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Amal and George Clooney with Education Minister of Lebanon Elias Bou Saab 27.09.2016



Amal and George Clooney will fund the opening of schools for thousands of refugee and Lebanese students, Education Minister Elias Bou Saab announced earlier Tuesday. In a post on his Facebook page, Bou Saab said he met with the Clooneys to discuss the initiative during his visit to New York for the U.N. General Assembly.

“Bou Saab accepted the invitation of Amal and George Clooney, who have launched a project to teach children in Lebanon through private schools that they will build in cooperation with SABIS – a global network of schools – and Lebanon’s Education Ministry,” the post read.

The A-listers told Bou Saab that the first of the several schools will open its doors next year. “The project aims at providing education for 15, 000 Lebanese and refugee children,” continued the minister’s Facebook post.

The Syrian conflict and resulting massive influx of refugees has put pressure on Lebanon’s school system and interrupted many refugee children’s education.

Roughly 250,000 Syrian children in Lebanon are out of school according to research from Human Rights Watch. Local and international organizations have implemented various initiatives aimed at getting more children into school.

Source Albawaba

A video about the event



Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Short silk dress with fringed sleeves

this dress is available here on Net-à-Porter


716595_in_xl 716595_ou_xl 716595_fr_xl 716595_bk_xl


Pearl & Tassel Earrings – Black


available here


14481889_1104665702944241_1092651959019303582_o ctxqkbkxgaa6y4e ctyujycwaaq0roa screenshot_2016-09-29-02-38-58 screenshot_2016-09-29-02-39-02

Pictures source Elias Bou Saab Twitter feed

32 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney with Education Minister of Lebanon Elias Bou Saab 27.09.2016

  1. Love the dress, but the initiative is more worth mentioning.

    AC is often criticised because of wearing expensive dlothes. But why? There are so many rich people having an expensive way of life and they do nothing for society, poor people, refugees etc.
    Clooneys keep on going … 🙂

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  2. This is just a big no, no, no. Not sure if event was official since it looks like it could have been a cocktail event but even if so this dress is not appropriate. Nor is it comfortable. See how Amal has to keep her hands up all the time in a very unnatural manner to avoid the fringe from being all over the place. And it is just too short.


  3. I loved Amal’s outfits of the last weeks – adorable elegant! This one matches for a NY summer party, not for an official occasion like this. By the way, the dress does not fit properly (especially the upper part).


  4. Dear friends,

    Let’s leave the criticism aside for the moment and may I argue from a different point of view.

    For those concerned about the cost of Amal’s clothing whilst performing charitable acts, do not be – I have never seen a “bearer” of conspicuous compassion actually believe in their feelings to the point where they lose control of their wallets. Amal thus, is entitled to look as damn good as she likes whenever she pleases.

    I am very pleased the Clooneys engage in numerous charitable endeavours (and ensure each of these is recorded!). I do believe the Clooneys are very much like my peers: affluent and affected by the “white celebrity burden”, “blatant benevolence”, “conspicuous philanthropy” (whichever term suits the literature of the day) that often afflicts the top 0.1 percenters of the Western world. It is a form of “first world guilt” and I am certainly glad they are afflicted as such!

    She does no one any harm by looking after herself and looking beautiful. If she “disappoints” in her clothing choices whilst performing deeds of benevolence, it is merely because she taps into other women’s insecurities. I should know. I have the same effect on others and others have the same effect on me.

    Amal is as insecure as every woman. Do not mistake the bravado for internal confidence. It is the fear that belongs uniquely to egocentricity and the fear of “being found out” to be lesser than those we are surrounded by, that makes us go for achieving more and more. And as I say, in that pursuit, she is entitled to look as damn good as she likes whenever she pleases.

    I am enjoying these pictures immensely, my dear Nati, they say so much, thank you!

    Yours in style,

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    1. I think many of us have observed thru media and personal experience the lives of the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ IMO, other than the amount of money people have, we all are essentially the same: honest or not, generous or not, happy or not etc. So, I think I will disagree with one of your assumptions that the “1%” is somehow inherently different.

      As far as knowing someone via media, the camera is very good at giving us insight into people (I think black/white photography is especially good in this regard). And, I don’t think the public’s perception has any connection with personal feelings of insecurity. As an example, one remembers Princess Diana and although we can recall many photos of her in designer evening wear for example, we also saw her bringing her children to an AIDS clinic so that they would have the experience of seeing suffering first hand and learning the obligations that we all have to help others. I don’t ever recall seeing a photo of Diana where she paraded as on a catwalk or made me feel that I was an audience for her. I think on the contrary as I watched Diana over many years devote time to multiple issues: AIDS, land mines etc, I reached my own conclusion that she had a generosity of spirit and an ability to understand suffering that was a unique part of her.

      I have written in multiple posts of my own perceptions that there is an ongoing PR campaign in place for Amal. I frankly do not think we would have the extensive photos that we do, if there were not. When anyone places themselves in the public venue in this way, they set themselve up for feedback–whatever it is. The photos speak to the public and people over time are reaching their own conclusions. It happens that very many are reaching the same conclusions! Are we all insecure per your observation in your post? I would argue that we are not.

