a lot of press.

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      2. @Ms Taylor

        Meghan Markle: great example you name here.

        But also an example that this kind of machinery only works for a rather limited period of time before people, sooner or later, tire of the same old, same old. Like: What designer is being worn? In what restaurant did one dine? Whom did one holiday with?

        In Markle’s case, her being in a far more popular and front / center spot than Amal, her half-life period in the media was barely 12 months before the overkill of their media presence and their do-goodie lecturing to their ‘peasants’ backfired in a rather spectacular manner. These days the Sussexes are considered ‘toxic’ in the UK.

        It will be interesting to watch if the Clooney’s friendship with the Sussexes will stand this test – is it real friendship, or just a kind of business model for mutual benefit? These days, very very few people would wish to be associated with MM and Harry. I doubt many Britons would care if MM and H simply moved to the US.


    5. really vdhps.. don’t you have anything better to do than ask people you will never know why they come here ? LOL well sit comfortable with a cuppa.. you will be waiting


  5. I didn’t know that there were other platforms. Thank you!

    Only Amaloonies should comment? Life isn’t a vacuum where everyone will act in accordance to your world view. I’m sure I wouldn’t like your aesthetic, if you find Amal stylish. Now we can agree on something! Yay!

    Have a day filled with Amal-unicorns!

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    1. After advising the nanny, the cook, the bodyguard and the stylist it makes her appear busy, I guess. I assume it is empty. Oscar de la Rente and a cup of coffee in a car just doesn’t fit very much.

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