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Amal Clooney steals the show at Les Césars Awards in Paris 24.02.2017


Amal Clooney was on hand Friday in Paris to support her husband George Clooney at the 42nd Césars Awards, where the actor was presented with a career award as “the most charismatic actor of his generation.”

While walking the red carpet, the couple stopped to talk to French reporters — with Amal, who speaks fluent French, taking the reins.

“It is a great honor for us to be here. It’s the first time we’re in Paris together so it’s a bit of a romantic weekend for us,” she said.

Amal’s growing baby bump was visible under a white strapless fitted dress featuring a flirty, tie dye feathered bottom by ATELIER VERSACE. She accessorized with a white fur shrug, a matching clutch (she had the same in Rome), dangling earrings and cuff by LORRAINE SCHWARTZ and a bold red lip, letting her hair fall in soft curls down her back. George Clooney looked dashing in a traditional black tuxedo.


Tattoo earrings

Amal Clooney in Berlin for Hail Ceasar Premiere

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Emily Blunt a Amal’s close friend wore the same Lorraine Schwartz  diamonds cuff in 2015.

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3da0871300000578-4257816-image-a-17_1487973347088 3da1310100000578-4257816-image-m-38_1487978439427 210157450-0025a786-d736-4402-a98a-e70d2bf9c4fb 210157486-7c8cf032-991b-43b4-9015-e4eada786b34 210157517-0b8c6c67-68ab-4c24-b952-55af07e173de 210157701-0c2d2671-d9f3-4e1b-8dcc-c3ffd7217779 210158187-2f5f468b-609c-42eb-ba44-03a1aed8a61a 210158762-edbe5eab-9d94-43f4-8f9e-25e53f69eccf 210158220-23977995-22a5-4c0e-9f64-a13129bc5b20 210158245-120ffc36-7ade-4437-b478-923a3cfd02b5 210158363-eda63340-6bfc-4092-8993-b59ec2497ee6 210158762-edbe5eab-9d94-43f4-8f9e-25e53f69eccf abaca-583673-002 abaca-583673-004 abaca-583673-007 abaca-583673-010 amal


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At Fouquet’s restaurant

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43 thoughts on “Amal Clooney steals the show at Les Césars Awards in Paris 24.02.2017

  1. Amal loks beautiful here but it is a shame she chose to wear a dress made of ostrich feathers; those poor creatures are often plucked alive.
    You can also see the outline of what looks like a Moon Bump (pregnancy prosthesis) around her hips in every picture. I hope they have not stooped to faking a bump; that is sad and pathetic. There is no shame is using a surrogate to carry your children. What matters is that they will be cared for and loved, not who physically gave birth to them

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree..I don’t like the feathers or fur. The color is pretty. I believe she is pregnant…Those outlines look like seams to me…I am sure the dress was made specifically for her and had to allow for the bump. It looks like it could stretch a bit allowing for growth. They looked very happy and enjoying the moment. I prefer softer makeup on Amal, than the bright red lipstick.


      2. Agree with you both on this one. Amal looks so beautiful, but animal cruelty is such a big NO NO in my books. There are so many great clothing pieces to choose from that don’t let animals suffer but still have the WOW factor.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Amal looks gorgeous here!

      To Angela and Nati: I don’t like the use of ostrich feathers and fur in fashion, either, and wish that Amal would take into consideration the ethical implications of her decision to wear these animal products. In fact, I also don’t like the wearing of diamonds for ethical reasons, as there really are no diamonds that are mined without massive degradation of the environment or harm to human rights (there are flaws with the Kimberley process). Contemporary jewelers should make an attempt to move their process into the 21st Century and recycle materials more often and take into consideration 1.) the environmental degradation and huge carbon footprint of mining for gems and precious metals and 2.) the tremendous human rights violations from which their industry profits. And, wearing costume jewelry doesn’t solve the problem, either – there are similar environmental and human rights problems associated with the way that they acquire materials and make their product, as well.

      Also, Angela, it looks like the “outlines” of a Moonbump that you see in the photos are actually seams of the front panel of the dress.


    2. The outlines around her hips are actually seams in the dress. I, too, would hope she wouldn’t resort to using a prosthetic bump (that whole idea is always so weird to me). I’d also think that, if for some ridiculous reason she were to wear a fake bump (and I really, really don’t think she is), she’d be smart enough to wear something that would disguise – rather than emphasize – anything about it that would indicate that it was prosthetic.


    3. That is a very small bump for a woman expecting twins in four months and the rest of her anatomy is unnaturally stick thin, that does not fit with pregnancy.

      Sure doesn’t look like she is 5 months pregnant with twins Anyone who has had twins or even seen a woman 6 months on with twins knows exactly what I am talking about. Im a size 6 and Ive twins.


      1. She does look pretty small for being 5 months pregnant with twins BUT women come in all shapes and sizes when pregnant (and when not pregnant, too, of course). People carry differently and have growth spurts at different times. But she’ll almost certainly end up huge in the end – that’s pretty unavoidable with twins! 😉

        I think her overall appearance does fit with pregnancy: yes, she’s slimmer than most people (and that was the case before she was pregnant, too), but her boobs have definitely been looking bigger lately (which is often the first noticable change in appearance when when a woman is pregnant), and her face looks different too, which is also often another tell-tale sign. I feel really weird picking apart her appearance like that, but I just really hate the conspiracy theories about celebrities and fake pregnancies. Pregnancy is just different on every woman, and I don’t think the scrutiny is good for anybody. (And I just mean that in the general sense with regard to the topic overall, not with regard to any one person’s comments).


