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Amal Clooney to keynote Wings Luncheon benefiting New Friends New Life on April 14th 2016 in Dallas

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New Friends New Life announces that Amal Clooney will headline its 13th Annual WINGS Luncheon on Thursday, April 14, 2016, at the Hilton Anatole Dallas. She and her husband, famed actor and director, George Clooney, share a passion for philanthropic work with a focus on protecting human rights. This will be her first trip to Dallas.

The Honorable Jeanne Johnson Phillips will serve as luncheon chair for the second year in a row. Honorary Co-Chairs the former First Lady Laura Bush and Ruth Altshuler, also in their second year with the WINGS Luncheon, are joined this year by Caren Prothro and Annette Simmons as well as Board Chair Nancy Ann Hunt.

“As a human rights activist on a global scale, Amal Clooney is a perfect voice to advocate against a crime that is happening in our own backyard,” said Jeanne Johnson Phillips. “The subject of sex trafficking and the sex industry as a whole were rarely spoken of just a few years ago, but thanks to the incredible work of organizations like New Friends New Life and a corporate community that is willing to step forward with funding, we are making huge strides to end human trafficking in Dallas and throughout Texas and empower its survivors. Clooney’s knowledge, experience, and presentation will help us educate the community and send a strong message that Dallas is a no tolerance zone for human trafficking as we strive to protect our children, an estimated 400 teens on the streets each night – the most vulnerable targets of human traffickers.”

A Lebanese-British barrister, human rights activist, philanthropist, and author, Amal Clooney’s long and accomplished career in the fields of international law and human rights has won her international acclaim. Her recent work as of 2015 has been in the field of advocating for the protection of women against physical and sexual violence in combat zones.

“New Friends New Life is elated to bring Clooney to Dallas for so many reasons,” said New Friends New Life Chief Executive Officer Katie Pedigo. “She shares the organization’s passion to help women and children escape physical and sexual abuse, and her perspective, insight and international acclaim, along with her wide appeal to the public, will help us create an even greater awareness of this worldwide epidemic. Without question, this will enable us to raise more dollars to combat human trafficking in the Dallas area and throughout our state and nation.”

Serving more than 1,200 women and children annually, New Friends New Life provides holistic services for sexually exploited girls, women, and their children including access to education, job training, interim financial assistance, mental health and spiritual support. By partnering with law enforcement, corporate sponsors, community organizations and individual donors and volunteers, New Friends New Life helps to provide legal assistance, medical services, budget counseling, job-readiness training, and educational opportunities. The nonprofit’s High Risk and Trafficked Teen Girls Program offers sexual abuse recovery groups for adolescents, teaching girls, ages 12 to 17, how to define, recognize, and ultimately recover from abuse. The program is an intervention and prevention effort to help girls avoid a lifetime of exploitation as human trafficking victims.

Past WINGS luncheon speakers have included Kevin Costner, Sally Field, Barbara P. Bush, Nicholas Sparks, and Harriet Miers.

Sponsorships are available, ranging from $2,000 to $100,000. Contact Kelly Cruse at or (214) 965-0935 for more information.

Source New Friends New Life

a video about the event

21 thoughts on “Amal Clooney to keynote Wings Luncheon benefiting New Friends New Life on April 14th 2016 in Dallas

  1. So I’m
    Going to get a lot of heat for making this comment but I have a very strong hunch that the author of this blog is Someone closely related to Amal, someone hired by her PR team, or even Amal herself. Does no one find it odd that she posts pictures of Amal that many of us cannot find through regular search engines online? And how does she come up with ID’s on ALL outfits so quickly? Always quick to defend Amal, screening and selecting those posts she deems appropriate especially as many who have posted have stated that their specific comments have not
    Been posted because of some harsh critique here . Just something to ponder ladies.and gentlemen. Let’s see if this comment posts. Hmm…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. And even better if nat was!!! That means we can get the information we want on her clothes faster and more accurately haha! I don’t think nat is related but I’m sure people contact nat frequently from amals world- right nat? Because u did know online shopping sites Amal goes to or info about her relatives before 😉


    1. hmm. This is a blog. That was created by someone – and owned by someone. Not Amal. Or anyone connected to her. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would think this. It is also a fan blog. Those who own blogs are free to determine what is and is not published on the blog they have proprietary rights to. And given that it is a fan blog, it only makes sense that the author would not necessarily want to publish harshly critical posts. I can say if it were my blog there would be quite a few posts that never saw the light of day 🙂 In the end my question is always this – why would anyone who is interested in writing harshly critical comments about someone who is a stranger to them be at all interested in hanging around on a fan blog?


