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Amal and George Clooney at Annual George Clooney Darfur Fundraiser 31.07.2016

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George and Amal Clooney pictured entertaining guests and friends during his Annual George Clooney Darfur Fundraiser held at the Villa Camilla  in Lake Como, Italy.


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Style Files

Amal Clooney wore an ivory fringed dress


Ivory tassel dress, circa 1960

was available here 

100685_01 100685_02 100685_03

with metallic sandals by MARCHESA

Antique Gold Nappa Clara Sandal

$ 1,295.00

available here


With big thanks to Lila H. we have an ID for the cuff :


Faceted Rock Crystal Cuff

Price: $295.00

available here


with a clutch by

Pochette boîtier métallisée Margo Crinkle


was available here on Net-à-Porter

379825_bk_pp 379825_fr_pp 379825_e1_pp 379825_ou_pp


37127B1A00000578-3733431-image-a-2_1470846926417 3712746500000578-3733431-image-a-21_1470847358376 3712781B00000578-3733431-image-a-1_1470849127567 3712750D00000578-3733431-image-a-169_1470844893039 37127B1200000578-3733431-image-a-32_1470847908135 3712784700000578-3733431-image-m-20_1470847321582 371277E600000578-3733431-image-m-25_1470847566506 371275C100000578-3733431-image-m-17_1470847254165 371278B600000578-3733431-image-m-14_1470847161505 3712788600000578-3733431-image-a-11_1470847021520 (1) 3712783A00000578-3733431-image-m-31_1470847854769 371275CA00000578-3733431-image-m-10_1470847010266 37127B2E00000578-3733431-image-a-165_1470844693076 37127B2A00000578-3733431-image-a-164_1470844647881 371277F000000578-3733431-image-m-28_1470847816917 371273A100000578-3733431-image-a-160_1470844473262 3712736E00000578-3733431-image-m-159_1470844463702 371274D800000578-3733431-image-a-153_1470844390128 37127AE200000578-3733431-image-m-151_1470844285016 3712235600000578-3733431-image-a-152_1470844291741 371278A100000578-3733431-image-a-137_1470844186383 3712773700000578-3733431-image-a-167_1470844711872 371277A400000578-3733431-image-m-135_1470844061620 3712779000000578-3733431-image-a-136_1470844066692 3712771F00000578-3733431-image-a-127_1470844030817 371278FF00000578-3733431-image-m-125_1470844019899 371278FB00000578-3733431-image-a-126_1470844025001 3712746100000578-3733431-image-a-171_1470844952274 37127B3600000578-3733431-image-a-115_1470843794256 37127B7A00000578-3733431-image-a-117_1470843801089 37127B3E00000578-3733431-image-a-114_1470843785790 37127B4C00000578-3733431-image-m-113_1470843773867 37127B6200000578-3733431-image-a-107_1470843758337 37127B1E00000578-3733431-image-a-106_1470843604350 3712744500000578-0-image-a-84_1470843319611 3712747500000578-0-image-m-83_1470843310800 3712744D00000578-0-image-a-71_1470843195521 3712746900000578-3733431-image-m-103_1470843565042 37127BBA00000578-3733431-image-a-104_1470843571143 3712747D00000578-0-image-a-69_1470843189605 3712743100000578-3733431-The_perfect_hosts_George_Clooney_had_his_stunning_wife_by_his_si-a-162_1470844610061 (1)

Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-31-27 (1) Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-31-17 Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-29-45 Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-34-21 Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-29-01 Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-28-39 Screenshot_2016-08-04-06-35-35





XPOSURE_G_Clooney_Amal_E-36 XPOSURE_G_Clooney_Amal_E-37

105438750_31_July_2016_-_Lake_Como_-_Italy__STRICT_WEB_EMBARGO_UNTIL_1645_GMT_11_AUGUST_2016__PREMIU-xlarge_trans++Imq0gSBkzcH_-jHFXstKOJm2-JKMbuyf7Lrq5MNf1wo amal-clooney-7c6842d2-9a75-4923-a9d7-2a56c9204f13

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51 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at Annual George Clooney Darfur Fundraiser 31.07.2016

  1. Why does she always wear her hair in the exact same style but her choices in clothes range from matronly to juvenile?


    1. I assume she wears her hair this way because she likes to.
      I love her selection of clothes. She has that enviable figure that allows her to wear every style.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Enviable figure is a very subjective matter. As your many posts reflect, you espouse objectivity is your strength. Interesting.


