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Amal and George Clooney leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica 29.10.2016


Amal and George Clooney were spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica after a dinner with Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford.

Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore


Balloon Sleeve Bomber jacket


was available here  on Moda Operandi

with big thanks to Jill for the ID 🙂



one in black and one in grey
available here
5891 33697
Rocket cropped skinny jeans
still available here
citi-wj956_v4-1 citi-wj956_v1-1 citi-wj956_v4-1
Arena leather wedge sandals
€ 770
available here
p00188270 p00188270_d2 p00188270_d1 p00188270_b1
an emerald wool clutch by MAWI
with green perspex spikes and Swarovski crystal detail.
was available here
with a trim necklace.
Amal Clooney wore a similar style last year at U2 concert.
01-celeb-style-amal 2016-10-31-08-01-43 2016-10-31-08-00-10 2016-10-31-07-58-53 2016-10-31-07-58-02 2016-10-31-07-57-08 2016-10-31-07-55-52 2016-10-31-07-54-52 2016-10-31-07-53-21 2016-10-31-07-52-14 2016-10-31-07-50-55 2016-10-31-07-49-42 2016-10-31-07-47-52 2016-10-31-07-46-48 2016-10-31-07-45-37 2016-10-31-07-43-29 2016-10-31-07-42-43 2016-10-31-07-33-39 2016-10-31-07-32-04 2016-10-31-07-30-26 2016-10-31-07-29-31 2016-10-31-07-28-36 2016-10-31-07-27-38 2016-10-31-07-26-37 2016-10-31-07-24-32 2016-10-31-07-23-25 2016-10-31-07-22-35 2016-10-31-07-21-38 2016-10-31-07-13-15 screenshot_2016-10-31-07-16-58

49 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica 29.10.2016

      1. Hi Jackson – your comments are so negative and want to be “funny”. They are not funny. They only show what a fanatic, intolerant and aggressive person you are.
        Have a nice day.


    1. I wondered the same thing, especially after those photos of her in the yellow top (with the embroidered jeans). Maybe it’s just a good push up bra. I preferred her style before she got married. It looked more natural. Just saying.


    2. Had the same thought. It seems so. All else looks fine when we feel like wearing sexy and jeans, but ouch her pedicure! I wouldn’t like to be caught dead in old nail polish outgrown by the toenails.
      Better go without anything, only stay groomed.


  1. Her hair is rather dry and parched. Probably best to lay off the styling and stop straightening it so much. I know those wedges are balenciaga but that look is better off as a moto rather than sandals.

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  2. Remember these comments:

    January 13, 2015 at 2:46 pm
    My favorite outfit of the evening was Emma Stone in the jumpsuit, but Amal was a close favorite. Thank god she doesn’t feel compelled to wear deep cleavage baring gowns, I am so sick of seeing that sort of thing. Honestly, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson were so incredibly tacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 13, 2015 at 2:51 pm
    I think the same. Jennifer Lopez is no more 20 years old and she continues to wear as she were.

    January 14, 2015 at 2:05 am

    Not f you had other things going for you, like a brain. It just cheapens a female . Keep somethings a mystery for your significant other is what I would say to women who feel the need to bare all, with cleavage spilling out for all to see!

    Times change, don’t they!


  3. They look so amazing and ISNT IT FUNNY THAT GEORGE wears a suit when Amal decides to wear jeans hahah! I’m not a fan of the sandals I miss her quirky shoes now


  4. Every once in awhile I think she wears something that is really at odds with the image she tries to cultivate as a serious human right attorney, i.e., this outfit, the gold lame, etc. This is the first time I remember seeing her in anything with even a hint of décolleté. Maybe she wants to put the implant rumors to rest!! I’m not sure the outfit/photos resolve the issue—maybe they are implants or maybe they’re not?? That said, it is a very sexy outfit, and I LOVE the funky bag!


  5. Hi Nati:
    Although this info isn’t pertinent to the thread, I thought I would pass along information on the Clooney Foundation. David Pressman has been appointed its head. Apparently,Pressman is a human rights attorney and he has been advising George in human rights issues for many years. He previously served in the Clinton administration. There is also a story in Reuters today:


  6. I know this is called the “never say never cropped camisole”, but I am going to have to say “never”. This is too Kim Kardashian for me. Too much of a Kendall Jenner/Kylie Jenner style. I just don’t think she needs to ‘go there’. I know the lacy camisole look & Victoria’s Secret lacy camisole look is IN and the latest trend, but I’m not a fan.


    1. Although another top – perhaps a little bit longer would have looked much better, I would never compare her with the Kardashians. The Kardashian People are mostly half naked, especially Kim with the very strange figure (just my opinion).


      1. Please look at the photo – see below – I cannot believe that People really compare her with AMAL Clooney.
        Then you can also compare D. Trump with Einstein…….


      2. Pdhvdh— Hi, 🙂 I am not comparing her to Kim Kardashian. I am comparing her to “the style.” The “Kardashian Style.” The same as if I would say, “I like her Grecian style”. It doesn’t mean I am comparing her to a Grecian. I am comparing her outfit at the time to a grecian style. I am comparing her outfit at the tume, in this case the black lacy camisole, to a Kardashian style.Know what I mean? It’s a “style” reference, not a character or personality reference. Only a “style” comment to this particular item and this item alone. It is very Kardashian style. It’s what’s on trend and it’s what is popular right now.


  7. You can see how happy, comfortable and in love they are inside the car, when they probably think that the cameras won’t get a clear shot. Their face look so relaxed and in love. Compare that to the seemingly uncomfortable outside the car paparazzi shots. They just really want to get in and out of there.

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  8. I love the jacket. Very chic. I would buy that. That’s pretty much it.
    The jeans do nothing for her. the cammie is ok. The necklace looks like it’s from H&M and the purse and the shoes look bargain basement. Speaking of shoes. With the exception of two or three pairs she has every worn, she has THE worse taste in foot wear. George looks great. More importantly they look happy which is the best outfit you can wear


    1. The Constitution of the United States has three requirements for President: (1)The individual must be 35 years old (2)a natural born citizen and (3) lived in the U.S. for 14 years. Amal doesn’t meet two of these requirements.

      Other than this, I can’t think of two candidates less qualified for this office.


      1. Amelie: George Clooney meets those requirements. Where his wife was born is irrelevant to his meeting the qualifications for President. Melania Trump was born in Slovenia.


  9. Horrible look. Trashy on top, jeans are unflattering and look uncomfortable, shoes are awful. But the clutch is beautiful and interesting. She personally looks good as always. But really really bad choice for an outfit.


  10. Amal should continue all the great things she does, then run for the POTUS position in 2020. Her intellect, history, superior human experience & interactions, and class would have my vote. She’s not born in the USA, so maybe George can run in 2020. He, too, for his intellect, history, human touch, and common sense experience & compassion.
    Thank you George and Amal for supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton. #ImStillWithHer

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    1. Jaclyn, you’re one funny trouble-maker. You had me laughing from the first sentence. Even more at the last hashtag. Yeah,….. you’re funny.

      By the way, maybe you should consider moving to Italy, not England. George and Amal have an empty house on beautiful Lake Como. Maybe they’ll let you stay there, if you ask them. :).


      1. Tack–(I like your idea) 🙂 …. George & Amal, may I please have permission to stay in your vacant Italian home for 4 years until 2020? 🙂


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