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Amal Clooney spotted in Manhattan in Balenciaga and Balmain – 28.09.2015


Amal Clooney was spotted yesterday in Manhattan heading to the Polo Bar power-dressed with a short lurex dress Balenciaga, black and gold clutch and pointy pumps by Balmain.

The dress is by Balenciaga with thanks to Edward Barsamian of Vogue US

This dress is available on My Theresa with thanks to Gaela for the info


Robe en jacquard métallisé
€ 1 395

49698495acb4720a0673ba5a878eeef2 78909b2dffb2e29f1ba223cdeccd7a91 81bf6a2077fd9f0417114507522c3bc0

The pumps are by Balmain and are from the Fall 2015 collection

balmain-details-autumn-fall-winter-2015-pfw9 61142174-balmain-stikle adriana-lima-walks-balmain-show

61142170 celebrity-style-amal-clooney 61142171 61142173 61142185-amal-clooney


18 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Manhattan in Balenciaga and Balmain – 28.09.2015

  1. gorgeous heels , i just saw a wonderful Balmain Black dress and it was ” so Amal ” , i wondered if she ever wore anything from Balmain . Excited to see the other pieces she picked . I’m so sorry if my English wasn’t clear .


  2. PERFECTION !!! Love everything…. the only thing missing is her best accesory: her lovely smile.. Please Amal, dont let them take away your beautiful smile!


  3. Amal never fails to impress. Great dress. Beautiful shoes. Beautiful woman. Nati, thanks so much for keeping up with Amal’s many fashion choices in the last few weeks between work and pleasure. Terrific job and great pictures!

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  4. Those shoes are fabulous! And I think Amal is starting to wear false eyelashes; her eyes look very different! Especially in the other two most recent pictures. Looks great, but still notice a difference. It must be ‘back to playtime’ LA. and now NYC.


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