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Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the restaurant Lapérouse in Paris 25.02.2017


Amal and George Clooney were spotted going for dinner at the restaurant Lapérouse in Paris. So many paparazzi and flashes.

Lapérouse owner Grégory Lentz tells PEOPLE that the couple appeared to be “fully in love” during their night out.

“Amal is amazing,” says Lentz, who has known George since 2011. “They’re completely, fully in love. She is just lovely, just lovely.

The restaurant, which traces its roots back to 1766, offers diners a choice of small staged dining areas, candlelit tables or private dining suites.

Lentz placed the Clooneys in one of the restaurant’s private dining salons, the Victor Hugo Room, where he offered George a bottle of Bollinger Grande Année Champagne, its 2009 James Bond 007 bottling. (Amal, 39, who is pregnant with the couple’s first children — twins! — didn’t drink alcohol.)

“We talked about the history of the restaurant,” says Lentz. “Amal was very interested, very knowledgable about French history and George was delighted to know there’s a secret passage in the restaurant.”

Their menu was classic French dining with some flourishes.

The couple started with snails, then George had langoustine while Amal had a green salad with no dressing. For the main course, they both had the house speciality, steak Lapérouse. Afterwards, the couple munched on a cheese course but skipped dessert.

Grégory Lentz with Amal and George


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Sleeveless Mink Fur Panel Vest

from the resort 2017 collection

Here the coat version

img-thing-3 large_giambattista-valli-black-sleeveless-fur-panel-coat-with-lace-2-1



Multi buckles shoes

from the Fall 2016 collection

11721800_8162999_1000 giambattista-valli-fall-2016

3dacf6eb00000578-4260326-image-m-17_1488067606653 3dacf86d00000578-0-image-m-2_1488063909029 3dacf89a00000578-4260326-image-m-15_1488067062608 3dacfaee00000578-4260326-image-m-11_1488066710464 3dacfb3e00000578-4260326-image-m-13_1488066781955

3091538-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091541-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091550-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091553-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091562-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091565-semi-exclusif-george-clooney-et-sa-fem-950x0-1 3091586-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091589-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091595-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091643-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091646-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091649-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091652-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091655-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091658-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091664-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091670-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091673-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091691-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091700-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091706-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091712-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091718-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091721-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 3091727-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1

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55 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the restaurant Lapérouse in Paris 25.02.2017

  1. Sad to say, I’m very disappointed to see a human rights advocate by covering herself in animal fur declare that her compassion doesn’t exceed beyond the human species. Shame on her! She truly doesn’t share her designer friend Stella MacCartney’s convictions and principals on rooting for fashion without cruelty to animals. I think with this choice of outfit Amal has proven that she isn’t as deep a thinker as I would have thought. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Sorry, i have to disagree. Ignorance towards animals, bred under the most terrible conditions, HAS to do with intelligence – and with compassion. The latter being an emotional quality Mrs Alamuddin appears to completely lack despite her self-claimed status as ‘humanitarian issues’ focused barrister.

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      1. So she’s the lawyer who cares so much about human rights , but no so much about animal rights.. It a reflection of her selfishness especially since she and George have adopted so many dogs. I guess she only an animal rights The animal revolves around her. I’d have to say the same about her human rights agenda. She takes cases that will give her publicity and $$$, but have yet to see he and the hubs open up their home to any refugees. They only insist that others do it. Typical self absorbed mentality. Her degree of self absorption is obvious in any video taken of her.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to see she may have put on a bit of weight as her face does not look as hollow. The shoes and coat seems silly on her, given her present status. Women can still dress and look sexy when pregnant but she just looks inappropriate in that super short coat and gladiator sandals for a mature woman of 39, who is 5 months pregnant with twins. As far as the fur goes, that’s just goes to show that Amal places a higher priority on keeping the attention of the paparazzi with her fashion choices than the torture of animals. Human rights and animal rights often go hand in hand. People who truly empathize with human rights often feel similarly about animal rights. But Amal contradicts. Of course she was never focused on cases like Nadia and the ex-president of the Maldives before she got married. Sometimes it feels like she just takes on these pro bono human rights cases just to do the runway strut for days at a time.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I’m also very disappointed to see that she doesnt hold the same life value for animals. Obviously all life is not met the same in her court.


  2. B.t.w. what has ever happened to George’s reltionship with Brad Pitt, now ii is known that Angie and Amal hate each other, howevere was thinking that after the Brandangelina divorce, Brad and George would book up again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that George is not looking well. At the Cesars he looked quite grey with shadows under his eyes. I thought he might actually be I’ll. Hope he is OK.


