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Amal and George Clooney At the London Catch-22 Premiere 15.05.2019

George and Amal Clooney have dazzled at the Catch 22 premiere in London.

The couple attended with a host of famous faces at the premiere, held at London’s Vue Cinema Westfield.

Clooney said the moment is right for his Catch 22 adaptation because the world is facing a “pretty absurd time”.

The Hollywood actor stars in, produced and partially directed the TV version of Joseph Heller’s novel, which is set during the Second World War and follows a US airman as his attempts to escape battle are thwarted by a sinister bureaucratic rule.

Speaking at the premiere in London, Clooney said: “There’s never really a bad time to talk about the absurdity of war and there is never a bad time to talk about trying to beat the system, because the system pretty much always wins and I think most people feel that way.

“I also feel like we are facing a pretty absurd time in our lives – all of us, every country around the world right now.”

“So I think any time we are able to laugh about it and remind ourselves that these things are temporary, it’s probably a good thing to do,” he added.

Clooney continued: “I think it’s always good to remind ourselves that war actually does cost the lives of a lot of young people.

“Old people make decisions and young people die”.

“I think that’s always good to remind ourselves that that’s what we see ourselves building up, and focusing on Iran right now… It’s good to remind ourselves that these things aren’t simple and that they actually cost peoples lives.”

The six-episode mini-series will air on Channel 4 in the UK.

The premiere was held at VUE Cinema Westfield, London.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a dress by RALPH & RUSSO

Fall Couture 2017


Abel satin pumps


Celeste clutch

Available here and here

With gold rosa art deco chandelier earrings


9 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney At the London Catch-22 Premiere 15.05.2019

  1. George had Amal escorted away to avoid the PR nightmare that was Cannes where Amal posed in her yellow gown flying everywhere. George was heavily critiqued about her presence on the red carpet. 😆


    1. The look on Amal’s face is priceless when George instructs his bodyguard to escort her off the red carpet. She looked indignant and hides her anger with a polite forced smile. She bypasses her mother in a temper tantrum.

      Also her body language toward her mother is telling too. She’s faced to the cameras and seems to be boxing her mother out. Baria also looks uncomfortable and hesitant on how to stand with Amal. Sorry Baria you created the monster …


      1. yeah, she should have put her arm around her mom, instead of worrying about the perfect photo with her arm hanging down, turned slightly to show off muscles. We all know the poses, Amal. I do feel a bit sorry for here Mom, here.


      2. Oh my goodness…are you and I watching the same video?! She and her Mother were on stage for the obligatory photo…and then were escorted off when the time was right. She left in a perfectly appropriate and dignified manner as did her Mother.


    2. It would have been ok for the spouse to be WALKING down the red carpet.. but George brought her up for a camera call with all the other actors from the film. This was supposed to be Julia Roberts’ big moment. It was her first appearance at the Festival. Amal looked stunning in her gown with her hair turn under and really stole the spotlight from Julia. George, in my opinion, was selfish and disrespectful to his working cast mates.


  2. Amal looks older here for some reason? Or maybe just tired? Love the outfit.

    Baria’s jewels are beautiful. I think her hair looks odd with the fringe? Like a wig? I’m surprised she hasn’t lost weight and improved her fashion sense given she clearly had spent money on her face. Odd not to focus on those things too.


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