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Amal and George Clooney spotted in New York on 05.04.2018

Amal Clooney stepped out to dinner in New York with George Clooney wearing a hybrid of denim cutoff shorts and black leather pants that will have you doing a double-take.

On Thursday evening, the couple was spotted holding hands as they headed to French restaurant Raoul’s in SoHo with their matching denim looks.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

A GIAMBA Pre-Fall 2018

Thanks to Debora Grossi for the ID


Black & Blue Leather Hybridmoto Pants

$2200 available here

MONSE booties


Available here

Thanks to Debora Grossi for the ID

30 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted in New York on 05.04.2018

  1. I think I’m going to be the odd one out on this outfit because I like the pants. It’s creative and almost a spoof on very short shorts. That said, I would cut off the strings on the denim shorts. And wish Amal had not worn that jacket because it is all together too much. As a shoe designer told me many years ago, madam, not everything can be a focal point.

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    1. I have to admit, I agree with you. I like the pants, I think they are hip and creative and she can certainly carry them off. I also like the hat and jacket, it really completes the look. And, I am not always in agreement on her choices, but I respect her cheeky courage to wear what she wants and have fun. Isn’t that really what fashion is all about?


  2. I think this is Amal she and her sister both like to push the envelope when it comes to fashion. It’s nice to see she is willing to try things and has fun with fashion at least she is never going to be boring especially in her down time.


  3. OMG! These pants are really crazy, funny idea.
    I love the fact that AC wears what she likes. Her repertoire of styles is amazing!
    She is a fashionlover and fashion loves her.

    PS: I would prefer her wearing no fur, but …

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  4. Shame on her for wearing fur…. it looks ugly, it is pointless…. there is a part of Amal that is really vain and completely uncaring, no matter how much she tries to portray that she gives a dam to others and for their rights. You can’t say you care for humans rights but goes around parading animal skins, for no need or no reason. Also, $2500 for this pants is as ridiculous as it looks! Some designers really has run out of creative juice, it seems.

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  5. I have this feeling George was probably laughing his @ss off when he took a look at her the first time. I think it’s quite silly and ridiculous looking.

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  6. It seems Alexander Wang forgot the complementary camel toe and crystal meth addiction that are supposed to go with those shorts. Or maybe those are accessories for his collection that have to purchased separately?


  7. Can anyone ID the fur on the vest she’s wearing? I often wonder why she wears fur when it isn’t necessary. I’d love for her to realize the pain and suffering these animals go through in the name of fashion. She’s extremely smart and must know, but doesn’t care, perhaps? Very troubling.


  8. A big fat no ! No no no!!!!!!! Not to mention this is a no for evening wear – a concert ? Hmmmmm maybe. This is a big flop- I hate this and to be honest amal doesn’t pull it off I would like to at least see this tighter on the legs not loose !!!! Alexander WANG UR KILLING ME WITH THIS ONE

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  9. Fashion victim this is just too much the pants alone are such a statement then go and pair it with a barret the. The jacket and the funky boots —- THE ONE TIME GEORGE STEPS UP HIS ATTIRE AND THIS IS WHAT OFFSETS HAHA


  10. This, as most of this couple outings to “dinner”, is a classic call-to-press. She cashes in with the clothes she is wearing and he sends the “we are in love together” regular message to the press. Very PR, as usual.
    Whether the outfit makes sense or is elegant, that’s NOT the goal, instead she needs to get some fashion headlines. She is not wearing M&S or Walmart clothes, but famous couture from runaways, so the headlines won’t be bad, only some negative comments here, but who cares ? there are enough friends/family to balance the opinions :- )) the result is job has been accomplished.


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