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Amal and George Clooney spotted in Malpensa airport 02.08.2016


Amal and George Clooney spotted in Malpensa Airport leaving Italy.

aeorop2 aeorop3

All pictures via Instagram

31 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted in Malpensa airport 02.08.2016

  1. Hi,

    I have one thought, one question, and one comment.

    Thought: Too bad they did not cross over to Greece would have loved to see them swimming somewhere around here, although where we are at, is not such a celebrity attraction kind of quiet family place.

    Question: Do they approve of this website that is completelly dedicated to Amal Clooney? And to their couple for that matter? I mean I suppose, OK the public speech kind of outtings that serve a purpose, and they themselves want communicated to the public, example meeting with Syrian refugees, meeting with Armenian genocide type of banquet, even movie premieres of course to mention George’s side of the couple. But airport sightings? Dinner outtings? These are private moments and I much doubt they want these shared, anywhere, and as this site is lets say not as cheap as tabloids (although it does quote them more often than I would like to see that), I think they deserve better from this website at least. My question is: Can we stick to the public stuff and no more tabloid references/private moment kind of stuff?

    Comment: Although he is much older, and she is much more reserved shall I say? They do make a fine couple, and I do wish them myself only happiness and a lengthy and healthy marriage as they wish to have it.

    Cheers from Greece, working during my vacation after the kids fall asleep. Looking at pictures of George and Amal during my break…going like ohhhhh and then returning to our mortal realities. Actually mine is really just fine, other than the working at nights during vacation part. But I am working on that.



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    1. I think it’s contradictory of you to express a problem with private moments and then state how you are looking at pictures of them. Leave nati alone- if you don’t like this page, don’t go on it. There are hundreds of other sites and publications that post private moments of celebrities. It’s the way the world
      Is now. Nothing they do in public is private. They are celebrities and that’s how it goes. No need to give a hard time to one particular website for doing something that the entire world in involved in and perpetuates.

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      1. Dear Amanda,

        Never really got along with Amanda’s nothing personal the name we are given sometimes dictates our entire identity, personality included.

        Mine for example, Anna, is very balanced reads both ways, Zen kind of name. Rarely does anything bother me, anything as trivial as an entertainment so to speak sort of site.

        Dearest Amanda, note I am making an effort to be polite, this is a public website free for all to read and comment. I am on vacation so I have say more time, actually less time, but more of a desire say to leave a comment here that otherwise I would not bother to. I am sharing my thought, question and comment with you.

        I would rather all this private sharing moments nonesense business, blinding us, or rather numbing us from the world’s realilities stop. Can I ask the tabloids, kardasians or what have you Instagram followers to stop? Hello no. Can I ask National who seems rather a sweet lady taking an interest at an opportunity that is amal clooney brand, to stop the yellow press kind of posts?

        Freedom of speech last time I checked. The A lady is working on human rights after all. Would you like your face all over the internet or what have you when you cross airport security?

        I would certainly not.

        My best to you. Amanda and all.



      2. George Clooney is a celebrity and when you married him you have to deal with it. Amal also admitted to use her celebrity status to support her causes and uses TV interviews for that. At Cannes festival she was with Money Monster actors on the red carpet.
        The hardest moment for a celebrity is to be forgotten by the press and to becomes invisible.

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    2. I agree with Annamarie. Just because you are a celebrity doesn’t give a person license you stalk you to get a photo. I raised this issue in another entry where photos of George at his hotel door were taken. Nati removed them.

      Amanda and Nati: You seem to have two standards– one for celebrities and one for people like you. You seem to be of the belief that showing respect for celebrities who are having a private dinner is fair game for photographers. Where did this belief come from? You say they should deal with it. How do you suggest they deal with it?


      1. They should deal with it by accepting it as part of their job because it is. You don’t like it, stop looking at it.


      2. Jackson, if you don’t like what is posted on Nati’s blog. Don’t read it. Stop lecturing, leave it to your “Ethics” classes.


      3. Noo hi,
        yes, you’re absolutely right!
        We ve got here Baria, Tala, cousins and the rest of the family, friends and paid help … That, besides the censorship, is why most people stopped following or commenting
        Very unfortunate development 😕


      4. Jackson, TRUST YOURSELF that they do enjoy the exposure they get. Besides, airports , hotel docks and decks are NOT private venues. Amal is VERY aware of the possibility that she will be photographed and she LOVES it and dresses up for it.

        Its is indeed consequences of their jobs career choices, they have to learn how to deal with it.

        Only harassing celebrities children at their schools i think ir i\over the line, but, them going around and about? NO! They get paid more for such exposures and importance.

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      5. MML: Invasion of privacy occurs when there is an intrusion upon a person’s reasonable expectation to be left alone. There are four types of invasion of privacy and invasion of solitude is what occurs at times with Amal and George. Intruding upon another’s solitude or private affairs occurs when someone with a telephoto lens starts taking photos as was clearly the case in one set of photos taken of Amal and George where it is clear from the photo that they are enjoying wine in private (photos where she is wearing a red dress). This is what I am talking about. I regret you have misunderstood this as it is important. I do not know you but I hope this does not ever happen to you and that someone would harshly tell you to “deal with it.”


