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Amal Clooney meets Tom Malinowski in Washington DC 13.01.2016


Picture via Jared Genser Twitter feed

Amal Clooney and Jared Genser meet yesterday Tom Malinowski, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the United States Department of State to discuss the critical situation in the Maldives and the release of former maldivian President, Mohamed Nahsheed.

Style files :

Amal Clooney wore a bright green dress by

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Impeccably fitted wool crepe sheath, Round neckline, Half sleeves, A-line skirt, Concealed back zipper, Stretch silk lining, About 33″ from shoulder to hem, Wool, Dry clean, Made in Italy, DEEP GREEN

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13 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meets Tom Malinowski in Washington DC 13.01.2016

  1. LADY: with respect to your previous comments about the PR firm being involved. I don’t think it’s about promoting Amal. The firm is probably helping them to get meetings with the members of Congress as well as getting press interviews in order to get the word out about the Nahsheed case.This is the kind of case which has to be tried in the court of public opinion rather than a proper court of law. Neither Amal nor Genser are DC regulars so they will need help navigating the corridors of power.

    Nice green dress but she seems to think that opaque tights compensate for short skirts. *sigh*

    Nati: I think there are some other photos (of her meeting with John McCain) where she wore the same black skirt as Day 1 but a short grey, tweedy jacket.


      1. Exactly, ESR. That’s what my original comment was pointing out. I don’t think that this strategy will take them very far, either.

        Daisy: I truly shudder to think what mess the “the court of public opinion” (which doesn’t exist, anyway) could get the U.S. into. Think about it: Trump for President? The other point I made in my earlier post is that nothing gets you anywhere in D.C. except for money, these days. That’s why the oil industry and NRA have so much power over our government.

        I might like Nasheed and worry over the fate of the Maldives, but just look at U.S. foreign policy and judge for yourself whether it actually ever promotes democracy anywhere. We have a long history of promoting the opposite – for example, the School of the Americas and all of our government’s policies in Latin America and the Middle East. Sorry, but this lobbying is likely going to amount to nothing more than just a waste of time and effort. The only group that will benefit from this activity is Nasheed’s legal team – who will get a lot of publicity through celebrity news coverage.


  2. Nati – May I ask a question/clarification?
    You have two entries for January 13th….one where AC met John Mclean and one where she met Tom Malinowski. Did both of these meetings happen on the same day or did you just post them on the same day?


  3. My rather critical comments in the past had never been published although they were true to topic and never offending. I hope this comment is finally “worthwhile” to get published.

    However, it seems that Ms Clooney finally realized the picture she demonstrated in the public eye until very recently was just not the right one and is now under way to install damage control.
    Perhaps she finally has a business coach on her payroll rather than all those self appointed so called fashion experts. Wherever the advice came from, it is working.
    Dresses are suddenly simple and chic, no flashy bags, business shoes.Well done! She has to keep going this way though and it will take quite some time to get the reputation as a serious business woman back after all. No more tequila shows and make up parties in ridiculous outfits anymore and it will work out but still way to go.

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  4. Beautiful shade of green! And I really like the length of the sleeves. A colorful patterned scarf and/or a nice chunky statement necklace would look really pretty with this dress, also. 🙂

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