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Amal Clooney attended O Brother, Where Art You ? 15th Anniversary in Versace – 29.09.2015


Amal Clooney attended yesterday evening the O Brother, Where Art You ? 15th anniversary with her husband George Clooney at the New York Film Festival.

Amal Clooney wore a dress by Versace from the Fall 2015-2016 collection.


The sandals are by Jimmy Choo


Kew Kid Leather and Anthracite Mirror Leather Sandals

154moray110krl_kewanthracite_anglepair 154moray110krl_kewanthracite_backpair 154moray110krl_kewanthracite_detail


950.00 €
Silver and Gold Metallic Mix Clutch Bag



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Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015 (2) Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015 (4)

Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015 (5) Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015 (1) Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015 (3) CQIT321WcAA1qhT Amal-George-Clooney-NYC-Film-Festival-2015

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Pictures credits : Splash News  / PopSugar

41 thoughts on “Amal Clooney attended O Brother, Where Art You ? 15th Anniversary in Versace – 29.09.2015

  1. Wow this is stunning!!! I am almost certain she now has a tailor as her clothes fit to perfection. Think back to the red dress she wore in the maldives. Fit her to perfection especially in the torso. Good for her!! A tailor is worth more than all the expensive clothes.


  2. She is one of the very few women who looks far better than the models that are featured with similar clothes. She beats the fashionable princesses. And while she looks stunning in everything, in this dress, she looks magnificent.

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    1. The earrings are by Lorraine Schwartz, Kate Hudson wore the same earrings at the Academy Awards Vanity Fair after party in 2017.


      1. @Nati, yes, of course, you are correct. I don’t think the poster was suggesting otherwise? Just the difference high-quality and well-placed extensions can make such a big difference.


      2. and … that crowning glory of hair that everyone praises can be achieved with tactical placement on good extensions.

        Yes, the everywoman, can deign to have hair like Amal.


  3. she looks stunning in green & the makeup is perfect , i don’t think this type of heels fits her but she is absolutely gorgeous . I used to see her hair in the perfection level but now her hair looks tired .


  4. Amal is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Agree. The dress fits her perfectly. Her accessories are spot on too. Especially George!
    I admire them both so much.


  5. Love everything about this outfit: style, colour, fit, sandals. I also love Amal’s make-up, hair, and long-legged stride. But! That huge bunion on her left foot and the rest of her toes squished into the front strap looks SO painful and uncomfortable. I hope one day she will take the time off to have that fixed. I used to have the same problem, which is why I am so aware of it. It can be corrected and I have no regrets!


    1. @Psennsk nooo. I had bunion surgery and regret it. My whole foot now calluses.
      oprah has severe bunions and hasnt had them cut and her feet realigned.
      tia mowry, tamera mowry, victoria beckham, tilda swinton, christina hendricks, and so many more. I think because of her age 37 it wouldnt be reccommened. Plus she has to travel for work so when would she have 6 weeks off?
      i think wearing a nighttime bunion regulator and getting cortisone injections in the bunion is the better option.

      i regret my bunion surgery!


  6. Love the makeup. Exotic big arab eyes accentuated but soft!
    The dress has a beautiful cut but so short! I don’t think that is elegant. Kind of makes clothes look informal. (Well maybe that is the look she is looking for!)
    In the overall, beautiful. (george looks so old!)


    1. He looks old maybe because he is old? He is closer in age to Amal’s mother.

      Is wearing shoes the same color as clothes ‘in’ now? Really like the shoes on the model on the ramp.


  7. Bright colors (like this beautiful green) look fabulous on Amal. Her make up is perfect. It is only when she does her own make up that she tends to go overboard. Her hair once again is looking great. The only “but” I can see is the length of the dress. As she has demonstrated again and again, Amal loves to wear mini-length dresses/skirts, but the problem is that her legs are too skinny and sinewy with bony knees. I’m not suggesting that she only wears long dresses/skirts or pants, but I think, she would look even better in knee-lengths. Also, when she wears strappy shoes or sandals, the awful bunions are visible. No matter how expensive and beautiful the shoes may be, the bunions spoil the look. I’m glad that George decided to dress up. Lately, he has been looking quite drab. I think he looks much more handsome when he is clean-shaven.