  3. Awful outfit….Everything about it is terrible. She is extremely vain…
    Also..The one photo that looks like George is not wearing a wedding ring is actually reversed…..Amal’s hair is parted on the wrong side….Look at the pictures in the restaurant…..

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    1. Yes I noticed that too. We NEVER parts her hair to the right. Never. She wears her hair 99.99% the same way … sometimes with clip in extensions and sometimes without that’s the major difference. How is she is fashion icon again? Who cast her in that role Baria, Stan st al?

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  4. Hi guys, this is my first ever comment.
    I am as horrified as the rest of you by her continued use of fur and endorsement of this vile industry. I thought about writing her an email, using the same format as the addresses listed for other barristers at DSC. Nothing too harsh or heavy-handed. I am so astonished that she is still doing this – she has the platform to influence the designers and her fans. Isn’t she friends with Stella who uses such great alternatives which achieve exactly the same look? Why can’t she do this too?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I agree with Isaly. Vanity doesn’t require the wearing of fur or endangered skins so yes, it most certainly does reflect upon both her intelligence and the type of person she is.

    And ugh at that dress. To think minks were slaughtered for something so ugly makes it somehow ever more unpalatable.


  6. Isaly, you totally got my point. I didn’t refer to intelligence, there’s no doubt about her being intelligent, but exactly to not being able to relate to animals and not caring enough about thinking about the ordeal those animals have had to go through to provide her with the fur she is wearing.

    Maybe she isn’t educated enough on the subject, maybe she just doesn’t care or maybe she wants to make a statement “fur is ok and fabulous”, I don’t know. My point is that being such an intelligent person and as compassionate as she is towards humans in distress, I would have appreciated her even more if she had made a coscious choice of abstaining from wearing fur. This would have expressed an even deeper life respecting quality of her humaine outlook on life she projects in her professional and social life. I would wish this life respecting thinking would spread to her fashion life too.

    But as I said earlier, maybe she isn’t educated enough on the subject of animal welfare, so we’ll have to give her the benefit of a doubt and not judge her too harshly. On the other hand, there should be plenty of information available on the matter, so this makes me doubt that she really does know what she stands for by wearing fur, so my inclination would be that she is making a concsious and active statement. Or maybe it hasn’t even occurred to her to stop and think about such a trivial thing as what fur stands for. I don’t know, I don’t think anyone does, does she? George should, he has a history of being compassionate towards animals. I wonder if he couldn’t shed some light to the matter and educate his beautiful wife on how to be even more beautiful by making a statement on behalf of animal welfare by simply abstaining from wearing fur.


    1. I’m sorry, Mary, and it’s good of you to want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she has absolutely no excuse for not being aware of the brutal cost of animal fur and (endangered) skins in the fashion industry. Let’s call a spade a spade here.

      This is not an active or conscious statement, just the actions of a vain, self-absorbed woman who puts her own personal ‘fashion’ tastes first, with absolutely zero thought to the brutality that’s gone into the process. And the reason I say this with absolute confidence is that, bottom line, if she thought for a minute about how, in this case, mink is ‘harvested’, then she’d never dream of wearing it. Ditto snakeskin, ditto alligator, ditto ostrich, all of which she wears regularly.

      As for Stella McCartney: her willingness to continue to use a woman so contrary to her design ethos to showcase and flog her brand demonstrates how venal, at base, so much of the fashion industry is, despite pretending otherwise.

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  7. It is silly how much Amal over dresses just for “date nights,” etc. And, those shoes are the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen – who has time to buckle that many straps? However, I do think that she’s continuing to get pieces from designers and stores to wear for the paparazzi to snap. It’s just marketing. If they Clooneys wanted privacy, they could get it. It’s a shame that Amal markets furs and feathers for the fashion industry.

    Amal does look very petit for 5-6 months pregnant with twins. I hope that she is not putting the health of her children at risk because of her vanity/desire to stay slim. Having twins means it is already a higher risk pregnancy than just carrying one child.


  8. Folks, just because Amal is a Human Rights lawyer does not make her a saint or a defender of all things living. Yes she takes on pro bono work but make no mistake about it, the rest of her clients pay very big money to her and her law firm for their services.Just like other lawyers who practice different lines of business. They have paying clients and they have pro bono clients.

    Amal is a stunning women and I think it’s great that her celebrity brings attention to causes that matter. I just wish animal rights were one of them. Amal really looks silly wearing all this fur. By doing so it overshadows all her good work.

    Love the boots.

