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Amal Clooney at Women in the World reception 16.09.2016


Amal Clooney after her visit to the United Nations in New York she headlined a Women In The World reception with Nadia Murad.

Nadia’s Invitiative has been unveiled in New York on Friday, at this event hosted by Women in the World founder and CEO Tina Brown.

The new advocacy organisation, informed by Nadia Murad’s personal experience, will provide long term, holistic approaches to healing traumatized victims of mass atrocities, by developing and supporting field programs in the areas of healthcare, psychosocial support and education for women and children.


More information about Nadia’s initiative here 

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Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

GUCCI dress

Wool silk Web dress
€ 1.500

available here on



Red Round bag



Mirrored pumps


25 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at Women in the World reception 16.09.2016

  1. I’m not a fan of this dress. It hits above the knee, and the fabric doesn’t hang very well. It also feels a bit dated, as if all it needs is a pair of go-go boots and we would all be back in the ’60’s. Sorry Gucci, but I like her other, more recent outfits much better.


  2. Love everything about this look. Chic, modern, sophisticated and suitable for the occasion. Love the shoes. Great to see her out there making a difference.


  3. I am deeply impressed by the pictures.
    AC looks so elegant and beautiful.
    Her styling is definitely perfect from head to toe.
    But in this situation what she does for other woman/humans is more important to me.
    What a woman!

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  4. Everything about this is perfect. Perfect simple classy dress for the occasion. Perfect cream colour that says class and professional. Her makeup and hair are gorgeous!!! Totally approve of this even the earrinngs look fab!

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  5. How does Amal manage the logistics of her wardrobe? Does anyone on this site know any stylists and how these arrangements work? She has three houses in different countries and also is regularly travelling. Just this week from Greek camps, Germany and now New York. Also it’s not that she just wears one or two different designers, she favours lots of designers.

    I can see how this works for premieres and events like the Cannes Festival. It’s now common knowledge that all the actors borrow their gowns and jewels and that designers compete for their favour. Where Amal is different is she is always “styled” for an event. Most of the fashion we see on this blog – is a one-off. Worn for one outing – a work meeting, a restaurant outing, family gathering in Como, and never seen again. However She does often wear the same bag and shoes and I’ve noticed she repeats earrings.

    How does she coordinate having clothes sent to her all over the world? Not just the clothes – but the styling as well. Again, on this blog – I have seen makeup artists/hairdressers instagram that they have professionally styled Amal for an outing from LA Airport to London airport (red leather Versace coat). It must take so much organisation. Sometimes, (again these are comments from people who post on this blog) her choices seem “off” -maybe it’s because these outfits are chosen out of context and so much in advance. How do the designers know what the weather is going to be like on the day she is meeting someone? Or what everyone else will be wearing? Does she go through the collections pick out favourites and then have a stylist transport them from country to country? Also she is so slim – I am sure these clothes must occasionally be taken in to fit her.

    My final question for discussion – is WHY? Why does she beholden herself to all these designers and stylists and make up artists? The Duchess of Cambridge, or Crown Princess Mary – their public roles are also their jobs – but they simple buy a working wardrobe without all this artifice and fuss. It’s not unusual to see Kate Middleton wear 10 year old coat and the same shoes over and over again. Both women have massive wardrobes – but they do wear the same clothes over many years. It just seems so “over the top”. I would love to know what others think.


    1. My questions to you would be: Why do you care about these things when what she is doing, at least in this series of blog posts, is so important?


      1. Jackson that it WHY I am asking the question. Her work is important, yet so much of her time and energy goes into styling herself for work functions as if she is going to a gala event. Her fashion is why we are on this blog – it’s a style blog. We dissect her shoes, bags and clothes and show how much everything cost and who designed it. Let’s not pretend this is a forum to discuss serious political and humanitarian issues.
        She is not a celebrity. She married one. She’s not a member of the royal family. Yet all these appearances are staged as if she were – despite the fact that the issues she is discussing are far too serious for blow outs and red pillbox bags by Dolce Gabbana.