    2. Dear Curious George,

      Firstly your comments are harsh and I believe that celebrities deserve the same social nice tutors that a person in our direct presence would. It is our comments that reflect more about our etiquette then another’s deficiencies.
      Secondly, to answer your question about her differing styles of dressing the answer is this, many women are multi dimensional and their dress reflects this. I myself dress at times very conservatively if I’m doing traditional real estate business. I dress chic grudge wearing knee torn jeans and a cashmere sweater when I’m project managing a remodel project. I dress sexy but classy when going out with my affluent handsome boyfriend. I dress sporty granola when hanging with my Alaskan friends outdoors.
      Thirdly, to address your comment on hairstyle, often the thick texture of many Arabian or Middle Eastern women does not easily allow for many hairstyles. Amal has several different hairstyles we have enjoyed seeing, though we may see one style more often.,The weight of such lovely thick hair will simply not work for some hairstyles. I have thick long hair and chose to wear my hair the way I believe it to most beautiful. Perhaps we can allow women to wear their hair as they chose?

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I love that she’s usually not fussy with her hair or makeup. Fashion I suppose in the eye of the beholder, but IMO she’s stylish and chic and I can’t wait to see what she wears next

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed that good style and taste is in the eye of the beholder. But wholeheartedly do not agree that Amal is not fussy with her hair and makeup.


    4. Well, I have to admit I wear mi e the same way most of the time. She does have gorgeous hair. But I agree it would be fun to see her put it in a ponytail or high bun or something more often.


    5. @H A very, very well-thought out and intelligent response. Reminder to self: reduce all fashion-related inquires on a fashion blog to a non-answer. Let’s not forget: Leave a rational, productive and on-topic discussion off the table.


      1. Yes, but I would get tired of seeing her in the same dress for multiple occasions. He needs to mix it up a little….but not with the Dad jeans. Honestly, when I think of what he wears it’s that Casamigos tshirt and awful jeans, Oh no, wait, there are going to dinner so he’ll throw on that dark grey jacket. And this blue summer suit.

        She really is a gorgeous woman.


  2. This dress reminds me of the one she wore the party night following her wedding ceremony (seen in People Magazine). Am I right, Nati? I’ve tried to find photos of the event without success…Anyway, I’m sure she was gorgeous in the dress.


  3. We’ve seen Amal in a multitude of different colours white……and all the shades of the rainbow and she always looks stunning! Most of all…it is lovely to see the amazing chemistry between her and George. It is definitely special between these two…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely photos Nati… good to see the fun and great chemestry between them.

    Love the dress but have to agree with some comentators that the shoes DEFINITELY are over the top…. some more discrete and less detailed sandles would had made it better…me think.

    But.. again.. it is Amal.. the fashion rule breaker 🙂


  5. No doubt, George is a stunning and handsome looking man with grey/white/salt-n-pepper color hair. BUT, so many times I’ve seen him come off of a movie shoot where they dyed his hair for the role….and he look’s so young and cute….and his hair looks natural and great. With a beauty like Amal, I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to look a little younger for a little bit longer for a younger woman like Amal. Yes, he looks great with silver/white hair, but he’s looking very old. Especially in these pictures. He’s a sweetheart, but I wonder if Amal ever gets bored with the Casa Amigos faded black tee, the double wide leg Levi jeans, the powder blue suit, the barber shop smock shirts, the suede nubuck loafers, and the routines. She’s too beautiful not to be a mom and to have that experience and it appears he has no interest in having children while in his 50’s. She can be a working mom if she wants to be. George is looking very old & tired these days compared to Amal.


    1. I am sorry but I fail to see the relation beween being beautifull and becoming a mom. Find the remark itself harsh, insensitive even insulting towards a lot of women.


      1. Lois- I agree. Maybe Amal does not want to be a mom and we have no idea/knowledge about whether George wants or does not want a child. Lots of people choose not to have children. Always their choice and a private one at that.


