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Amal and George Clooney spotted walking in Berkshire 31.03.2017

Amal and George Clooney were spotted on a walk near their Sonning home in Berkshire with dog Louie and some friends.

The man walking with them is John Lambros, George’s close friend and actor.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

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Aviator classic sunglasses

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with a green rain jacket  and a knitted hat (both previously worn).

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53 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted walking in Berkshire 31.03.2017

    1. Pre-George when Amal looked like a real solicitor who worked long hours without a personal hairstylist and makeup artist to bedazzle her before leaving her home. Amal wearing glasses and looking like a legal professional working long hours.


      1. Pepper- First, Amal is not a solicitor, she is a barrister. What is your point? Second, she has said most of her work takes place behind closed doors so how would you know how many hours she works? Third, why do you care that she cares how she looks when she goes out?

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      2. Amal is still a working professional. The sad thing is that if that photo was taken today – Doughty Street Chamber would have put her at the front of the group and not because of her professional standing BUT because of her celebrity standing – as Amal herself understands from the comments she has made on BBC and other interviews.

        It must be very frustrating for her hard working colleagues – and perhaps even confusing for Amal who was a private citizen just a few years ago. She now adopts the air of someone making a major public appearance (i.e. styled, made up etc) as opposed to someone going to work.


      3. @ Jackson Why do we care what Amal wears out? Because this is a Fashion and Style blog? What a silly thing to be complaining about on a fashion blog. So strange.


    2. Jackson – not sure if you are feigning naivete while mocking Nati work on this blog or if you really are that obtuse? Life is not lived within the lines – people are not so exacting. And if you are truly that unaware what the source of your obsession with Amal and defending her? It’s odd and creepy.


    3. Wow Amal has access to so much abundance and artery line to couture & up-and-coming designers and she wears the things she does. Her office-attire is purely pulled from the runways (head to toe + accessories) yet she’s labeled a style and fashion icon? That makes no sense. Her street-style … needs work. Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Olivia Palermo know how to put together looks that look chic, pulled together and effortless …


    4. Those particular aviator Ray Bams make her look very masculine especially with her severe jaw line. When she wore the those same sunglasses in the lime green Hello Kitty rhinestone outfit (🖤) she looked like a man.


      1. I meant it was sad that they’ve made the choice to live that lifestyle. You must want fame and fortune pretty badly to want to give up anonymity, spontaneity, privacy and for Amal, her credibility as a lawyer. I find their lifestyle and choices really really sad and pictures like this just solidify that there’s a terrible cost to pursuing vanity and greed.

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      2. The family Alamuddin/Miknas, which has at least 500 members, has their own photographers to make sure that they control which picture is offered to the press and to ensure that the profit of the picture sales stay in the family.


      3. Maria – George is, of course, an actor and when an actor is very successful, the fame and fortune come along with it (and I don’t think he’s persuing the fame just for the sake of it – he works very hard, from what I understand). In the entertainment industry, it can become difficult to separate the career from the private life. I actually think George does a pretty good job of trying to manage it in his own terms, rather than letting it get completely out of control (which happens to a lot of people). I also don’t think Amal gives up her credibility as a lawyer – maybe with some people she does, but there are a lot of people who respect her work, and I’m sure that having a high profile helps her career in plenty of ways (as it does for many high profile lawyers). But if you find it all so very, very sad, then why do you pay so much attention to it? If you see it purely as vanity and greed on their parts, then you’re playing right into their hands.


  1. How did you know that was BAria lol!!! Also no hiding me ladies but I would wear those jeans not pregnant haha who wouldn’t want a little help fitting into jeans with Elastix :))


  2. Those sneakers are horrific. She should have her stylist pick out off-duty clothing outfit options for her. She and George try to channel Jackie O really hard – maybe just try and keep it simple: clothing that isn’t tacky.


  3. Hi Nati,
    It looks like those are indeed Paige maternity jeans. However, on Amal, they are not the boot-cut version, or they would be longer and flared at the ankle. I think that Amal is wearing one of Paige’s “skinny” maternity jeans. Personally, I like the flared jeans better.


  4. The stalking comment is a naive one. They aren’t being stalked it’s all set up between the Clooney’s and the media. It even looks fake. Who walks along like they are enjoying a romantic stroll with the love of their life as if they are on their own in the countryside – yet look outside the frame and there they are with a “close friend” walking in front and another unidentified person joining them. George has a movie coming out remember he has had a few mis-steps in this career lately – his twins and perfect marriage will be bolstering up the promotions. If they didn’t want to be photographed – they would not be photographed – otherwise the photographers would be there every single day.