    2. Casual Observer Returned:

      Firstly, I appreciate your question and offer the following as background for my response…

      From my own observation and reading of articles about Amal in multiple media venues, I feel like there are two public messages being sent or personas being fostered with regard to Amal: one is of her role as a human rights lawyer and the other is that of a public person who ‘appears’ to be marketing designer fashion. Please note that I have placed parentheses around the word appears. Perhaps others can provide examples of public figures who present with two equally strong “messages” or personas for lack of a better word, but I can’t think of one. Even George, her husband is known primarily as an actor(not a director or screenwriter) who has an interest in humanitarian concerns. So there is a primary persona and a secondary one, that is cultivated thru use of PR. I mention my perception here to support your request for clarification on her fashion ‘interests’ as I also wonder about the fashion message versus the message of being an advocate for human rights.

      The few TV interviews I have seen don’t include any questions other than ones specific to Amal’s attorney/human rights efforts. Yet, the many print articles focus on the fashion message. Although I am not a PR professional, I have noticed this and I find it confusing….

      So, as I read/hear all of this, I too Casual Observer Returned would find it helpful to have someone address your questions.


      1. You can’t possibly be suggesting that TV news reporters covering her work as a human rights lawyer ask her about her dresses or make up. What is confusing to you? Whoever is doing the reporting is doing it for a reason. I just do not get comments that ask about how people know what the temperature or climate is going to be where ever Amal may be so they know what to send to her (assuming they even do that). They just look it up on the Internet. You type in the city and country and look at the forecast. If a dress needs to be taken in presumably someone or a store has a needle and thread or a sewing machine. We have had two terrorist attacks in the US in the last few days. Amal’s interest in defeating ISIS seems to much more important than her clothing.


      2. My post is actually much broader than what is asked in interviews, but I will respond to your post-Good journalists usually require that no ground rules are set for an interview; the interviewer must be allowed to ask any question. Otherwise the interview could be interpreted as a vehicle for the interviewee to accomplishment some (PR) objective.

        Barbara Walters was a master at interviews. She asked the interviewee about issues from drug addiction to divorce and whatever issues (positive or negative) may have been associated with the celebrity.She also asked about their craft, their work-whatever got the person in the public venue. She in fact interviewed the whole person.

        What I referenced in my post is about two distinct personas concerning Amal in the media. And, I think that I am not the only one who is puzzled over this.


    3. @casual observer
      Great observation, I really like your comment. It puts just the right amount of curiosity and critics on what a role model she wants to present, should prepare answers….and not only verbal ones

      You are a member of her family, right? Is it you Baria?


      1. @Jackson: why does the question of @casual observer irritate you so much? I think it is a relevant question. It feels uncomfortable to see Amal walk around all the time in new, very expensive designer clothes, especially if you consider certain causes. Having said that, I realise that she draws so much attention partly because of the way she looks and dresses. I think designers send her clothing for free. The publicity they get is unpayable. I would feel better though if Amal would act a little more modest in her choice of clothes. It would feel better if she dresses down everytime she takes of her very expensive engagement ring (or is it her wedding ring).


  6. Stunning! Classic, timeless, and pure sophistication. I think, for me, I am going to have to say this is my favorite dress ever! It’s timeless and to the point of “preppy”, which I like. Perfect hair and perfect makeup. Whoever she consulted with for this make up look is ‘spot on’ (in my opinion). She looks sensational. I saw the pics before you posted them and I couldn’t wait for them to go up. Classy Classy Classy! 🙂

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  7. Just a pity she is so expensively dressed and styled while working with Nadia, who has little money and a truly tragic story. Not quite sure what message it sends, but slightly uncomfortable…


  8. Like the shoes, but not with the dress style. To me, they look too heavy and ornate & the black with the navy—what’s that about? Like the dress, very classic style. A little longer, perhaps, would be better for squatting, etc. The red bag just has to go—too contrived.


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