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Amal Clooney in Versace and Oscar de La Renta for the meeting with Angela Merkel 12.02.2016


George and Amal Clooney had a private meeting today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the crisis in Syria and Europe’s efforts to help refugees.

Amal and George Clooney were accompanied by David Miliband, the former British foreign secretary who now heads the aid group International Rescue Committee.

“We (…) talked about the responsibilities of all states, not just European states but states around the world to deal with what is a global problem, not just a Syrian problem or a German issue,” Miliband told The Associated Press after the 40-minute meeting at Merkel’s office.

“It’s very clear that Mrs Merkel has been showing very strong leadership and example not just to Europe but globally,” he added. “We wanted to hear from her and support what she’s doing.”

Via The Associated Press

Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a long coat


from the Pre-Fall 2015/2016 collection


with a sweater by


Pre-Fall 2016 collection

Contrast Cuff Pullover

    Back self-tie
    Material: wool knit
    Color: camel/black
    Made in Italy

rentacontrastsweater rentacontrastsweater2 rentacontrastsweater3 ddc043c52c6c3f4bdf3ecf746509c7c6

A skirt by


Pre-Fall 2016

A-Line Skirt

    Back zip
    Material: 100% virgin wool
    Color: black
    Made in Italy



with her

 DIOR Bar bag



Amal’s pumps are by


EMMA Pump Leopard Hair Calf


available here

2 inch (50mm) block heel pump, hair calf upper, leather lining and insole, leather outsole with rubber insert.

 2016-02-16 15.02.53

Emma_Chocolate_Side_large (1) Emma_Chocolate-Leopard_Top_large

A short video


311EE51F00000578-3443821-image-a-13_1455275729191 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-06-28 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-05-48 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-05-15 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-05-03 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-04-54 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-04-19 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-03-48 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-03-24 Screenshot_2016-02-13-07-59-47 Screenshot_2016-02-13-07-59-25 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-06-46 Screenshot_2016-02-13-08-06-19




Pictures via Twitter feed /Instagram

29 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Versace and Oscar de La Renta for the meeting with Angela Merkel 12.02.2016

  1. I think it’s spectacular what they are doing, but George doesn’t even reach out to his fellow Americans and the impoverished youth in America. Nor have I heard of any reports of he & Amal reaching out to the less fortunate in London. England. Maybe they should start there. Then take on the problems of the world. Maybe Amal & George should adopt a refugee family. Take care of them & give them a better life with their wealthy influence.
    Aside from that, I do like Amal’s camel color turtleneck. I like her in simple, classic, & timeless pieces. Nice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jacklyn: People make their own choices about whom and what to support and I am respectful of that. This sounds like your agenda and I think it would be just great if you did what you believe they should be doing.


      1. Mam, I actually do. Jackson, I just ran the New York City Marathon, (that is 26.2 miles of running) and raised over $5,000 dollars and donated it to a children’s organization; impoverished youth. That was in November. And annually, for the past 8 years. I run in the Shamrock Marathon in March and raise over $3,000 dollars every year for Mitochondrial disease, children who cannot walk or talk. I am their legs and I am their voice. There is no cure for such a disease. Currently, I am finalizing my paperwork this month to AGAIN, run in the New York City Marathon, this Nov. 2016 to raise $$$$ for impoverished youth. All charities of which I am passionate about. And that’s not all, in between NYC & Shamrock, I race every weekend and run and raise $$$$ for children’s charities. I was just in Florida Dec. 26 to run and raise $$$$ for a youth high school charity. The list goes on. God willing I will be running in the London Marathon in 2017 at which I will do the same. Boston 2018 is in my sights to do the same. So thanks for your suggestion mam, but it’s something I am already doing. And for the record, Jackson, if this is something I am doing with a humble income…….imagine what I would do if I was worth millions! My influence & possibilities would be endless.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I practice what I preach Jackson. My “agenda” and my life is always and has always been rooted around charitable causes. My eyes, ears, and voice is highly attentive of that which helps to serve others. My passion is always driven by where and when I can help others. Children, elderly, the disabled and more. Jackson, I’m a philanthropist and need no nudging by others/strangers, like yourself to “go out and do something”. I have never “Not” been doing something. Deep feelings are always operative in my life to “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Positive influence is always power. Positive actions are always power. My life is fulfilled daily. I’m always instrumental in doing good in the world.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I’m not sure why I can’t reply to Jaclyn directly…but Jackson, I agree with you. Ms. Jaclyn…as we say in America, “you need to get over yourself!”. Why do you feel the need to come onto a blog about an accomplished person and her fashion…and go on and on about your own accomplishments? who do you think cares?!


  2. Beautiful top and skirt! I couldn’t do it though, I couldn’t bring myself to spent $1,000 on a top and $1,400 on a skirt. I would feel guilty spending this much on 2 pieces of clothing. Not to make designers richer than they already are and not when I could use the money for the good of a charity. I would spend about $150 tops for a sweater and a reluctant $100 for a skirt. By no means am I frugal, but I would never feel the need to dress daily in $14,000 worth of clothing and accessories. You are beautiful by what you do and how you act, not by what you wear or how much you spend. Or what designer you are wearing. Amal is gorgeous. She could wear J. Crew, Gap, Nordstrom and she would be just as beautiful. She would make such a statement by staying away from the haute couture high end fashion labels. She’s beautiful, but it can be a bit stuffy and “superior” when she’s always perfect from head to toe. I’d like to see them support things in London and America for starters.