      Lastly, having known people as they have gone thru law school and having experience with attorneys over the years, I have to say that one doesn’t make it thru law school without being tough and self assured. And, one doesn’t survive in the world of law without the same qualities. I wouldn’t ascribe feelings of insecurity to Amal for this reason. A friend or colleague of hers was quoted at some point stating that “Amal is supremely confident.” Frankly, per the photos, I can believe that.

      Amal is free to live her life in any way that she chooses, but likewise the public is free to observe and reach their own conclusions on who she is.


  5. Lebanon is one of the middle eastern countries that has absorbed more than its share of refugees and I’m sure that all financial assistance is very much appreciated. It is a good thing that the Clooneys-I’m guessing via their foundation,-will be providing assistance for schools. If the project is funded by the foundation,it really is important that this be stated, so that the funders of the foundation be given credit, versus just George and Amal.

    The structure of a school and all that it brings will help normalize life for the children now and put them on the road for a good future life.I hope their knowing that someone cared enough to help, will lay a foundation that the world is a better place than what they have experienced so far. I would appreciate knowing what the size of the contribution is, what specific plans there are etc, if this is available.

    As far as the dress, Amal’s love of the camera, etc. it’s all been said before…

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  6. She really needs to wear flesh-colored undergarments. I am reminded of the gold and black lame’ mini dress where her white panties were visible. Whoever helps her dress should think of these things. Most brands now offer a wide range of flesh-tones.


  7. It’s wonderful that Amal and George are helping to financially back new schools in Lebanon! Regarding the dress: although I like it, conceptually, it doesn’t seem to fit Amal right. I wouldn’t wear it to a formal event, either – a bit too casual.


  8. Beautiful glow on her face. She looks dewy & fresh. Also love the lip color on her. Pretty shimmer to the dress and nice color, too. Amal’s hair looks cute, too. 🙂


  9. To nose or not to nose, that is the question. I personally believe, that Amal never had any surgery, neither the nose, nor her ears or her boobs. She has the unique ability to enlarge and shrink her breasts according to the requirements of the dress she intends to wear. A photo of her is floating in the internet allegedly showing her original nose. Believe me, that photo has been manipulated, especially in the nose area. She never had a nose like that. She has lost a lot of weight and that also affects the nose. Nevertheless, she had her teeth fixed. 😀


    1. Claudia:
      If you look closely at the plethora of photos on the web, several things are consistently visible re: Amal’s nose area: the bridge of her nose has been thinned (compare multiple early career and school photos) and there is a demarcation line between the bridge area and the bottom part of her nose (tip) which is more bulbous.

      I agree that weight loss can make the nose appear larger. But,what is in the area of the nose that is different on her is composed of cartilage, not fat and the only way this would change is thru surgery.

      Amal has placed herself in a public venue so I can understand blog chatter about this. Believe me, the discussion of Amal’s appearance changes is nothing compared to the chatter about Renee Zellweger’s.


      1. Amelie:
        If you look at picture No. 1 of “Amal Alamuddin was seen wearing a ‘huge ring’ earlier this week – Is she engaged ? 27 April 2014” and picture No. 11 of “Amal and George Clooney attend the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration in Los Angeles 01.10.2016” which are nearly identical, her nose looks identical too. 😉 No, I never said, that weight loss makes a nose appear larger, I think weight loss can make a nose look smaller and shorter due to the loss of substance. Sure, there are many other celebrities which are heavier discussed in the internet than Amal, but this blog here is about Amal and I only wanted to say, that I don’t think she had surgery.


      2. Claudia:
        FYI, the topic of changes in Amal’s appearance has been discussed on multiple sites with before/after pictures and my opinion comes out of the research others have done. Apparently some bloggers are really “in” to this issue! My guess is that both the work on the bridge of her nose and her dental work were done either in early 2013 or just prior to.

        Re: weight loss and its effect on the nose.The only fat in the nose is in the tip; the rest of the nose is cartilage/bone; the nose has very little fat. After weight loss due to the reduction of facial fat, the nose always looks bigger. Only fat dissipates with weight loss.

        Full disclosure, I have an ethnic looking nose myself and would never consider changing it. When I lose weight, my nose always looks larger.

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      1. Dear Jackson, I must apologise for having dared to discuss that Amal Clooney did not have any plastic surgery. How could I behave like that, I am so unworthy.
        You do seem to get upset with comments made about Amal and I am sure the commentators here would prefer to see you happy and cheerful and therefore please let us know, what we should say about Amal Clooney so we can avoid making you miserable. Thank you very much. 🙂


  10. Dear Claudia Remm,
    Sorry but you are in mistake , Amal has a nose job ,it is shorter since this summer ,and surgery for her boobs and she wear and wore the hair extensions .


    1. Hi Leila, I bet Amal uses those gel pads for her boobs and did not have any surgery. As far as the hair extensions are concerned, I don’t think they have anything to do with surgery. 😉


  11. Nose, chest, and ears? Where are these reports coming from? I never heard she had work done on her nose, ears, and chest? Or her teeth. What was wrong with her teeth, ears, nose, and chest?? Are these tabloid reports??


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