12 thoughts on “Amal Clooney is on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy 28.03.2017

      1. dear nati, please could you post an italian to english translation?

        i dont think george will be us president do first lady of what place?
        no britain as they have monarchy.
        not lebanon as though born their amal has no ties and george is not eligible to be lebanon president.

        please explain. thanks you.


  1. I refused to see it before when other people pointed it out on this site, but it really does look like she did something to her lips recently. Either it’s filler or it’s the way the lipstick is applied, but her top lip looks especially different. Her old lips suited her just fine – I don’t like the bloated upper lip on her.


      1. @Nati – with all due respect, not sure what your comment meant? I was critiquing VF not Amal? Amal has a very distinct face. A handsome striking face that is not the typical white, button nose, blonde. Do I think she’s beautiful? No. Is she striking? Yes. So my comment was to the magazine – why photoshop her face to make her look more “western” and less Arab.


  2. So beautiful being a expected mom durning this wonderful time of your life.Don’t let the the crazy people folllowing you get you too upset. Everyone wants to get a glimpse of your beauty of becoming a mom to be soon. You glowing .


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