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Amal Clooney was spotted in Stella McCartney in London 21.02.2017


Amal Clooney was spotted in London yesterday. She looks beautiful with a long red coat and biker boots.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a red coat


from the Pre Fall Collection 2017


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Wool-blend coat£ 1,155 £ 577 | 50% off


p00205205_b1 p00205205_b2

with her ALTUZARRA

Ghianda Bullrope Small Saddle Bag


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504052429_1_bagfront 504052429_7_bagmodel 504052429_4_bagopen

For the boots, we have an ID 🙂

Amal Clooney wore

Biker Zip leather ankle boots
£ 750

available here on My Theresa

p00205906 p00205906_b1 p00205906_d1 p00205906_d2

3d7e808200000578-4246676-image-m-2_1487707358090 img_bnvulm



// Pictures DailyMail/Splashnews

33 thoughts on “Amal Clooney was spotted in Stella McCartney in London 21.02.2017

  1. The color of the coat is pretty. I am not saying this to be mean, just making a statement…Amal looks exhausted and very pale. I pray she is feeling OK and that she is going home for a nap. I remember being so tired with just one baby, I can only imagine what it is like to be pregnant with multiples. Glad to see she is wearing sensible shoes.


  2. She looks so much healthier, vibrant and young(er) with some weight gain. Her go-to look seems to be the mouth open, looking up and sunglasses planted in her hair.

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      1. I know that you and some others have criticized what she does with her hands and hair, which I have never understood, but I have looked at the photos in this segment and I do not see any hand on her hair. If it is a habit I do not understand why it bothers you so much.


  3. She also looks SO MUCH BETTER when she lays off the thick make-up. I know she’s a Charlotte Tilsbury darling but… she looks so much younger with out the severe Mommy Dearest eyebrows and blood red clownish lipstick.


  4. Power to her!!!
    A great role model
    I am going to be a bit biased when I say we need more inspiring and leading women like her in the Arab world and I understand the only thing she took away from Lebanon is her looks which come from her gorgeous and accomplished mother Baryiaah.


    1. Amal is an accomplished Lawyer. I think we all agree she can stand on her own feet. No credit is due or given to her ethnicity or whoever her mother might be. Her fame as a great Lawyer was her destiny long before marriage to her husband.

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      1. Not getting the point Sam
        I only meant praise for Amal
        It’s a fact that she’s Lebanese born and English educated.
        Her mother is also a very well known and popular journalist.
        And yes her mother had a huge influence on her growing up.
        Where the wrong in that?
        Don’t see why you got so offended ..


      2. Do not agree, her imfluential family helped her to attive where she is today, if she had been the daugjter of an ordinary “blue collor” worker, no way on earth would she be where she is today, despite her nice looks and intelligence, non the less the chance to meet George Clooney at a party.


  5. I like the coat but she looks very tired. The hair touching doesn’t bother me as much as the always open mouth! The outfit is cool on her. A mixture of conventional and out there..


    1. I totally agree, she’s always doing that, and no i don’t think it is because she is talking or breathing, as she would have to be a pretty serious open mouth breather if that were the case!


  6. I like her outfit. The coat is great, and that color really looks good on her. She definitely looks exhausted, though, in a way that I’ve never noticed before – I’m sure being pregnant with twins isn’t easy, and I hope she’s able to get enough rest and isn’t feeling too rough.

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  7. Well I am a mother of twins, and I am telling you she’s going to get more tired as the weeks progress. It gets to the point where you have to roll over like a whale and have someone haul you up just to get out of bed! I’m sure that she will have lots of help with nannies and cooks but the sleep deprivation after with two crying babies who want to be fed at the same time is something else…It’s much harder than working out of home, and I seriously go to work to take a ‘break’. So happy for their news!

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  8. I think she naturally has dark circles and small bags under her eyes, it’s just that she’s not wearing much makeup. She also has a slight overbite, which makes it more difficult close her mouth when it’s just relaxed. Not trying to be mean, just observing. She’s 39 not 29. Makeup makes most of us look much more refreshed than a clean face.

    I like her outfit and coat!


  9. I saw pictures today of Amal & George @ the French Oscars. She is wearing a white figure hugging long gown with a white fringe bolero jacket, as I recall. Very pretty. 🙂 Nati, you will probably be posting it soon. 🙂


  10. I am not a fan of this ensemble. It is derivative and not forward thinking in fashion. The coat lacks style. The only saving grace is the color otherwise it is pedantic, boots, jersey or wool dress with a long coat. Big deal. I see nothing interesting from my take.


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