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Amal Clooney in a Tome dress for a dinner with George Clooney at Asanebo Restaurant in Los Angeles 25.09.2015


Amal and George Clooney kick off their first wedding anniversary weekend with a romantic sushi date at the Asanebo Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Amal Clooney wore a dress by Tome with pearl earrings and beige clutch and wedges.

The woman in the car with them is Samantha Barry

Head of Social Media CNN & Senior Director of Strategy.

artworks-000052363465-h0l64f-original Evoke-AD147225213Actor-Bill-Murra

Amal Clooney’s look

The dress by TOME

is available at Saks Fith Avenue

Striped Silk Handkerchief Dress

CHF 1151.99

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

And for the earrings, I found some pictures of  FanFan a sucessful singer in China with the same earrings and she is wearing a matching Chanel necklace.


and I found following alternative here :



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Pictures credits : Abaca/PureTrend

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Pictures credits  AKM-GSI

41 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in a Tome dress for a dinner with George Clooney at Asanebo Restaurant in Los Angeles 25.09.2015

  1. I love this dress and love the sandals she has with them, casual but looks fantastic as always. Any idea what the sandals are? I am glad to see they are back together again Does anyone know when their home in the UK will be ready?


  2. Don´t like the dress but like it much on Amal, she looks cool and effortless. Don´t like the very red lipstick, and the rouge on her cheeks is too red and too much – both make her look hard and older too. Less make up would be more … youthful and beautiful.


  3. What’s addorable is how happy she looks to be reunited with her husband…
    now as much as the dress may be cute I wouldn’t wear that out for my one year anniversary dinner 😦 but again her choice and her decision.I wonder about how doesn’t George have another pair of shoes?! we keep seeing that same pair of brown suede shoes over and over in many photos taken of them together…I mean I totally understand his need of wearing those being super comfy but come on a mega star of his caliber should have at least a few other pair of shoes that he can put on…just feels odd to me…and again maybe he is truly a humble man that doesn’t really care much about his public fashionable persona unlike his other half …what matters is they both look happy to be back together esp after her various travels to many countries to free and defend those without a voice! Looking forward to seeing perhaps some extravagant outfits on her and paying much respect to to a beautiful couple ❤️


  4. I’m starting to suspect that the reason for her extreme weight loss is Graves’ disease
    ( hyperthyroidism).She is starting to have the clinical appearance of what doctors call exophthalmos ( bulging of the eyes) which is more evident now if you compare the current appearance of her eyes to pictures of her when she and George first started dating. I hope that she gets this looked into
    If that is the case and if not, she really needs to stop dieting. She looks way too thin, especially in this dress.


    1. It will change when she will have a child. Personally I think that it is due to the medias pressure and George always loved very thin women. Sometimes they took one plate for both.


      1. i dont see ANY difference from now to when she was single. She looks tje same tyo me, it is her genetics, just very thin naturally, i have met many people like that, she is healthy i am sure. I would even bet that she eats a lot. Fast methabolism perhaps.


  5. The dress and sandals are nice; but Amal wears too much make up and her hair is not to its usual high standard. I do not know what is going on with George. He is 54 years old, but he looks older than his years.


  6. Beautiful head to toe, but heavy heavy on the makeup. Cheeks, Eyes, Lips….all very heavy. Her beauty never needs that much makeup all at once. She looks like she did her own makeup this time.


    1. this maybe true , her makeup looks different .
      & Nadia I agree with you – MAC 👎🏻 is the worse – .
      OMG ” Samantha ” it’s thier first wedding anniversary get a taxi ; although i don’t think Amal would wear this dress to such occasion ; I think it was a normal date with friends . Sushi =! Celebration .


  7. George, great looking guy, but he has aged a lot in the past year! The last few outings in public he has looked very worn and tired. He looks a lot older than 54 years old. It seems to be catching up to him all of a sudden.


  8. The shoes are dreadful with the dress. Red, black or white sleek kitten heels or flats would be much better. Also the clutch is ugly. The clutch and shoes are to clumsy for the dress.


  9. Agree, it’s nice to see them together again. I’m struggling to like this dress though, looks like a misshapen nightie to me, and her hair seems dry and frizzy at the ends. Her make up looks slapped on quickly, back to the 80s heavy movie style. She is so pretty with less (even I’m tired of repeating the ‘less is more’ adage). They both look tired and George looks slightly dishevelled and frazzled. They both have looked better – but it’s also nice to see them look so human too!

    I am always curious about who befriends celebrities (or who celebrities befriend)! I wonder if there are certain perks that come with dining with a Social Media expert…. 🙂 These powerful types of friends usually come with powerful types of perks…. ala Anna Wintour…


    1. It has me curious too. A story that will probably just unfold later. CNN sometimes features certain special stories. The other day there was a 1 hour show on Pope Francis. And I’ve seen other stories. Perhaps she is doing a public story on the life of George & Amal after 1 year of marriage. I’m sure there’s a story that goes with having dinner with Samantha Barry. There always is one.


  10. Amal definitelly wears this dress bether than the model did, a very Amal dress actually, it works for me.

    However, i think Amal is wearing that makeup kit again, i dont know who makes this make up kit, it would make any woman look too hard! The colors are too dark and not flatering on the skin, makes me think Mac , that is why i dont like Mac. I would had preffered a different shoes with this dress and a different clutch.

    I do LOVE that she let her hair rebelious and loose like this dress, very relaxed, unpretentious, and she looks happy to be reunited with her beau ❤ ❤

    Handsome George is rocking one of his uniforms again hehehe


      1. Hi , Nati, what happened to the photos with Amal in this pretty, clean, chic white Chanel outfit? I can no longer find them??!! I really loved this costume, even though I couldn’t judge about the shoes hoping they were flats as in the Chanel promo except for the socks- of course. Pls try to answer- in case you have the time. Thanks for your good work.


  11. Don’t care for the dress. Doesn’t do her justice.
    She should stay away from sandals…..they do not look good on her feet.
    George looks un-kept… which makes Amal look overdressed.


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