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Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the Premiere of Hail, Caesar! in Los Angeles 01.02.2016


Amal Clooney arrived yesterday evening with George Clooney for the Hail, Caesar ! premiere at the Regency Theatre in Holywood.

Amal and George looked picture perfect together. Amal was exactly matching with the Hail, Caesar! movie poster. Red and grey.

Amal Clooney wore her hair up for the first time on a red carpet and she was simply stunning.


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a gorgeous floral embroidered dress by


Spring/Summer 2014

giambattista_valli_tejidos-novia-color-pasarela-spring-2014-corto-espalda-opciones Screenshot_2016-02-05-14-01-33

From the same collection she already wore in Venice this unforgettable dress 🙂

Screenshot_2016-02-05-13-58-43 Screenshot_2016-02-05-14-01-18

All pictures via Giambattista Valli Instagram 

with silver pumps by


Songe pumps

Silver-tone metallic leather Christian Dior pointed-toe Songe pumps with tonal stitching and covered stiletto heels.

sold out here

diorsongepumps diorsongepumps1


with a clutch by


950.00 €
Silver and Gold Metallic Mix Clutch Bag

151boxmmz_silvergold_front 151boxmmz_silvergold_model 151boxmmz_silvergold_inner

Jewelry studs and ruby ring by LORRAINE SCHWARTZ

Here a nice alternative for the ring .

14.35 TCW Round Ruby And Cubic Zirconia Ring In 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver

Available here 

eqzoom85 eqzoom85 (1)

Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-26-47 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-25-56 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-31-49 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-29-44 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-30-47 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-30-38 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-29-16 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-25-44 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-25-40 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-25-30 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-25-06 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-24-59 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-24-06 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-24-32 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-24-48 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-22-42 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-22-35 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-21-50 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-21-43 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-21-23 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-21-08 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-20-44 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-20-26 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-20-13 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-20-02 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-19-56 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-19-44 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-19-26 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-19-04 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-18-23 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-18-16 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-17-39 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-17-18 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-17-07 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-16-59 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-16-38 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-16-34 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-16-26 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-16-17 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-54 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-50 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-38 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-30 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-17 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-15-01 Screenshot_2016-02-02-12-11-23 Screenshot_2016-02-02-06-50-18 oklahoman_article-4c77523d1195864408866d2f27d79ab3 CaMBt8iW0AAx7Gn CaLZowAUkAE5DKC


30CBD04400000578-3427580-image-m-142_1454398983242 30CBB58F00000578-3427580-image-a-82_1454386513625 30CBB9C200000578-3427580-image-m-86_1454386573733 30CBAEF200000578-3427580-I_m_pretty_Amal_s_makeup_was_beautifully_done_with_red_lips_and_-a-38_1454384957604 30CBAE4700000578-3427580-Golden_couple_George_Clooney_looked_proud_as_he_brought_his_wife-m-74_1454386459007 30CBAAEA00000578-3427580-They_have_been_married_for_almost_two_years_and_still_seem_very_-m-72_1454386431135 30CBAACE00000578-3427580-They_have_been_married_for_almost_two_years_and_still_seem_very_-a-73_1454386441737 (1) 30CBA68100000578-3427580-Glam_slam_The_beauty_also_had_on_pointy_silver_pumps_and_carried-a-35_1454384957056 30CBA67700000578-3427580-image-a-57_1454385290895 30CBA66100000578-3427580-A_natural_The_star_also_wore_her_diamond_engagement_ring_somethi-a-88_1454386584263 30CBA63900000578-3427580-image-m-56_1454385279833 30CBA8B100000578-3427580-image-a-92_1454386640674 30CBA64D00000578-3427580-I_heart_you_And_the_leggy_lawyer_did_her_best_to_look_every_inch-a-37_1454384957587

Pictures via Getty / DailyMail/Rex

Some HD pictures

72 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli at the Premiere of Hail, Caesar! in Los Angeles 01.02.2016

    1. She is the most amazing, gorgeous, beautiful human being and international human rights advocate and lawyer in the world! Anyone who doesn’t believe this as the truth is delusional! Amal must get her fashion sense and demur sense of self from her equally beautiful and tasteful mother Baria!!!


  1. It’s refreshing to see her with another hairstyle (finally)! Very elegant! I like the more minimal make-up (not too much eye makeup). I think she looks appropriate for the event and for Valentine’s Day, and it’s good to see her repeat-wearing the shoes and clutch. However, I still cannot fathom how she can feel comfortable in such short frocks. Anyway, I like this look on her.

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  2. Amal is so lovely in this dress. It reminds me of the dress she wore on the day after her wedding. It’s great to see them so delighted in each other. So much for rumours of them having trouble – some gossip column said they hadn’t been together for 85 days. What a wonderful way to quash rumours, George and Amal!

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  3. Not loving the dress… looks too much like a costume Tara Lapinski would wear on the ice; however, Amal looks stunning (as usual) and I love love love love the hair!

