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Amal Clooney stunning in an Ossie Clark dress at Il Marino di Puntaldia in Italy 04.06.2018

Days ahead of twins Alexander and Ella’s first birthday, proud parents George and Amal Clooney escaped to one of their go-to getaway locales: Italy

George and Amal were photographed sharing a romantic scooter ride through Sardinia over the weekend, and were later spotted heading to dinner on Monday evening.

The two stepped out for dinner at Il Marino di Puntaldia in Sardinia, Italy after taking a motorcycle ride through the streets.

Amal Clooney wore an oriental turtleneck maxidress on her way to the restaurant, pairing the statement piece with beige crisscross sandals and a bright red clutch.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a beautiful oriental printed dress by OSSIE CLARK

Vintage dress from 1968-1967

Here an OSSIE CLARK jacket with a similar print



Here a similar style

With a red clutch twin skulls by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

Here a gold version of the clutch

And citrine earrings by PARISA JEWELLERY

Available at Harvey Nichols in London

18 thoughts on “Amal Clooney stunning in an Ossie Clark dress at Il Marino di Puntaldia in Italy 04.06.2018

  1. There is something strange going on over her stomach? Is she just really bloated or is there a pouch sewn to the front of the dress over her belly. It’s notceabke I’m just about every view.


  2. I LOVE the dress . She looked pregnant , I thought maybe there’s a new little clooney on the way , but watching her at the AFI……


  3. I love this dress but the shoes are horrific. They look like shoes an 80 year old would wear. Why can’t George rise to the occasion and dress up. That is the American in him. No European man would be caught dead looking like this with a women dress liked that.


    1. I do not know any 80 year olds who wear heels. I do like that Amal does not appear concerned with what her husband wears. He seems perfectly dressed for dinner in these photos.


    2. The dress-which I like on her-is 1960’s vintage and it would have been best to have her shoes carry thru on that same theme. The ones she is wearing are styled more like those in the 1940’s. I agree with your point about George, In fact, he appears to wear the same few casual shirts/pants all the time and frankly the shirts look washed out and ready for the rag bin. Re: American vs. European dress, I don’t think one can generalize…the Germans and French are increasingly doing casual wear…the Italians still like to dress up and do it well.


    1. On the contrary, this style of dress-and particularly the bodice-complements her body type very well; it gives her a nice long line… The halter dress- which is shown in another post- was not a good choice for her body type as it emphasizes the center of her body (chest). If one does not have a chest, why bring attention to this area?


      1. Although the dragon print dress does make her look pregnant. Looks like it has a strange pocket over the belly and it’s not flattering to her waistline. Or maybe she is just having a belly bloated day……like we all do… that case why wear something that accentuates your belly bloat?


  4. She really does look pregnant! But anyway, the look is fresh and summery minus the heavy make up. Nice to see Amal in a maxi dress instead of something really short.


  5. Keep an eye out for the BLA gala that was in London yesterday – Baria hosted the event with special guest Salem Hayek – and some VIPs were there too :)) lol ( British Lebanese Association)

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  6. I love Amal and George. I am not sure if you two ready this site but I thought I would try to contact you this way. I have been suffering with headaches and neck pain since December 2017. I am going crazy and need help. If you know any good doctor in California who might be able to help me please advice.


    1. George sees a doctor in the city of Encino and gets cortisone shots – if that’s what u want u can go to any doctor lol don’t wait around for him to
      Give u advice – it may be a while lol


  7. Gorgeous make up choice with this dress. Striking print design and really like how she added the pop of color with her lipstick & clutch. It always looks great for summer.


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