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Amal Clooney with her father Ramzi on the set of Suburbicon Los Angeles 21.10.2016


Amal Clooney was spotted with his father for second time on the set of Suburbicon visiting George Clooney.

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34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney with her father Ramzi on the set of Suburbicon Los Angeles 21.10.2016

  1. This is a nice picture of Amal with her father…I remember George saying-prior to their marriage-that both Amal and he are close with their families. Nati, I know that Mr. Alamuddin lives in Lebanon, do you have any other background information about him?


    1. Not a lot. Ramzi Alam Uddin, who received his MBA degree at the American University of Beirut and was the owner of COMET travel agency, returned to Lebanon in 1991 He is from a Lebanese Druze family from Baakline, a village in the Chouf district.


      1. Hi Ameline- keep in mind in Druze and Muslim faith the men can marry 4 wives. They indeed live separate lives but engage together very much often and family gatherings. He does live in Leb and Baria lives in UK. I hope that answers ur question. Also, he visits both daughters often not just Amal he visits Tala in Singapore too – someone else mentioned how he doesn’t


      2. Hi Soos:
        My take on Amal’s parents is that they are very westernized and it’s not clear if they are even practicing Muslims/Druze. BTW, I have known many Muslim couples and NONE of them has more than one spouse. I would appreciate your clarifying the statement you made in your post. You stated that Mr. Alamuddin is twice divorced. Was he married twice before marrying Baria?

        I also have to say that there is a video available online that I viewed recently and from this video, it does not look like Baria and Ramzi are a couple.

        My reason for asking about this is that I think it would have been quite difficult for both Amal and her sister to have their father move out of the home/country when they were teenagers. Occasional visits are not the same as having both parents in the home.


      1. What exactly do you want to know? He’s in Lebanon and is highly regarded in Druze community. He’s also VERY funny and lovable. 🙂 he married and divorced twice ( Baria is Amals mom)


      2. Soos:
        Do I remember correctly your saying in other posts that you personally know Amal’s family? If you do, then you might be able to fill in the gaps on one half of a ‘famous couple’. You stated that Mr. Alamuddin is twice divorced. Per media reports, he is married twice and divorced only once. Which is correct? Another thing I have wondered about is that it is reported that Mr. Alamuddin left England and went back to Lebanon when both Amal and Tala were fairly young. I think Amal was 16 and Tala would have been maybe 14 or so. If the reports are correct, he has continued to live in Lebanon, while, Baria has resided in England. Is any of this correct and do you know why Amal’s parents live separate lives ? Also, do you know exactly when Amal and George met?


      3. NATI he may be technically married but he definitely has had relationships with other women who are not his wife. Google it.

        His legal wife remarked that they have that they have an arrangement where it’s open.


  2. Sigh. She always wears heels to stand out and be center of attention. She’s already about 5’9 – geez.

    A simple pair of leather flats would have been so chic. But, again, money doesn’t equate with style. Eve though they’re Jimmy Choo, they look like the they came from the bargain bin at DSW Warehouse.


    1. @Editor
      I believe Amal is 5’6″ to 5’7″. The reason being, as I’ve never met her, is that George is 5’9″ to 5’10, as I have stood next to him twice.
      You can see from photographs that they are either the same height or she can be about an inch taller, depending on her 4/5 inch heels and her hair.
      The reason I say this is because I do believe she gets outfits from designers and possibly is paid to wear their clothes (nothing wrong with that, Wintour may even get a cut) and she should look as long and lean as possible.
      I honestly thought she looked much more attractive with more weight to her but the above may have to do with her being extremely thin, giving her a longer, leaner look.
      I agree that the the shoes are inappropriate and, frankly, they look stupid. Flats would’ve complimented much better, but, yet again, it wouldn’t give the illusion of a model’s height.
      Be yourself, Amal.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the jumpsuit, hate the shoes. As Editor above says, a pair of simple flats would have looked so much better.

    Amal does seem more than a little obsessed with towering over everyone at all times. It kind of hints at someone who’s never quite comfortable in her own skin.


  4. She is I believe five foot seven , women who are six feet tall wear high heels. The reason being they like them. I think Amal likes heels some women are more comfortable in heels than flats . Attention seeking she is visiting her husband who happens to be a star there is no way she wouldn’t have been seen they are out in public.


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