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Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad in 1843 Magazine March 2017


1843‘s February/March cover story features Amal Clooney’s fight to bring Islamic State to the International Criminal Court. The article, entitled “Two Women, One Cause,” describes how Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad, an Iraqi woman, are campaigning to highlight the atrocities carried out by Islamic State (IS) on the Yazidi people and to get IS indicted by the International Criminal Court.

The article explores the extraordinary story of two women working together to bring those responsible for genocide to account. In August 2014 Murad watched as IS fighters murdered many of her friends and family because of their Yazidi faith and took thousands of others as prisoners including Murad herself. After weeks of being raped daily, Murad managed to escape her captors and was able to flee to Germany.

Murad and Clooney bring different strengths to their campaign. In a society in which rape brings shame to the victim as well as the perpetrator, Murad shows extraordinary courage in speaking out about her ordeal. Clooney is using her brains, as a highly regarded human-rights lawyer, and her fame as the wife of a Hollywood superstar. She is framing a legal strategy, keeping the case in the headlines and lobbying governments to take it seriously; and the article suggests that Clooney’s high profile is helping to win attention for her cause: “Today her [Clooney’s] celebrity may sometimes be a distraction, but it has undoubtedly made her more effective as an advocate.”

Author Robert Guest interviewed Murad and Clooney for the piece and travelled to Mount Sinjar in Iraq to find out more about the situation on the ground. He explains why this story is so important: “Getting governments to care about human-rights abuses in far-off places is hard. But Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad make a very effective team. Amal is brainy and famous and great at grabbing politicians’ attention. And Nadia is probably the bravest person I’ve ever met. I doubt anyone can hear her story without weeping.”

Emma Duncan, 1843‘s editor, says, “We’re proud to be carrying such an important story about two remarkable women.”


Emma Duncan, 1843‘s editor, says, “We’re proud to be carrying such an important story about two remarkable women.”

You can read the full feature piece in this February/March 2017 issue of 1843 available now on newsstands, on

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12 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad in 1843 Magazine March 2017

  1. I read it. I think it is important but writing about the dichotomy between Clooney and Murad was just vulgar. I was disappointed. It demeaned Murad.

    Also there are many others working on issues with ISIS slave trafficking. It is a false statement it is only Amal. She isn’t even the first to try to create a case at ICC.


  2. Nitsana Darsha-Leitner has been after the money trail of ISIS since 2014. The issue with ISIS in any Ct is personal jurisdiction.

    There are so many others. The DOJ has an edict to fight ISIS. The issue in any court is personal jurisdiction.


  3. The cover photo says a lot about women, ageing and celebrity in the public eye. Amal’s face/skin issue photoshopped – esp the circles under the eyes and the twinkle in her eye – Nadia’s face is real and authentic.


    1. Didn’t notice the photoshopping until you pointed it out. Yes, it does look like the magazine touched-up Amal’s face, but not Nadia’s!


  4. Yes it seems that Amal Clooney has modelled herself directly on the wonderful Ms Isaac. At least she is a wonderful role model. Ms Clooney has chosen well. The difference is Ms Isaac highlights the horrific plights of Christians. Ms Clooney is silent on that.

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