      2. No disrespect to Jackson, but i agree with Lois… we need to stop eternizing youth as if it was the most important thing that bonds people toguether. IUn reality it is absolultelly not the case. Women are smart enough to see more than just physical “perfections” . I really dont see all this old that some are seeing in George… come one, he could still have millions of women at his call if he wished. Look at Amals life…. so wonderfulrfully rich and full of excitement! Whow cares if he is 10 years younger than her or a bit more? He is in great shape, he looks great and i doubt Amal gives a thought if he is not always dressed up like many wishes. She knows very well he is worht so much beyond his looks and his looks are fine fine. He will look very handsome until he is 100…. just like Paul Newman, Robert Redford.. etc. I think this demand of eternal youth comming form women , mostly is very deceiving and sends us back in track. It is time for women to stop being so demanding… because man, BTW are not that demanding… we are! So lets just stop this eternal yourth nonsense. Also… yes… maternity is not mandatory. Lets not place that as a must. Not all of us need to breed our DNA. Lets just be more tolerant and see beyond the conditioned box.

        Sorry for typos… in a bit hurry here:)

        Have a great day everyone! The most important mission of women is to perpetuate love, not youth.<3


      3. I just think he looks cute either way; silver/white and also brown haired. He’s cute either way, but especially cute with brown hair. Just my opinion. And no harsh intent, I just look at them both as a couple, a cute couple, and think how cute their kids would be if they had some. They’re such good people who would have great children. Even Amal has voiced that her mother mentions the same thing. Afterall, who would not be happy to hear that news, Lois??!! Much in the same way that people anticipated with joy if and when William & Kate would have kids. I also think how good of a mom she would be. No intent to be insensitive or insulting towards other women. FYI. And we all know how Jackson is always looking for a “cat fight” whenever possible. We’ve all been a victim of her wrath at some point til she got pounced by someone on this blog who finally put her in her place! 🙂 But nonetheless, I AM STILL ROOTING FOR AMAL TO HAVE CHILDREN. SHE WOULD BE A WONDERFUL MOM. 🙂 LOVE AMAL AND GEORGE! I have followed this blog from day 1 (literally!) when Nati created this awesome blog. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK NATI! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. @Nadia/Jaclyn: I don’t understand why you’re talking about Jackson here when Jackson’s comment was in agreement with Lois! 😛

        I agree with Lois as well. We have no idea if Amal wants or doesn’t want children or if maybe she can’t have any, maybe she doesn’t like kids, who knows.


      5. Jaclyn, if Amal & GC wish to have children, may their wish come true. If they will not it is fine by me as well. However I feel compassion for those people who want children, but cann’t have them, for what ever reason! I just don’t like the correlation between being a beautifull woman and deserving to be a mom. This is extremely hurtfull to a lot of our sisters. I also agree with Nadia here, the focus nowadays on the exterior ‘ beauty’ should not be our soul purpose nor should it be money. One of the reasons I appreciate and respect Nati, is the fact that she is Not getting herself paid for all her work here. She found a passion which she follows and hopefully it brings her fulfillment & happiness!


  6. Amal has never said she wanted children she may not want any ,could be very content with her nieces and nephews. I am sure she knows how George feels about children. Not every couple wants or needs children. Amal and George have family and friends with children so no lack of children in their lives.

    George is George he has said he does not cover the grey and doesn’t mind it. I’m sure Amal is smart enough to know that looks are only skin deep and that George is a wonderful man gray hair and all. I think she married him as he is and loves him just as he is.


  7. Jaclyn- I respect what you say but how do you know that Amal WOULD BE A WONDERFUL MOM? (I am quoting you here. That would be like me saying you would be a wonderful mom and I don’t even know you.


  8. Really appreciate all the new (better) photos, as well as dress & jewelry ID. Still love the look, but—I can’t help myself—did anyone else notice the long fringe pieces hanging below the hemline? Yikes! Made me want to get out my scissors–but guess that’s not an option with vintage!


  9. This is about Darfur, that conflict area right? Is it only me who thinks this whole thing unsettling and absurd…even eerie?

    Rich and beautiful people dressed in fairy tale dress enjoying champagne at such a idyllic setting with beautiful music discussing how much they can spare for that poor genocide victims in Darfur.. How do they even have conversation without any hint of self doubt..? ” Hey, I know, it’s really terrible out there, that genocide. everybody is raped if not killed…so sad…my heart and prayer and some money go to them..oh well, now, first let’s have a toast and have some fun shall we?”

    This just looks like another board game or some sort that super rich can enjoy while feeling important and noble..and beautiful and sexy at the same time… I don’t want our children to think this is the role model of doing good to the world…


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