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Amal and George Clooney out with parents in Barcelona, Spain, 02.02.2017

Amal and George Clooney were spotted for dinner with his parents Nick and Nina Clooney at the Rooftop Smokehouse Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain on February 2, 2017.

Amal is expecting twins, the first children for the couple (press release).


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a




available here

0995080067c84b5225a79db306c03ddf c07e8f8c0a1e3532f92948fce631613a babe8de8bc641612c75fafd5b00b461a eb6fadc84ae52617372a45efd0ee8419 7b01b87a4c2aad1b1c56895c9d5857ee

with a black short coat, patent “killer” heels and a black clutch.

You can buy a nice alternative here

She is perhaps pregnant and she still walks in heels … it is very bad the coming babies.

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39 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney out with parents in Barcelona, Spain, 02.02.2017

  1. Actually, wearing high heels while she’s pregnant shouldn’t be bad for her or the baby/babies at all. Celebrities (and probably plenty of regular people, too) frequently wear heels when pregnant. Especially if she’s used to wearing heels (which she is) and it’s still early in the pregnancy, it shouldn’t be a problem – she just has to watch her balance.


      1. Oh, I’m aware of the risks, but it’s a pretty low risk in the earlier stages of pregnancy (at least for women who already wear high heels regularly). It would only cause potential harm to the babies if she were to fall or something. There are so many do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, and not everybody follows the same advice (e.g. some people think it’s okay to drink alcohol occasionally during pregnancy, while others don’t; some people think it’s unsafe to color your hair during pregnancy, while others don’t, etc.). Personally, I don’t think it’s particularly reckless to wear high heels during the early stages of pregnancy. Amal is an intelligent woman, who I would assume is as concerned about the wellbeing of her unborn child(ren) as any normal mother-to-be, so I would assume she’s weighed the risks. Different people just reach different conclusions about these kinds of things, based on what they feel is right for them.


  2. Where did you see the press release regarding Amal’s pregnancy, Nati? It’s OK to wear heels when pregnant, during the first trimester, since body weight and shape don’t change very much. I’m guessing that Amal is in the latter part of first trimester or very early part of second, especially if she is expecting twins (because, as you pointed out before, Nati, twins will make her pregnancy belly larger). If they have officially announced her pregnancy to the press, then it is likely that she’s safely out of the higher-risk-for-miscarriage zone of first trimester. Most people wait until they are out of that window before announcing pregnancies to friends, family, and the world.


      1. Definitely can see the pregnancy here. It’s from Nadia’s Facebook account before Jackson can say how do you know it’s not doctored or real.


      2. Veggies,

        Do you have the link to Nadia Murad on FB? The two I found by doing a natural language and Boolean search on FB only produced fan related because the friends were too few.

        I would like to see what Nadia is doing.


  3. Estoy realmente sorprendida de que en mi ciudad, Barcelona, les hayan fotografiado porque, por lo general, se respesta mucho a la gente famosa. No suelen haber paparazzi ppr la ciudad y por sus calles hay micha gente famosa paseando. Nati me encanta tu blog πŸ™‚

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  4. Honestly, if she is pregnant (and I do think she is), then her choice of shoes is her business.

    I really dislike ‘rules’ for how people should dress, pregnant or otherwise. πŸ™‚


  5. No one looks pleased that the photos are being taken. Must be so uncomfortable having flash bulbs in your face.

    What reputable source said they were expecting twins? I haven’t read anything in the NY Times or Washington Post or heard anything on reputable news channels. Some may disagree with me but I do not believe gossip rags and their “sources.”


      1. The pics are grainy. They were taken by someone on Twitter first. That is not a PR agency.

        Do you have the orginal link?


      2. Flame fly net is not an agency it is basically a collective sight for photos from everywhere, mostly instagram, Twitter, snapchat and FB.

        It isn’t Clooney’s PR agency. The original came from Twitter and Instagram. I read the story from Nacional. There was no confirmation on the pregnancy.

        Not to say she isn’t but no news is covering it

        However, George looks like he is 9 months pregnant.


    1. No but Amal looks pleased. Look at her face – she’s smiling in every single photo. True George and his parents don’t look pleased but Amal loves, no adores, no bask under the flash of the cameras.


  6. Thanks Nati for ID. Very transparent not sure I am brave enough to wear it 😦
    AA is known for her bravery, but no way could I wear this with a baby bump! And in front of inlaws. OMG my inlaws would faint, pregnant, braless, and see through!

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  7. Nat u are a wizard how the heck did u even see what she was wearing to find the dress too!!! I think it looks a little Halloween time to me I’m. Not a fan of this dress at all! Looks trashy! But it’s a really smart dress to camoflauge the bump!!


    1. George’s mother looks better than Amal. She always look chic, classic and understated – never flashy – look at me! Eyes hungry for the camera.


  8. For all of you who are giving Nati a hard time for expressing her opinion about pregnant women wearing heels, there is nothing wrong with her stating her opinion, just as it is your opinion that it is Okay for pregnant women to wear heels. It is her opinion, and she is acknowledging the risk in doing so, which factually one cannot dismiss. She’s not saying anything other than her opinion, just as some of you are stating yours. Someone ip there said she has a hard time with “rules” regarding pregnancy- nati was not stating any rules, And she backed up her opinion with some evidence. For the poster who said that “there is a risk but it is a low risk,”- This is enough of a risk for some.

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  9. I will only believe that she is pregnant when I’ll se some real weight gain on her face and body. Until then I believe it’s bogus (not that they won’t have kids but doubting she’ll carry them). And anyway we know that twins are the result of medical assisted pregnancies.


  10. I think her heels are fine she has been wearing them for years and knows how to walk in them.
    You can fall in any shoe it has to do with being careful.
    congratulations to the Clooney’s they will be wonderful parents.


  11. I would tend to think that heels for any pregnant woman (at any stage) leaves one vulnerable to possible injury to yourself and baby(ies) due to the higher risk of falling; imbalance, not seeing your feet and your footing, if you hit or fall on a sharp object/surface unexpectedly. Carrying twins seems like you would be even more vulnerable; first time mom, higher risk pregnancy due to age, and twins being huge factors. Heels VS. No Heels is up for question, but to be on the safe side…it’s probably just best to air on the side of caution, be safe, and be comfortable and stick with something low to the ground and supportive & comfortable. πŸ™‚


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