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Amal and George Clooney in Portofino, Italy 24.07.2016


Amal and George Clooney spend some days in Portofino, italy. They arrived in their Fiat 500 Abarth and took the Dolce Vita suite at the Hotel Splendido.

Style Files :

Here Amal Clooney wore her

STELLA MCCARTNEY long lace dress

stella-mccartney-red-lace-hem-dress-product-1-20407941-3-890026299-normal_large_flex (1) stella-mccartney-red-lace-hem-dress-product-1-20407941-1-890026004-normal_large_flex (1)  stella-mccartney-red-lace-hem-dress-product-1-20407941-2-890026031-normal_large_flex (1)

with black sunglasses.

079f57a19a20fb60f2ead67d5bf531f1 amalgeorge2--a amalgeorge3--a amal-george-italy-26jul16-08 amal-george-italy-26jul16-09 b7143355b41f1dd0622aa79862816b11 ffeafd4fb65b08ac2a70b6f0eae59cbb

079f57a19a20fb60f2ead67d5bf531f1 ubumktsLLeI

Pictures ASM-GSI / Laney Gossip

Some pictures of the Dolce Vita suite via Il Secolo XIX.

13 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney in Portofino, Italy 24.07.2016

  1. Portofino is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I absolutely love hydrangeas. Whilst Amal may be interested in a fashion line or some other facet of the industry, does she always have to overdress for the simplest of occasions? I mean, they are supposed to be alone on vacation. Or is she calling photographers so as to display her fashion choices? For once, I wish she’d just relax and enjoy the company of her husband and the stunning surroundings.


  2. Amal enjoys dressing up which many women do. I am sure she is enjoying her time with George they look very happy. I also think George loves how she dresses he has said she has great style.
    If she is happy what does it matter what she wears he wears what he likes and she wears what she likes . If I were there I would dress up too what a beautiful place why dress down nothing she is wearing looks uncomfortable.


  3. These sunglasses look “new”. Do you have an ID on them. In some photos the temple looks beige and in one photo it looks darker. I like them either way.

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  4. You guys…I ate at La Terrazza this weekend in Portofino!! It was amazing and EXPENSIVE! Ha…125 euros for lunch! Totally for George and Amal’s wallet but not mine. was amazing and the food was incredible. !!!!

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