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  4. She looks stunning! I love this hair doo on her. Very fresh. The silver shoes are a knock out with this ensemble. I wish the dress was just 1- inches longer. I think it would of been more of the period of the film and hipper over all. 9.9 out of 10. They look so happy together. Nice to see.

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  5. she looks great with her hair up, she looks like she’s gaining red carpet confidence. The dress is to short , she needs to dress age appropriate. otherwise she looks fab

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  6. Why wouldn’t she wear short dresses? She’s gorgeous and has the best legs. I think a lot of the criticism here, about her clothes and about how “skinny” she is, is mostly jealousy. I’m just as thin as she is, and I eat more than most of my friends hah. Some people are just built that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. she hasn’t got great legs, she has skinny legs that really don’t have much shape, hence the suggestions that she wear dresses just a little longer, she really doesn’t need to dress like a 10 year old girl

      Liked by 3 people

      1. thanks Nat, I’m not sure what you mean by your comment, if one doesn’t agree are you suggesting they should refrain form commenting on the website. Is this website outside of freedom of speech and you conform or you’re not part of this club!!

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Geez, so because *you* people think her legs are ugly then she shouldn’t show them? What about her own happiness and the way she feels? (I doubt she cares about what you think anyway.) I hope all of you also have The Legs of Perfection to be telling someone else to cover theirs. I also hope no one says these comments about any of your physical features. These comments really amaze me sometimes. Yeah yeah go ahead and say “It’s just my opinion,” but these opinions say more about yourselves than anything else.


    2. Sorry Annie D, this has nothing to do with jealousy, but with taste.
      The legs look not young. They are long, but not in the shape for these short skirts or dresses.
      Gisele Bündchen e.g. has got the legs to show the whole world.

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  7. I would also prefer the dress a bit longer, however the colours are beautiful and vibrant. Amal’s hairstyle is lovely and she looks absolutely radiant. Her beautiful red lipped smile is the piece de resistance. Oh,and I am extra fond of George at the moment after adopting another dog, this time for his parents. A beautiful couple all round.

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  8. I think the style of the dress would just look better a tad longer. Nothing to do with her age or her figure. Red is definitely her colour.


  9. Too short by about 2 to 3 inches. Looks too girlish, too Barbie…something not right, just seems off balance with her height and length of leg. Nice style and color though. Didn’t love the hair, but I did the makeup.

    Rolled my eyes when George was asked if Amal like these events and he gave some lame answer that she goes just to please him. Watching her posing her body, her head, her facial features for the camera …I don’t know….she works that red carpet more than the women actors.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lulu: When a reporter asks a stupid question George gives the kind of answer he gave. For someone thrust into the spotlight as Amal has been I am impressed with how she carries herself. I just do not understand the purpose in judging her for her every move and dress length. Why do you care?


  10. I’ll have to deviate and say not my preferred look on her. I’m not liking the hair and I think she has amazing legs but the “balance” is not there for me with the dress at that length – it just looks like the dress is a few sizes too small – though it fits well on top.

    I saw a video on the daily mail the other day of how many photographers were hounding her trying to get a pic and o did think she has dealt with fame incredibly well.

    I wonder if they are going to remain childless? I think it would actually be rather inspiring if two people like them decided they wanted to focus their energy on their careers and changing the world for the better.


  11. Thanks nati for posting so many beautiful pictures of George and Amal on the red carpet. They both looked wonderful together. A beautiful couple.

    Amal looked picture perfect. Loved her whole look. And the hair.

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  12. As a human rights lawer, I would like her to wear more and more conscious and ethical fashion, like Maiyet or Stella McCartney or Eileen Fisher, even though they’re less glamorous and gorgeous than Giambattista Valli’s dresses.
    In my opinion, she would give a honest example and would not be a walking paradox.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am not so sure. I do not believe lawyers who advocate for claimants who have had their human rights abused necessarily need to embody the values they promote through their work in their personal lives. “Human rights lawyer” has become a byword for “do-gooder”… They are not saints. They are just people doing a job with the same imperfections and inconsistencies and, let’s face it, we all have them, hypocrisies as everyone else.

      Of course, if such a lawyer claimed to personally – not just professionally – champion human rights, and particularly the human rights of workers, then I would agree that it seems paradoxical that they don’t embody these values personally.

      An interesting example of a celebrity I heard championing such a cause (a non-lawyer) was Livia Giuggioli on Radio 4 a few weeks ago (Colin Firth’s wife). She is a huge champion of ethical fashion, based not on environmental factors but on her commitment to the human rights of workers. I was recently buying a bag from a store called Lost Property of London (in London) which uses ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly materials to make their bags (in the UK) and the owner of the label told me that Livia was a customer of theirs because of her slow-fashion principles. I digress.

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      1. ESR: I might be missing something but what does this post have to do with the premiere of Hail Caesar? The blog is about Amal Clooney Style.