    1. I agree that the must have called the paps, largely because they don’t seem to look particularly annoyed about being photographed (George looking at the camera and smiling is a giveaway), and also because I don’t think there are photographers sitting out in the English countryside every day on the off chance that George and Amal might go for a walk. That said, I don’t find it weird that they’re walking and holding hands while there are other people with them – that seems normal to me. They’re not doing anything that plenty of other couples wouldn’t do in the company of family and/or friends. And George’s movie doesn’t come out until November. I think it’s just part of the way they (and plenty of other people) handle their media relations in general: they do it on their terms so that they can have some control over it. Yes, it certainly makes for good publicity, but it also (hopefully) means that it limits any unexpected media intrusions.


    2. Casual Observer- I have to say that you are quite a storyteller. This is like the kids game where someone starts a story and the next person adds a segment and then when it comes to you you complete the made up story. I am impressed.


  5. Still amazed & impressed @ how well she conceals twins @ 7 months. True about paparazzi, but in all fairness they live on several acres so I am sure if they didn’t want to be photographed, then they would walk around their own property. And we don’t know if reps were called to photograph moments like this on purpose.


    1. I agree with you. Sounds like a lot of “conspiracy theorists” on this blog 🙂 who make things up to satisfy their beliefs. No one really knows if anyone was called. This often reminds me of when Hillary and Bill Clinton were photographed walking in swimsuits on an island and people said they had set that up for photo shoots and she said “no woman over the age of 60 wants her photograph taken in a swimsuit and then published.” I had to laugh. There are a lot of creative believers on this blog.

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      1. @Jackson
        You’re seriously equating the payoff from photos of Hillary and Bill Clinton in bathing suits to what a photographer would get for pics of these two taking a walk?
        Not that many people are interested in George and Amal, in comparison.
        PR is at work here. No one is staking out their home in the one off that they might take a stroll.


      2. Jackson do you ever leave your computer or do you live your life online? It’s not conspiracy theory; long-time celebrities like George Clooney carefully manage their public relations with the media. Stop being so defensive and try and learn something new. It might make you a better person and help you make friends.


      3. JG: Please watch your cyberbullying. There is not a person on this blog who knows if George or Amal called someone to them they were taking a stroll. Most of the theories about their behavior on this blog are simply made up. Someone makes up a story and then there is a rush of bloggers who agree with the story and then add their own segment to the story. There is a lot of creativity with the stories with wild assertions of what people think they know as truth.

        And yes, I do live on the computer. I am a researcher.


      4. @Jackson
        This is to your reply below.
        So, what you’re saying is that everyone who believes that, in all probability, George or Amal’s publicity team called a photographer is either delusional or sheep who latch onto conspiracy theories?
        Since you’re a researcher, why don’t you look up Public Relations, particularly regarding celebrities. You’ll serve yourself well, to do so.


      5. Sasha- Yes, I believe that 90% of the “information” on this blog is made up by the people on the blog. In 2014 when the blog got underway it was quite different from what it has become. I enjoy looking at the clothes Amal wears. Now her clothes are scrutinized as are her body parts. Very sad to me.


  6. I agree..They are not being stalked..If not for these photographers…Amal wouldn’t have anyone to take her picture and show off her million dollar wardrobe. On another note…That is not Richard Kind…It is John Lambros, another good friend of George’s. He is married to Karen Duffy.
    Amal looks tiny for beginning her seventh month, but does look healthier with some added weight. I appreciate the flat shoes, though they are ugly ones. Love that George doesn’t care what he looks like and always wears those same jeans and shirt.


      1. My guess is that it is their son wearing brightly colored clothing. The didn’t publish his photo to protect his privacy. If it was Baria or Karen Duffy..I would think they would be shown in the photos. This is only a guess..


  7. There seems to be a lot of speculation about Amal being fond of being in the eye of the camera. I think it is a blessing for an actor of George’s calibre to find a woman who’s not afraid of being in the public eye and under the public scrutiny at all times. It would not be a successful marriage if one of the spouses was known worldwide and the other hated the fuss around them. And truth is, she’s very photogenic, the camera loves her, so why shouldn’t she love them back?

    I think Amal takes the scrutiny and the fame very well and makes it work on her benefit. In some cases Amal seems even a bit shy, especially when she arrives to some function alone without George. She often looks at the cameras her head a bit “tiltid” downwards and smiles at them. She might even put her fingers through her hair which people tend to do when they are a bit shy or insecure. Even smiling in an awkward situation may be a sign of shyness or insecurity.

    Of course it is a long shot to think that Amal having insecurities like the rest of us do might be the reason for her behavior, but when I look at the pictures of her smiling I don’t detect a look of arrogance or self-assertion in her eyes, I just see a pretty girl smiling maybe because she doesn’t know what else to do or because she doesn’t want to be rude to someone who just has her in the lens of their camera.