    4. It is ugly to me because it incurred the death of two distinct animal species to be worn for vanity, which to me makes the person ugly.

      Further, it is not new. The ostrich feathers have been around in dresses for years. It was brought back 6 years ago. It is very 50s and early 60s. Donatella will make something cruelty free if asked. This means Amal did not ask.


  2. Très élegante como toujours, la grossesse te va très bien, je te souhaite un acouchement rapide et beaucoup de bonheur pour tous. bise


  3. It first caught my attention that the dress has an odd lining – which appears to include all but a “cut-out” around her hips? I don’t understand why? While she looks lovely, I don’t agree with feathers and fur. The animals need them more than we do.


  4. As a new follower I am very impressed by the quality, and depth of coverage, of this remarkable woman. I think the preachy comments are redundant. You’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of factory farming,etc. I will follow this site with interest but probably skip the comments.


    1. I live in a lovely cottage under a rock. The downward pressure from the rock precludes me from retaining information in my rocky head. Hence, the comments section is very educational and informative for me.


  5. Def don’t think this is a fake bump that’s a joke to even suspect that or see that- so impressed with her she’s very balanced and such a great person seems like he should be so proud and she should be so proud as well he’s being honored each year it seems as soon as they married – she looks great and I love what she wore and that she spoke in French I am dying to Hear her speak Arabic !!!! George congrats


  6. Who invented the idea that fur is sexy or beautiful?? Leave the animals alone Amal!! It is a shame to make such poor death to animals statements while carrying life inside her!

    Nevertheless she looks beautiful ! Mais …domage ma cher!


  7. She looks amazing. Can this women take a bad photo? If you look closely the lines on her dress are seams/piping. As far as a fake baby bump – are you kidding me? Who does that? Some said that Kate Middleton had a fake bump with both her kids. That is just so stupid. As far as the feathers and fur – She needs to get with the program. I just don’t understand how she can flight for human rights and then wear shit like this. It makes no sense. I think for the most part most Europeans have no problem with wearing fur. I think it might be more of a North American sensitivity.

    Check out the clip where Amal is speaking French. George is so proud of her. So ador.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It is a stunning dress and at first glance you just go WOW – although once again if you look at what the women around her were wearing it does look somewhat over the top. I think the French have an understated elegance – this dress and overall look would be perfect for the American Oscars which is more about wealth and glamour.

    I thought the earrings were perfect for the dress – but that FUGLY fur thing around her lower arms – in addition to issues of animal cruelty – it added absolutely nothing to the outfit – the colour, the style of it – looked like something out of five year old’s dress up box. I would be pretty confident that the stole was Amal’s idea and not Donatella. And yes Nati – a big NO to ostrich feathers – these dresses actually were “in” a few years ago – nothing new here. I simply don’t understand the psychology of the wealthy elite that have to keep flaunting their wealth with fur and other endangered species – and Amal is a repeat offender. Vulgar.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I just wanted to say I really miss QUIRKY UNIQUE Amal style when they first met – she seems too cookie cutter and polished now and I miss her old style a lot it really gave me a sense of her taste and style but now it’s more and more stylist put together and very predictable and well— nothing unique —- she looks amazing at the awards nonetheless


    1. I feel like Amal’s style at award shows and other formal events has always tended to be more traditional/classic – I think her quirky, unique style is much more apparent the more dressed down she is, or the more informal the event. I sort of like seeing the different sides to her, really: sometimes quirky, sometimes conventional. She can pull off a lot of different styles, which definitely isn’t true for everyone.


  10. I thought only dm commenters would think of a a fake pregnancy. This is as sick as these comments about a fake marriage. Sometimes i get the feeling, that there is a lot of jeaulosie.

    Imagine, what we See is true: they Love each other, they are becoming parents and are looking forward to the birth of their children. That is normal. And wie should enjoy the Love and good news.
    There is so much trouble and hate in our world and lots of Fake news and lies are published and said by the mightiest man of the whole world, which is a danger of the worlds Peace.

    Let’s enjoy Amal and George


    1. The nose job she had more than once and she did have breast augmentation from what has been said by actual reputable cosmetic surgeons, but it is normal for your breasts to become enormous during pregnancy. Amal’s breast are increasing due to hormones.


  11. There is not one thing about this look that I find attractive. First and foremost the feathers and fur. Horrible horrible. The makeup is over the top, shiny, plastic-y. But even worse, the hair. Will take a lot of detoxing shampoo to get all the spray and styling products out. I am not sure how she could possibly feel comfortable and at ease in that outfit and with all of that makeup and stiff hair. In the videos when she moves her head, her hair moves as one piece. Usually I love her look, admire her beauty, and can find something attractive about the occasion and her style but this time find absolutely nothing. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Amal looks great she is dressed perfectly this is the French Oscars. Other women wore gowns not just Amal. As she is pregnant her breasts would be bigger. And what the heck does it matter if she had a nose job , if you look at her nose it isn’t perfect.
    The lines that are shown are the seams of the gown not as I thought under garments.


  13. Wow, she looks stunning! 🙂 I was actually smiling while scrolling through the pictures because she looks genuinely happy and lovely, George too! I thought, “Wow, she looks beautiful!” And the part of his speech talking about her, aw! 🙂


  14. Amal looks stunning! The ostrich feathers are probably from animals grown for their meat. should we all be vegetarians? should we not wear leather shoes? The mink I don’t like: none are captured humanely–if that is even possible. It looks like there is paneling on the dress so it fits more like a bodysuit, which would make it easier to use the loo. Whatever, she looks incredible and always conducts herself well.


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