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  9. Anyone notice the gifts they got at the door – I sense it was for the babiea because Amal lite up and she actually replied to the woman as it was presented to George – also anyone pride the green gift bag Amal got and she immediately handed it off to an assistant in the corner :). Smart move – wait for later to show up a gift for promo purposes 🙂 I liked her look she’s doing a great job of covering the bump


  10. I don’t like the dress. The fur upsets me too but I don’t much like the colour and the banding. I think the boots are amazing… not sure if I like them (and I’m sure there is a zip up the back as no one would want to do up so many buvkles).


  11. I don’t like the dress. The fur upsets me too but I don’t much like the colour and the banding. I think the boots are amazing… not sure if I like them (and I’m sure there is a zip up the back as no one would want to do up so many buckles).

    I guess my general comment is that I just can’t really deal with the celebrity lawyer thing. I think it’s great to use your fame to get attention for human rights causes. But the associated excess and the never ending display of wealth and privilege through her clothes really makes me wonder about her values. And I’m quite uncomfortable with the contradictions. Of course no one is perfect and for me as long as good is done in the end, I can live with them!

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    1. Thanks for pointing out the zipper on the shoes. Still, so many buckles on the legs seems to guarantee that they’d get caught on things when walking. Also, it does seem to be a bit ridiculous to have both a zipper and buckles on the same shoe. The designer in me cringes.

      I definitely agree with your sentiments about the unending display of wealth and privilege.


    2. I agree that Amal’s celebrity + lawyer status can seem weird because it’s unusual. However, I don’t perceive her job to be in contradiction with her interest in clothes or her lifestyle. Instead, I see Amal as being a multifaceted human being. She’s interested in the law and in human rights and in fashion. Personally, I share those same interests, so that’s why I enjoy paying attention to what Amal’s up to or what she’s wearing or whatever. I don’t know, maybe I have screwed up values too.

      Also, I know lots and lots of lawyers (friends, family members, etc.) and, like most people, they have all kinds of interests. Plenty of them are privileged and wealthy (maybe not to the degree that Amal is, but still), and many of them are interested in fashion and/or display their wealth in other ways. Why should that be a problem? You don’t take a vow of poverty when you become a lawyer, regardless of what type of law you choose to practice. Like you said, as long as she’s getting her job done, that’s what counts. She has plenty of money and could easily just give up her job and spend all her time just being Mrs. George Clooney. Would that make her more acceptable? Instead, she continues to do important work and if she wants to indulge her interest in fashion, too, then I say more power to her.

      Also, I agree that her boots are amazing – and I can’t decide if I love them or hate them! They’re certainly fascinating to look at.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I believe that the problem many of us have is in her choice to wear fur, feathers and other endangered species, time and time again, not the fact that she enjoys fashion or how she spends her money.
        That’s where her screwed up values lie. It’s disgusting.
        I hope someone who loves animals is taking care of their dogs.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Help me lord… why is your reasoning so binary? So there are only options? (1) she can only show displays of wealth or (2) she has she take a vow of poverty? Come on! What about being humble, respectful and living a life in between because of the platform from which she preaches?

        The reason why there is so much written about the juxtaposition of her wealth and her human rights advocacy (because let’s be real, she’s an ambassador and hardly an attorney) is because she lacks discernment. When you spend time with a woman who has been brutally tortured and raped by ISIS show a bit of discernment and do NOT do the vogue catwalk right in front of her in an outfit that costs enough to rebuild her village? I cringe with embarrassment for her.

        No one is demanding that she live in a hovel, eat at Burger King and donate all her money – people are just questioning her because there is SUCH a contrast between what she says and how she lives her life. Show some quiet humility….

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  12. Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space –great graphics, videos, layout. This is definitely a must-see blog.

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  13. I love the shoes, but the dress is awful. The more weight in her face makes her looking healthy and shining. I think, she looks a little bit like Anne Hathaway 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I agree with Lily. If she loves fashion – who are we to judge. What? You can’t be a high power lawyer and have style. She’s like a living Barbie doll. Barbie the high power solicitor. She’s famous, incredibly beautiful, great figure, the height to pull off these looks and the wardrobe to go with it. Plus it helps that she has the money to support her passion for fashion. She is the total package. Let’s face it, most women you see in these clothes are either models or actors. Rarely to we see someone like Amal prancing around the world looking fabulous and doing good work. I say bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her high wage would not support her wardrobe. Each outfit /accessories she parades in are on average over AUD$4000
      She receives most of her clothes from these designers to wear and keep as she becomes the advertising billboard. Yes, she looks beautiful in what she wears but l question how a high profile human rights activist doesn’t have compassion when it comes to animal cruelty. It just doesn’t make sense. You either have it or you don’t and this girl has something else but it’s not compassion. Drop the fur l say

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She is not keeping them. There is a tax consequence to do that. There is not if a loan. And constant gifts would still be a tax issue.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. I have a slightly different take on Amal. I speak as a woman from the Arab world, and I’m torn about her. Her gifts are so many: beauty, brains, sophistication, and a liberal cosmopolitanism that is very middle eastern and class inflected. So her existence challenges the too many stereotypes about women from the Middle East, which is a very good thing. On the other hand, I wish she’d tone it down a little, stop wearing fur, stop being imperious, focus on her human rights work, and be less about the celebrity good life. Her contradictions make her endlessly fascinating!