    In gardening it’s better to work with nature and cultivate plants suited to the conditions they are going to grow in than to try to change the conditions to suite the plants. Maybe Amal just thinks that she might as well try to make the best of the situation because she happened to marry an international super star and hence there will always be people pointing their cameras at them. If I’m not mistaken, George has a fame of being in good terms with the publicity and photographers, maybe they are two of the same kind, I don’t know, but anyway, I think she would be equally critisized for not smiling as she is for smiling. I just agree with you, Nati; people look better smiling- and so does Amal. 🙂

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    1. Mary – your views are very similar to mine. I don’t know Amal, but I suspect she (and her relationship with the media attention) is more nuanced than some people realize. She’s in an unusual situation – being famous without being in the entertainment industry herself – and she has to try to figure out how to navigate that.

      I often ask myself how much would feel or behave if I were in her position. If I were photographed and received lot of positive feedback about my appearance and and style, I’d probably find that flattering. I don’t think I’d totally hate it, anyway. And I’d probably feel the need to try to continue to meet (or exceed) people’s expectations. If a lot of other people were paying attention to my how I looked, I probably would, too – and I’d probably want to make sure I looked nice in pictures (and that might even include smiling!)

      But I would also think that there is a level of stress – and, yes, insecurity – that comes along with the constant scrutiny (some of which is rather vicious). I would think it would be almost impossible to receive so much attention and not feel self-conscious. And there are a number of things about Amal (and many of them are things that people criticize get for) that make me think that there’s definitely some insecurity going on. But the ways in which people deal with insecurity can often be perceived as arrogance by others – I know that’s a problem that I’ve experienced in my life, anyway.

      I agree that Amal is probably just trying to make the best of the situation. George has been famous for a long time and has developed his own way of handling the attention and dealing with the media – it’s not like the paparazzi suddenly became a part of his life when Amal showed up. Since he has experience in dealing with it, I would assume that Amal trusts his judgment and, as you were saying, tries to adapt to a preexisting situation. I don’t know how she feels about all the attention – I suspect it’s a mixture of things – but I think she loves her husband and tries to find ways to adapt to his lifestyle, just as he finds ways to adapt to hers. And I think it helps that they seem to be very supportive of each other – George tends to be very attentive toward Amal at red carpet events, and I think that sometimes he’s trying to make sure that she’s relaxed and okay with that things. And I suspect that his support helps boost her confidence in general. And I do think that Amal handles all the attention quite well – smiles and all.

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      1. Mary & Lily – I don’t agree with many of your view points but I appreciate that you both wrote in a tactful and thoughtful manner. Let me explain, I’ve been a lurker on here for years as I had a particular interest, since I knew Amal personally years before she met George, and was curious to see how her fashion was being chronicled. From my experience knowing Amal, there were a few things I noticed – she can be very sweet and charming, she’s an immense workhorse (unbelievably so) and she always had quite a bit of attention from men. She always had a very, very quirky sense of style which we saw more of towards the beginning of their public relationship.

        Back to the topic at hand, she does like attention. Of all the girls in our circle, I knew she was going to be the star. In her own sweet way, she was a social climber, always looking to meet more interesting and famous people. She would occasionally name drop … “oh so and so at the dinner party and said blah blah to me…” But it was never malicious so I never took any offense to her. But to say she doesn’t like the attention isn’t true. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have married George. The details of which I won’t share.

        She does smile alot. Her mom was on TV quite a bit and I’m sure she coached Amal on how to present herself to the public and media. She thought “very” highly of herself back then, and I would bet the house that is how she met George. She never succumbed to the celebrity and would make sure George knew that he wasn’t that special because she’s been hobnobbing around famous folks for years, way before him. That’s why he married her, she was different. We lost touch but it’s funny to see her in the magazines at the check out line as I think to myself I remember her when she was doing xyz and abc.


      2. Dale,
        Why did she hold social climbing as such an important value?
        And did she truly fall in love with George or the limelight he brought?


      3. @Maria

        Like I said, we weren’t the closest of girlfriends. Just friends.

        1) Why did she hold social climbing as such an important value? Her upbringing. It seemed her family liked being known in society. I can’t speak to much on that – I only knew her as an adult.

        2) And did she truly fall in love with George or the limelight he brought? Both. She does love George. But I think George was able to give her what she needed/wanted. Older man, more established, wasn’t threatened by her success. She had quite a bit of attention from men. She’s striking in person. Tall and carries herself with confidence. She wasn’t the most beautiful in our group, but definitely the most confidence and self-assured.


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