      2. After watching the docudrama “The True Cost”, my ieye on fashion and clothing has changed drastically. I will never buy a single thing from Zara or H&M until they care about the lives of the workers, the safety on work and fair wages. In general, I’m trying not to buy things if I don’t know who made them and how.
        Amal Clooney has such a visibility that she could really do something in concrete to help changing luxury fashion system. She has much more exposure than Livia First, but you’re right, this matter lies outside from Amal Clooney’s advocating for her famous clients.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I would love to see Amal wearing a handmade clothes , she is awesome and I believe she is honest person . my english is weak ESR I couldn’t understand your comment . Are you a lawyer ?


      4. There is so much more to a woman, and particularly this woman, than that which she wears. This blog has always stimulated discussion on various topics which stem from the fact that Amal is a rare individual who combines a genuinely interesting professional life with an equally interesting style life. Nati has always recognised that by posting Amal’s professional news even where there is no ‘style’ involved and I suppose this is in recognition of the fact which draws so many people to this site – who she is, not just what she wears. If my comment on ethical fashion and human rights law does not interest you, then just don’t read it, much in the same way I do not read comments that don’t interest me. But do not write them off as irrelevant. They are not.

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  13. Queen and king of red carpet, they show Hollywood at its best!
    The dress is superb, her make up a dream, her hair wonderful, and the silver/gold combination of her shoes and clutch a fashion show per se.
    Only few steps together on the red carpet … Amal and George make my heart melt.

    Thank you Nati for the great pics. 🙂


  14. One word: Stunning! Everything about her dress, hair, make up is wonderful! It seemed to fit right into the movie theme. She looked so cute & excited to be there. I loved the dress she wore the day after her wedding and this one fits right into the same idea. Also, with Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) around the corner….I liked how this dress just seemed to complement the season and month of February: red lips, red splashed onto the dress, etc. She truly looked like a starlet. The hair was something new and fun. Sweet close up picture of her looking out the window of the car and also the side view of the one when she is leaning into George. What a magical night! 🙂

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  15. I don’t understand what all the hoop-la was a few weeks ago about the size of her engagement ring on her hand. It looks great on her hand, doesn’t it? Not too big, not too small…..just perfect. The picture posted of her hand and the ring looks A-OK to me. Rock your ring, Amal! 🙂


  16. Think she looks lovely with this hair style, however having a long ang sharp face, personally I think her usual long hair due suits her more..very lovely


  17. Sarah, you have a great eye. Couldn’t agree more about the picture in the car. It is one of those iconic pictures of the future. It has everything to make it timeless like the old pictures of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, Maria Callas etc. Classic mysterious beauty.


    1. Vanessa, it might be Charlotte Tilbury. Amal seems to always wear her make up. It looks like a blue/red shade. 🙂 Don’t worry, Nati will definitely find the shade and cosmetic line. 🙂
      I don’t know how she does it, but be assured, she WILL find it and have an answer for you. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. huu,, jacklyn, this time i think she was not wearing Charlotte…. I don’t think Chalotte’s stuff looks that good. This lipstick is indeed AMAZING!!! Maybe Elizabeth Arden? Chanel? It is so awesome! I doubt Charlotte made her make up, It would not had been so perfect.. I may be wrong but I dislike Charlotte’s stuff. Sorry for typos, in a hurry here 🙂


      2. Thanks Jaclyn! I hope Naty finds out soon. I bought Charlotte Tilbury in the shade Red Carpet Red. It’s looks just like Amal’s shade,, except this is a matte formula and the finish on Amal’s lips looks a bit more creamy. Maybe they applied a gloss over it? Anyway… hoping we find out soon!

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Fabulous! Simply gorgeous! Old Hollywood glamour from the waist up, funky and girly waist down. The frock might be short and the dress costumy, but hey, it’s Haute Couture, it’s always costumy. This couple truly fascinates me; they look so happy together and attentive to each other. And I just Iove the way George seems to enjoy letting Amal outshine him. Very sweet 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  19. I wonder if one of the reasons some commenters here feel she is dressing “young” for her age here is partly because of the way she stands – with one toe in, rather the way a young girl does. I think it produces a child-like image rather than that of a strong woman. I’ve noticed it before and it always seems odd. And especially at odds with the sophisticated hairdo and makeup here.


  20. I love her hair she would look good with a bob. It won’t happen she loves her long hair and I’m sure George does as well. They look so happy and George is so proud oh her and it shows.


  21. The hairdoe reminds me of Taylor Swift , Diane Kruger or Emma Stone I think wore that hairstyle a couple months ago. Maybe the same stylist?
    Anyway the dress is way too short , a dress ending mid thigh is for teenagers at best. Maybe Taylor Swift could pull it off, but Amal cannot . She is beautiful but her legs are not toned either so please do not were such ridicoulous short hems.


  22. Gorgeous!

    I do think the dress could be a little longer. It’s all practically at her waist. A little longer would have a better line. It’s a little Shirley Temple short for me.



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