    1. @ cordella her hair looks great because she is wearing extensions.
      so because she has bunion she must hide her feet? oprah doesnt hide her bunions! victoria beckham doesnt hide her bunions!


  8. This is by far personally her best photos taken ever!!! she has on a superb makeup a super sexy elegant dress and smashing shoes and add to that a stunning self esteem that makes her simply “the reigning queen of fashion” it’s kind of true but NYC does bring out the best of her looks …

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  9. Not to boast my hometown but NYC does have better makeup artists. Her makeup here isn’t any lighter than on other occasions but looks far more natural and sophisticated.


  10. The Emeral of Manhattan? Gorgeous !!!

    I have to make a “but” on the makeup though…. i bet she did not do it herself and it is a shame if she had to pay for it because whoever applyed that eye concealer did a terrible job! The point of the concealer is to hide the dark spots and not replace them with white ones. It needed to be blended in carefylly, especially if one is going to be flashed with super bright lights. ANY great make up artist should know that! Is is distractive to the over great look. Also the eyebrows neeed to be more carefully brushed in and difused better .. in some pics it looks a bit fussy.

    But of course, i am being overly criticcal. Amal overall looks superb on this outfit and etc.


  11. I love her makeup! Her fake lashes and eyeliner totally rock. I know these are extensions which I just bought my own i must add look good but I’m starting to wonder if a new hair do is due for her. Styling it differently or a new cut?
    She wears these clothes better than the models and. Rings so much life to it. I’m obsessed with this color and again her makeup is SPOT ON. Her legs are skinny yes, but we can’t say she doesn’t rock those too!


  12. Gorgeous color dress and love the uneven hemline. Amal is looking scary thin right now, almost emaciated, however. I get that she wants to look celebrity thin, but she’s heading toward way to thin. So skinny to the point that both legs together nearly look like one. I’m not a fan at all of her eye look in false eye lashes. I like her better more natural. I truly think THIS is what makes her beautiful! It always has! She does not need much make up at all. The make up artist PLASTERED her with under eye concealer. Yuck! And the false eye lash look makes her look mean, scary, and a lot older than what I am used to on her. I hope this false eyelash look does not become her new norm. Again, I’m so surprised, no shocked, at how rapidly George has aged in 1 year. He looks late 60’s rather than just 54 years old. Yikes, what’s happening to him all of a sudden?


  13. She looks spectacular and completely confident! I think she looks great in mini dresses.. Who cares how old she is if she carries it so well!! She does reign in NYC!!


  14. Great color but there are three snaps on the left hip that look like she added an extra piece of fabric with snaps. There is a photo under that shows the back of the dress with cut-outs that really take away from the elegance of the front of the dress. She is naturally very hollow under her eyes and her upper cheeks – whoever did her makeup to try to conceal that flaw turned the under eye dark circles and upper cheeks into a strange white discoloration. Makes sense she has hair extensions since I saw a recent photo of her with much shorter hair and wondered? Won’t be surprised if plastic surgery is next especially with her hanging out with Cindy Crawford whose cheeks are overdone and look nothing like what her supermodel face used to look like. I absolutely love her earrings, can anyone on this site find out for me who makes those earrings?…,they look like an irridescent crystal chandelier earring that picks up the surrounding colors beautifully. It’s my favorite piece on her.


      1. Oh yes, they do look like peacocks! Amal does have great taste in accessories. I wonder if they are Indian jewelry. They R gorgeous. Im dying to buy them. If u come across any more imfo, please keep me posted.

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  15. She’s stunningly beautiful, but quite thin. I think if she worked out and put on maybe 5kg of muscle would be good.


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