    3. Lets say…AnnaMarie1978 that you sound like say… need to focus on getting some say writing class so say you stop writing “say” so much ?

      I agree with Amanda, if you not happy here why dont you goy say it somwhere else? Or why dont you say PAY Nati to do a better blog that duits you?? That is a grand idea!

      I am really trying to be polite here.. so i hope you get the hint. Peace and love to you and ENJOY your vacation! Get out of the internet to start living! Just SAYing 🙂


  2. My dear Anna,

    I find it funny/ridiculous that you would say you don’t get along with Amanda’s and then say nothing personal. That’s pretty narrow minded to generalize a name. I inherently disagree with your stereotype that names dictate entire identities- they do, relative to that person. Not in relation to an entire group of people with the same name. That’s ridiculous.

    With that being said, I also find it funny and ridiculous that you mention you are not bothered by the site, yet you clearly are. you are pretty much a hypocrite by saying “freedom of speech” and then mentioning to nati to perhaps “stop the yellow press kinds of posts.” Everything you say is contradictory. Again, if you don’t like the “private” public moments of Celebs, I suggest you stay off entertainment sites.


  3. Anna, why do you want us to know where you are spending your holidays and why are you emphasizing the fact that you are working during your vacation?


  4. Let’s focus on the discussion here. The question is whether it is justified to make pictures of a celebrity like george (and amal) of their private moments and / or publish them in this blog. The fact is that we all love looking at these pictures and that pictures like these are all over the internet. But Anna has a point: sometimes it feels not right. Every person is entitled to some kind of privacy.

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  5. Oh my such a mystery indeed. Picture this you have some free time on your hands, and instead of doing one thousand more creative, beneficial, positive things with this free time of yours, you open your laptop, iPhone, iPad, android what have you, Google amal clooney and get into heated arguments with strangers on the internet. You then Google yourself back in to read the responses. Why do you do that? Why do you opt for this instead of something more “real”. I think it’s something in our brains that opts for the easy way out. It’s like ice cream you know it bad for your thighs but it’s instant satisfaction.

    This is not real, the images we are getting into heated arguments for are not real, in a sense this is not Amal and obviously not George. No amount of alcohol or therapy could help them of it were really them. It is a mask, a maskarade really is what it is for the hungry masses to satisfy the modern urge for celebrity voyerism. You have to admit this is what this is.

    No attack on Nati, I like her site and she is a polite and respectful lady. I am sorry I cannot pay her, oh and no big mystery why I am writing here. I had some free time spoke my mind nothing more to it.

    Actually I am very interested in English literature classes, or short fiction something along those lines. But I am a working middle class mom who is struggling in this brave new world of ours, during an economic and humanitarian crisis.

    And no I dont read tabloids, I read the news, recipes, work stuff, my email and this site. This is why I made this comment intially, I wouldn’t like this to turn into a trashy tabloid. That’s all.

    Have a great rest of summer, be happy and be nice.

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  6. Now that I’ve finished laughing at the idea that George and Amal want/deserve privacy (not enough eye-rolls in the world to cope with such a notion!), here’s my take on the issue raised by Annamarie:

    If a celebrity wants to live a low-key life away from the media, they do it. They don’t encourage intrusion with tabloid interviews, they don’t respond to random idiotic gossip, they don’t flaunt their private life with pap-walks, and we rarely see or hear of them outside of their professional life/obligations. George and Amal Clooney actively invited the world and its dog into their lives from the word ‘go’ and compounded that invitation with their seriously overblown, three-ring circus extravaganza of a ‘look at us!!!’ wedding. And they have continued to welcome everyone in with their subsequent shilling of that coupledom: him with his tequila and self-appointed authority on world affairs-shilling, and her with her designer duds and ‘human rights’ shilling.

    They both plainly adore attention and, in a just world, they should be paying Nati for the fantastic service she’s doing for them.

    So, in conclusion, Annamarie, you’re talking a load of nonsense and should use that spare time of yours to read up on the Clooneys instead of pompously finger-wagging at Nati.

    PS. Nati, while I’m not much of a fan of the Clooneys, I do enjoy the ‘style’ aspect and think you do a sterling job. 🙂

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  7. It is time to move on. This is sounding like people defending Donald Trump. I was very clear about what specific photo I was referring to regarding invasion of solitude, one of the types of invasion of privacy. As an academic what Wikipedia says is irrelevant. Time to move on for everyone.


  8. My take is if you are out in a public domain, be prepared for it. There is no true privacy….ever! And I do agree with the other poster who said they court attention. They can’t have it both ways. I don’t feel the least bit guilty looking at photos of them dining, at the airport, on a plane.

    Saying that, there are some TYPES of photos that are truly rude and should not be allowed. For instance, maybe George sleeping on a plane with his mouth open and dribbling. Or Amal blowing her nose. LOL…I say that in all seriousness. Or pictures where they are at a private home, and some telephoto lens catches them…that’s invasive.

    when they want privacy, we don’t see them for days or weeks, correct?

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