  2. I’m happy for Amal, but is she really an expert on sex trafficking for this Dallas trip? Or is she just being “used” (fame) to bring attention to their cause. Maybe ESR could weigh in on this…is this Amal’s area of expertise. Why all the speaking events? Is it fame? Is it area of expertise? Qualified? All of the above have become a blur. I’m just trying to understand. This write-up is pretty flowery. What does her husband, philanthropy, have to do with sex trafficking?? And does Amal’s expertise fall under this umbrella that she has always practiced in? I’m a bit confused where she comes in the picture for all of this. This organization seems a bit $$$$$ hungry.

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    1. Jaclyn – I am not an expert, but I did scan her Doughty Street CV again. There is nothing per se on sexual trafficking of this nature – an issue which cuts across many issues such as human trafficking, 21st century slavery, and sexual violence toward women in the sex industry. But it is quite a specific issue, on which I am sure there are many highly qualified US lawyers with particular expertise.

      Having said that, AC does have some general knowledge here…I suppose sex trafficking comes under international criminal law, which is something AC has experience with, and I suppose her work on sexual violence in conflict zones is relevant in the sense that it involves sexual violence toward women. But it is a stretch. Would they have invited a British junior barrister with a tenuous legal connection to the issue to speak on the issue were she not married to GC? No. But AC will not doubt bring a lot of publicity to the cause and would no doubt have something interesting to say, which is why she has the gig.

      Also, whilst I was on her CV page, I noticed she has changed her languages. Arabic is now (conversational), whereas before she had not specified her level of proficiency. Which means my earlier comments about her probably being able to speak Lebanese dialect but not MSA were about right. And this also answers some posters comments on her language skills.

      On the subject of Nati – I respect her a great deal. I am not hugely popular on this blog, some posters think I am overly critical of Amal. That’s fine, they are entitled to their views. Nati has always published my comments – probably because I refrain from ad hominem attacks or comments on her appearance. To comment in such a way is not helpful nor constructive and no individual deserves that, even if they are in the public eye. So if Nati is censoring such comments, she is right to do so.

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      1. ESR – a lot of People are looking forwar to comments. Critical Points of view must be allowed. You never critizised in a nasty way. These People should shut up, but I am e.g. always happy, when I see, that you commented. My husband and son both studied law but here in Germany, so for me it is very interesting, what you comment.

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      2. ESR amal does speak MSA

        Click to access Arabic_Version_of_Press_Statement_260215.pdf

        If you were Arabic you will understand why I’m so confident she does . Compare the two versions .
        I also read about the case in Alyawm or Alhyat not sure it was an interview with Marwa (Fahmy’s wife ) she said that Amal did visited Egypt more than once and she did attended meeting with him . Also Marwa said Amal was engaged with the Case almost from the beginning . I’m writing this info bc an earlier comment i wrote

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    2. To follow-up on your and others’ comments regarding Amal’s participation in this fundraiser. I am an American and have read commentary from barristers in the U.K. about Amal’s career. After having viewed the U.K. TV series “Silk” I think I understand their observations that Amal is a junior barrister (in the U.S. we call them associates) and as such cannot be considered an expert. That is not to diminish the work, she like other beginners, are doing to establish themselves in the legal profession, but it puts things into their proper perspective. And, it begs the (legitimate) question of why she was invited on this panel.


  3. I’m not completely “sold” on this organization. It appears to be a list of “who’s who” of wealthy women raising $$$$$ at a fancy luncheon and awareness to a problem I never heard of in Texas. Money that probably 80% goes to it’s top chairs salaries. Look at the wounded warrior project and others. Whoever wrote this announcement sure likes to impress with “titles”, and prestige throughout. Sounds like a high class event to me. Is Amal invited for her expertise, or is this event intended to bring a high profile person in to bring a certain clientele to the event to raise funds. No doubt….Amal was not FREE. And I am sure they paid her round trip ticket. This looks like a hoyty toyty event. Why is Amal suddenly on a “speaking tour event”? I thought she was a prominent lawyer who is actively practicing in the courtroom. She’s definitely not a trained speaker, nor experienced. She’s extremely awkward, almost to the point of uncomfortable at speaking events. It’s just not her forte. It’s not her gift. which makes her less convincing and not a natural. She’s much more comfortable in a courtroom setting, as she should be. She should stick to her strengths and build upon them. She’s all over the place: celeb glam, to the face of designers, to attorney, to hanging out with Anna Wintour, etc. When Amal feels uncomfortable and awkward, it definitely always shows. She’s a natural only in the presence of the court.

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    1. I would disagree that she is a natural in the courtroom. Amal is an excellent drafter. At the bar, she does not have a reputation for her advocacy. A good courtroom advocate is an excellent public speaker. An excellent public speaker is as comfortable in a court room (well, no one is comfortable in a court room, it’s about pretending you are), as they are speaking at a charity event, as they are giving a speech at a wedding. Anyone who saw her performance at the ECtHR would agree that her strengths are in drafting and not in advocacy. There is nothing wrong with that, many fine barristers have such a skill set. But advocacy can be improved by experience, I am sure her public speaking will improve with time.

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