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Amal Clooney spotted arriving at Columbia Law School in New York 09.04.2018

Amal Clooney showed off yet another incredible outfit while heading to work today!

She was spotted on her way to teach a class at Columbia Law School on Monday (April 9) in New York City for a meeting with UN High Comissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein .

Style Files

Amal kept it simple but chic in a little black V collar dress and wool trench coat, paired with snake-print pumps and a black handbag.

MICHAEL KORS Simone bag in black and alligator

Here another version of the bag

POMELLATO Victoria earrings

Thanks to Amal mon Idole on Instagram for the ID

Available here 3950 euros


DIOR sunglasses

16 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted arriving at Columbia Law School in New York 09.04.2018

  1. Beautiful once again! Head to toe. Nati, I read an excerpt from the May issue of Vogue and they mention a “blog on WordPress devoted just to Amal’s fashion”. I bet you pick up a few visitors after that! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures and time you take to research Nati!


  2. spot on – she wears this just perfectly. So elegant and sophisticated. Fashionable professional and ALL WOMAN! so proud to have a great role model for women and I am proud to be a supporter or hers.

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  3. Congrats on the Vogue article mention Nati! I’m so keen to know what you think of her Vogue interview? It was an interesting insight for me into how she does it all (career, kids etc). Sounds like an amazing lifestyle though I’m not sure I would be happy personally only getting 2 hours a day with my baby in the morning! Though I know other women with big careers who do similar. They are not interested in being there for the tears, tantrums, nappy changes etc. They are very happy for a cuddle and smiles then hand back responsibility to the help.

    Their England house sounds amazing. And her and George do seem very much in love. I think they are a genuine match despite what people say.

    I was surprised at the idea of Amal being a party animal according to her mother! I’d always assumed she was the studious in the library type. She must be very outgoing and social. I wonder if that confidence helped George’s attraction to her because I imagine other women would be shy or intimidated?


  4. I love your blog so much, dear Nati, and it’s great that Amal is out and about more now after her maternity leave. I don’t normally comment as some of the regular posters here are so forthright, but just wanted to ask if you knew where Amal’s beautiful coat is from? I think it would be invaluable here in London for Spring (which is still pretty cold). Thank you so much.


  5. Very good colors for her! She looks put together in a very professional way. Nati, why are the earrings so expensive? They are lovely, but a bit formulaic

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  6. Yes, I came to tell you I also read the Vogue article where your site is mentioned. Very exciting. But, It mentioned Amal wasn’t pleased about most of the talk concerned her fashion instead of her accomplishments. Give me a break. Quit wearing clothes that cost $$$$ and we won’t talk about it anymore.


  7. Finally there is PROOF that Amal is aware of the blog – wouldn’t it be funny is she or her mum and sister posted on this every once in a while!!!!


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