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Amal and George Clooney with family in Laglio 29.04.2018

Picture via Soos

Amal and George Clooney were in Laglio at the Villa Oleandra to celebrate the engagement of Amal’s brother, Samer Alamuddin and the birthday of his father Ramzi, 80 years.

What an amazing picture 😀 thank you Soos

On Instagram, Tala posted a picture sailing on Como lake for her father’s birthday.

19 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney with family in Laglio 29.04.2018

  1. Gosh! You will be so busy Nati with the Met Gala coverage. So many outfits.

    I finally got myself a Heidi London sunnies. Thbak you for identifying them!

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    1. Nati, did you notice this is the first picture without Amal in the middle, center of attention? Wow, it must have killed her.


  2. Soos I am just wondering is the mother of Amal’s two step brothers still living? Or did Baria raise them as her own


  3. In this pic is Tala and Nico ( right, her sis) And opposite sirde her sis in law Rema and brother Zayed – parents , and Samer and a great gal his new fiancé !!

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  4. I love how the Clooney’s and the Alamuddin’s are close family – I think this is one of the core values that Amal and George have in common. So sweet to see everyone together!


  5. Soos how are you able to post so much about their private lives, and now a photo, just because you’re somehow friends with one relative on Facebook? This is unethical and I’m sure they will soon figure out who you are and cut you out. This is really bad form.


    1. Sally I don’t follow ?! What do u mean so much about their personal lives ? I have never posted anything that was not public knowledge (.Barias interview is online )

      You have your facts wrong all together – I am not the one bit worried because I not only eliminated the personal photos as requests but also shared this with Permission – Sally inte majnooni

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      1. Soos take pity on ‘Jackson’ as he is obviously is an unhappy person with clearly demonstrated emotional disturbances. No one who has a happy fulfilled life would post as Jackson does. Whether we/I agree with Amal, her life or fashion choices, is irrelevant. You’re better than him, let Jackson be ignored as he was most likely growing up and have compassion for his sad disposition.


      2. Kendall u are right friend – society should take more pity on people like Jackson – I will try harder. Thanks for the reminder friend !


      1. Jackson I won’t even lower myself with you any longer- as many have already done-my educational background and career accomplishments I take pride in and worked very hard to achieve IT IS SAD THAT WOMEN LIKE YOURSELF ( if you are one) have to cut down each other’s achievements. Take your jealousy and use that energy to expand your knowledge- they have grants for intellectually disabled women in California.


      1. Jesus take the wheel … Barua, Amal, George et al curate the images put out there. Soos is not doing anything that is against the Klooney Klan’s wishes


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