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  16. Guys. This is my contribution to the anti-fur debate. Yes she has mink on this coat/dress and yes the presence of the fur is useless because it has only an ornamental role and not a heating one. Now let me say this. I always say: only people who never wore fur when it is cold are against fur. There is no such a thing as a fur coat to keep you warm when it is cold. You may say fake fur is the same, goose down (which is also produced with big damages to animals => Google Bad buzz for Moncler and you will see) but Nothing compares to the warm, natural heat of a fur coat. When you are a responsible person you can buy a fur coat which will last a lifetime. Or you can buy a fur second hand which is only recycling and not participating to the Killing of animals. I am a bit fed up to see everyone pointing their fingers at fur like it’s terrible to kill those fur animals. Why is it worse that the massacre of all the cows and turkeys, chickens, porks filling your meat departments. Amal wears lather goods and at Laperousse she ate steak so why are you ratting just at the pieces of fur on her clothing. Animal sufferings are everywhere: meat, leather for all your shoes and bags, Ugg boots, scientific research and medecines, bad treating of domestic animals, illegal hunting…and so many more I can’t think of. Stop just focussing on fur because it is a luxury good and everyone wearing one is a bitch because you can’t afford it. If you are not yourself totally vegan than shut up. Because really a fur coat on your back when it is icy cold is much more useful that a steak in your stomach, and it lasts much longer.


    1. I used to wear fur. A lot of Fendi fur and then I saw how furriers got their skins and I was disgusted.

      I do not agree that ppl who never wore fur are against fur. I know many people against fur because of education and compassion. Maybe it is because I am in NYC but this is a big movement against fur.


      1. Hermes was in the news due to the the abuses of abuses of crocodiles. Investigators found that these poor animals were crammed into pools where they could barely move while alive. But even worse, they were flailing about bleeding with their heads or other parts of their body removed without mercy for their suffering. It’s difficult not to use animals for food and leather and other necessities in today’s world. It’s not about completely eliminating the use of animals from your life in this way. Rather, it’s about how the animals are treated in the acquisition of these goods. More importsbt, it’s about using animals for relative necessities rather than extreme, unnecessary luxuries such as fur coats and fur dresses. See links below on Hermes.


      2. I used to wear fur and loved it. I could never relate to those anti-fur activists. But as I’ve gotten a bit older, more educated and more compassionate and aware of the what goes on in the world, I will not buy real fur!!!!


  17. It seems she really wants to camouflage her pregnancy until it’s all over. Lately most of the outfits she has selected to wear have been busy prints, fur panels, geometrics, patterns, florals, mixed patterns & prints—all to distract from the pregnancy. And long boxy coats. It all works, too.
    I’m quite surprised she has chosen to wear MINK. How much is this MINK PANEL VEST? I thought (or at least I was hoping) that maybe after a “year” or so of being married she would stop making these designers richer by wearing & show casing their upcoming seasons “trunk show”. I thought she would transition into adopting & creating her own style. Instead, she continues to show case & do favors for the designers by agreeing to suit up for their upcoming season. Disappointing. Pre-marriage to George they didn’t even know her. Post-marriage to George, the designers are cashing in on her nearly selling out everything she wears. I cannot relate to this at all, nor could I ever wear the $12,000–$20,000 she wears head to toe every time she walks out of the house. I relate even less when it comes to wearing real fur. There comes a point in your life where you just have to be yourself & stop making the designers wealthier b/c “Amal Clooney” is wearing their collection. In a sense, George knows it’s all because of him; being married to him. I think he gloats a bit that it’s a perk for her to wear all the designers that come begging, as a result of being married to George. As I said in earlier posts, I wish they would tell the designers, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And go on to being herself and dressing like an every day citizen that one can relate to, like Princess Kate, William, Harry, etc. It just gets a bit silly that head to toe, every time she walks out the door…it’s a $12,000–$20,000 outfit accessorized with sunglasses (even at night), a huge handbag or clutch, $1,200 shoes/boots. And this is going on 3 years now. She has become completely unrelatable. I agree with all of your above comments & posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s getting more and more out of control with wearing the designers and less and less in touch with inner creativity and true self. This is often what celebrity does to you. Most celebrities are also extremely self-centered, given all the attention they get.

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