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‘Yazidis in Iraq are IS genocide victims’ BBC interview 07.03.2017

Amal Clooney acting on behalf of the Yazidis in Iraq is calling for a formal investigation into Islamic State (IS) for the crime of genocide.

On Tuesday, she discussed the decision with Fiona Bruce on BBC News, which showed a haunting reel of ISIS atrocities before the beginning of the interview.

“I’ve been to refuges in Germany like the one you showed in your piece and I have interviewed former child soldiers and young girls who were raped and enslaved by ISIS,” Clooney told Bruce.

“It’s been the most harrowing testimony I’ve ever heard. We know that it’s genocide. The UN has said so. In other words: ISIS is trying to destroy them as a group and we are allowing it to happen without actually calling ISIS to account,” she added.

One of the first steps to holding ISIS responsible, Amal Clooney explained, is to preserve evidence of the atrocities on the ground. Unfortunately, that evidence is hard to collect, and it’s disappearing fast. “There are mass graves that are being discovered; just a few days ago in Mosul a huge mass grave that’s thought to have 4,000 bodies in it was discovered and there’s other types of evidence as well,” she explained.

She’ll be back on the world stage this week, appearing at the United Nations.

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16 thoughts on “‘Yazidis in Iraq are IS genocide victims’ BBC interview 07.03.2017

  1. Bonjour Nati, libre à toi de traduire ou non: Je viens ici depuis plusieurs mois en observatrice seulement, tellement je trouve les commentaires à l’égard d’Amal durs, négatifs, condescendants et gratuits. Certains commentaires sont presque haineux. Il semble qu’Amal ne puisse rien faire de bien, alors pourquoi la suivre? Je trouve dommage que les femmes soient si dures envers elle. Elle a sûrement des défauts…tout le monde en a, mais personne ne peut nier le fait qu’elle est extraordinaire et qu’elle ouvre la voie à d’autres femmes, qu’elle est humaine et que c’est une battante.


    1. Yep, I noticed that as well. Women’s faces tend to change in various ways when they’re pregnant, and fuller lips are not uncommon. So, yeah, that seems to be one of the few parts of her that’s gotten noticeably bigger since she’s been pregnant … lucky her!


    2. I noticed it right away. I think she’s been gradually getting her lips plumped and it looks like she got filler in the upper lip edge and it was a overdone. Ive also been noticing that her lips have started to look a bit bumpy esp when she smiles and I’ve wonders if that’s from filler too.


      1. I think they are filler too. I didn’t don’t know anyone that had edema in their lips due to pregnancy. I certainly didn’t after three pregnancies. I did get brown spots that faded and towards every end swollen feet and ankles in the 8th month.


      2. Arianna – she may well be using filler; I have no idea. I just know that some women’s lips really do get larger during pregnancy (and that’s not just a personal observation – there’s plenty of information out there about it), so I assumed it was a hormonal thing for her. I could easily be wrong.


      3. Lily, I am not saying that you are not right; however, to me it looks like filler. Edema is usually dependent; such as, feet and ankles. Also more private areas.

        If you read about pregnancy and lip swelling you will see that could be a sign of preeclampsia. That is something no mother to be wants.

        I have never experienced swollen lips. I did have a tightness in the face around 8th month but never just swollen lips.

        Amal still colors her hair and does everything else. I am surprised that her ankles have not swelled due to high heels in end of six month.

        I think they are fillers. She went from overly swollen to close to her natural shape which we know from old pictures is either makeup or fillers. My feeling it is fillers. She has a lot of vanity and likes injections of botox and fillers.


  2. Amal looks good with a few more pounds on her. Glad she is fighting the good fight for genocide. Now I wish she would take a stand & stop padding the pockets of the designers who make, create, and have her as their poster child for wearing mink, real fur, fox, and Gucci snakeskin boots. JUST SAY NO, Amal.

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  3. Thank you Amal for your committment to this cause ; it is a great example on how women talent is today esssential for world progress, prosperity and civilization
    Luisa Munaretto


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