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Amal Clooney dazzles in Yves Saint Laurent Vintage at Berlinale International Film Festival 11.02.2016


Wow ! Amal and George Clooney were on the  red carpet in Berlin for the Hail, Caesar! premiere at the opening ceremony of the 66th Berlinale International Film Festival.

Amal Clooney dazzled in a stunning-gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Vintage dress of 1981, a floor-length gown covered in sequins with a sheer tulle overlay with a ruffled hem. She paired her gown with statement diamond earrings.

This dress is featured with other iconic pieces in 25 Dresses book by William Bank-Blaney, William Vintage founder.

He added :

“Amal has wonderful taste and chose the dress personally. I was delighted to see such a superb William Vintage discovery come alive on the red carpet.”



Vintage 1981


William Vintage 

IMG_0391_z IMG_0400_z IMG_0409_z IMG_0415_z IMG_0418_z IMG_0427_z


Here a similar style by Lorraine Schwartz

images (6)

And a clutch by JIMMY CHOO

Arrival video

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Pictures DailyMail / Getty Images

35 thoughts on “Amal Clooney dazzles in Yves Saint Laurent Vintage at Berlinale International Film Festival 11.02.2016

    1. Milli, wann bitteschön hat sie denn zu einer Abendveranstaltung jemals ein unpassendes, sprich unelegantes kurzes Kleid getragen? Nicht daß ich wüßte, wäre aber für jeden Hinweis dankbar. Im übrigen ist Eleganz wohl eher nicht eine Frage von Länge, sondern von Stil.


  1. Loved everything the hair, makeup, dress, color of the dress, her grace and beauty are timeless…everything except for the tulle that was wrapped around her tiny waste with the Ruffles at the bottom don’t believe that it added any glamour to the actual dress, to me at least I felt it was just like an extra baggage/fabric..:( sorry!


    1. I’m pretty sure they needed that heavy ruffle at the bottom of the dress to pull and hold the tulle out far from the sequined portion. Without it, the dress might not have worked.


  2. Lovely dress. However, I don’t think that the make-up suits Amal very well, here – she can’t quite carry the vampy look like some other celebrities (Angelina Jolie, for instance). So: save the dress, ditch the style of make-up.


  3. Amal looked gorgeous. The dress, the hair, the makeup. That dress in paricular was exquisite! And George. He was dashing in his monochromatic choice. He really wore that suit! The two of them were glamour personified!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great hair, and awesome earrings — they go well with the vintage dress, but holy camoly — so much make-up! She’s a rare beauty and doesn’t need a whole lot. I think her make-up artist applied her make-up with a bondo applicator.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sweetly elegant. Pure sophistication. My oh my how gorgeous can she possibly be?! Statuesque & breathtaking; hair, make up, lip stick shade of red, dress: ooh la la!! I especially like her hair. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. HaHa the video is insane. All the cameras, flashes, photographers, screaming & yelling. HaHa unbelievable!
    I also love the sparkle & shimmer of the dress. 🙂 George would have looked cuter & better in a white shirt & black bow tie (a tux) along with Amal in this gorgeous dress. He’s always casual, even when he’s supposed to be dressed up. George is too monochromatic. Change it up once in awhile, George.


  7. I’m just catching up on this series of posts – Nati, do you think the astrakhan aka Persian lamb gilet Amal wore arriving in Berlin is real? I really hope not. This is from NYT article “Most astrakhan lambs, according to the fur industry, are killed within days or weeks of their birth because as they age, the quality of their wool quickly changes from tightly curled rows to a more coarse and wiry pelt. And some examples, called broadtail, often considered the most desirable, are the skins of unborn lambs.”.


  8. Must agree with all who’ve said that this is one of Amal’s best looks ever! She oozed glamour and style from head to toe – don’t think George, in his wildest dreams, could’ve imagined marrying someone like Amal and it’s wonderful he shows it in every little gesture when he is with her. The absolute dream couple….

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I can’t figure out if either George or Amal has a perceived “good side”. He seems to prefer a certain positioning as they pose for photos. Hmmm…


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