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Amal Clooney spotted in LA 26.02.2018

Amal Clooney was spotted in between appointments in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.


Amal Clooney wore


buckle sleeve T-shirt


Available here


Velvet pants

GIVENCHY Horizon medium tote

Sold out

BURBERRY stretch boots

Sold out

ZANZAN ortolan sunglasses

32 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in LA 26.02.2018

  1. Absolutely stunning, what a magical coordination of pants, booties, top, bag. Now i see her lovely quirkiness side that everyone here was taking about.


  2. This outfit is head to toe horrible. Each piece is individually bad and the pieces combined are cringe worthy. Except the sunglasses. It’s rare to see Amal so badly dressed.


  3. Ok say what we want but can’t we all agreee she pulls it off?! The boots kick butt though!! Nat I feel this is the same
    Place she went to when she went to the day spa


  4. What makes me wonder is what did the designer think, when he/she designed the shirt? Why a belt on each sleeve? Is that comfortable to have these belts dangling around the arms? Is there a deeper meaning?

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  5. The back view of the pants is soo ugly.
    But I like the top, the boots and the bag.
    All together is too much. One word came into my mind spontanously: fashion victim

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  6. Agree with all the comments. This is head to toe hideous. Makes me wonder if she’s manic depressive. What the heck was she thinking? She looks like a bag lady on crack. And a red bag with hot pink pants? Really. Need I say more about the almost laughable boots?

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    1. Depressive? heck no. On the contrary. She can “pull anything off”. Any of these uncoordinated pieces are haute couture and each cost more than my weekly salary… besides this is her real style. She is not dressed to work, like at the conference, she is dressed to be admired by her stravagant choices and to show that she can have the most expensive wardrobe ever.. she is a Clooney now after all. ;- )))


  7. I had to laugh! I feel like she is either trolling us or this is the kind of more quirky style she prefers. I actually think it is the latter because if we think back to when she first met George some of that quirkiness was on display more. I just think this time she got it totally wrong and it’s too fashion victim like as someone said. This is an outfit where one piece might have worked in isolation….but together a mess! She kind of looks like she is hiding or not wanting to be photographed….maybe she knows!


  8. I hate to say this because she mostly looks flawless but she looks like she was dressed by a toddler or her twins.
    It reminds me of that time she wore those grey harem trousers.


  9. Had she worn a white Tee-shirt, a Levi’s and white converse sneakers, she would have been hundred times more elegant for 100 times cheaper.


    1. Andrea you are right but just for the rest of normal humans like us, but truth is that she is above us. She seems to need to show that she can afford it, that she is different, exotic and that she “can pull anything off” because she is “Clooney” and therefore the most beautiful, admired and talked about woman on this planet ( I am not even saying the human right barrister anymore .. maybe I can include her new version, political democrat party activist) so she needs to be “different” in haute couture every piece preferably and no repetition.
      She needs to do all this parade before presenting the met gala and be in Vogue a few times. Think about it, who would be interested about her if she dressed like us ?


  10. My least favorite outfit she has ever worn; to date. Perhaps the worst I have seen for all time from anyone famous (including men). But hey.


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