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  3. I love all that she is wearing. I find Versace a bit flashy and in your face but the coat is beautiful. Every piece is timeless and my mother would approve!

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    1. Jacklyn and Fay: I am amazed at how judgmental you are with regard to the choices in clothing Amal wears even to the point of telling her where to shop and commenting on her manners. Manners are how a person behaves toward others. How on earth do you know from the photo how she behaves with other people based on an outfit you see in the photo?


      1. Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. You continue to humor me with your judgement. Fay, are you laughing too? I am. This is a classic example of “the pot calling the kettle black”. Relax Jackson, settle down, don’t get your blood pressure up. I’m laughing at your silly silly comment….and you might want to do the same. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Completely your own imagination. My, what a web one can weave. HaHaHaHa

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  4. Stripes are IN! Nati, how cute is the grey, purple, black stripe dress Amal is wearing! Do you have an ID yet? On trend with this cute style! I actually like it with the black sheer tights! Very complimentary ensemble! 🙂

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  5. Jackson. I apologise I did not mean to offend. I do not write on Internet much. My use of words may have been inappropriate.
    What I should have said is that her dress style was very extravagant totalling many thousands of dollars. Amal and her husband were due to visit a shelter only a few miles away where nearly 2000 refugees try to live. This part of the trip was cancelled. Instead a handful were bought to an office for a meeting. I wonder if this might be because Amal was wearing more on her back that morning than whole families have in their possession. I am sorry again that you saw this as bad manners only. I see it as abhorrent and hugely disrespectful of the position these poor people find themselves in. I can only hope that as Amal changed into yet another coat for the trip home that she left the other 2 coats with that lady and her daughter. It’s very cold in Germany and refugees are ill prepared.

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  6. I love this outfit, it is elegant and looks easy to wear. Perfect for such a meeting. The cost should not be a concern to anyone except for the person wearing the clothes and in this case I doubt there is a financial issue.
    Jaclyn,you are obviously passionate about what you do and make an amazing contribution to society,but others including George and Amal should not be thought of as doing any less just because their interest lies elsewhere, nor should their choices be directed to them by others.

    We need to respect that not everyone has the same agenda as we do( in my case animal welfare) and be grateful that they are tackling other equally worthy causes. No negative dissection required. Global issues are just as important as local ones and should only be applauded.

    I do however really appreciate all you do for your charities and think you are a role model and inspiration for others who share your passion. It is only when we have passion that we are living to our full potential. 👍😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rosa, I was merely responding to another blogger, hence the reason for mentioning my charities. Otherwise, it would not have been mentioned. Thanks. 🙂


  7. So, if the rich and famous must wear chain store clothes will there be a market for haute couture and if you who support Amal (and all like her to) wear ordinary clothes and you have killed high fashion (and all similar high end creative production) will you then be happy? Or when we all wear the same stuff will you then be happy? Do you know that statistics show that for every US$ 1 raised by charity one cent reaches the end target? Puts you thousands of US$ raised in new perspective Jaclyn …


    1. Thank you, Jacky, but you are completely wrong on this, I must say, in regard to my US dollars and charity. You see, I do my complete homework on charities PRIOR to raising money for them. And ONLY support those of whom give 100%. Meaning 100% of the donation is given to the cause. Enough said. 🙂


  8. I am sorry but as a German this meeting really disturbs me: it is nothing but PR for all parties involved. If anyone of the participants was serious about the issue they would have attended the security conference that was taking place simultaneously in Munich. I cannot believe that our chancellor actually prefers to meet with two Hollywood stars rather than attending an important meeting where influential politicians and diplomats from all over the world are discussing the same issues. Merkel´s popularity is decreasing by the day, she needed some publicity. And if George and Amal were serious about the issue they would address it in the US or at the United Nations. As we were able to witness during the last couple of weeks they surely know many people with a lot of power and influence. And if they wanted to help Syrian refugees they would try to convince the American government to invite more of them. From a European perspective it is very hard to understand why a country that is at least partially responsible for the political instability in the Middle East takes so little refugees from this area.


    1. Dear Corastella, George Clooney is an actor but an humanitarian activist too and Amal Clooney is an accomplished human right lawyer. They don’t represent the past errors of US and GB with the Irak’s invasion. They are private persons and have the right to support others in the need. Angela Merkel is more humanitarian than some other European countries chiefs. When I see bombed MSF hospitals or Turkey bombing the Kurds in Syria to get political power, you can imagine that the end of this war is quite far.


      1. Dear Nati,
        i know. But bombed MSF hospitals, Turkey´s war on the Kurds and the millions of refugees escaping the war zone should all be reasons for attending the conference and not against it. This issue is way too serious and urgent to use it for publicity: Merkel (still) is the most powerful politician in continental Europe these days, so in my humble opinion she should have attended this conference to discuss the matter with Kerry, Lawrow and other international diplomats rather than with George and Amal.
        And if George and Amal really want to help, they could use some of their contacts in the US or visit refugee camps to raise awareness of how the conditions are like for refugees in Turkey, Libanon etc. Visiting Merkel for pictures while being in the city for a movie premiere seems a little shallow to me. Sorry.


  9. Amal Admirer, I was merely responding to another blogger’s statement. Hence, the reason for mentioning my charities in the 1st place. Otherwise, there would be no significance of mentioning it. Thanks. 🙂


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