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Amal Clooney at the UNHRC in Geneva 17.09.2015


Amal Clooney attends an Amnesty International event at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva, after a visit to the Maldives where she spent four days pressing for the release of jailed former president Mohamed Nasheed., September 17, 2015.

Amal Clooney wore a suit by Jean-Louis Scherrer Vintage available on Farfetch !

colour block jacket

150,00 €

IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2112

Amal Clooney’s skirt by Jean-Louis Scherrer Vintage

straight skirt

100,00 €

IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2104 IMG_2105

IMG_1495 IMG_1494 IMG_1493 IMG_1492 IMG_1490 IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1491

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34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at the UNHRC in Geneva 17.09.2015

  1. Finally a very appropriate attire! Amal looks very good as always, but this time she does NOT look like an actress/model playing a barrister! Here she is being HERSELF – when you look at her, you see first her personality, you see first HER as human – not her dress! Love the subdued red color of the dress and the more subtle make up; nothing looking flashy and horribly expensive, although am sure this dress is expensive too. She oozes effortlessly class and elegance.


    1. I agree kala , couldn’t say it in a better way than you did . She obviously benefited from our comments and stopped the flashy makeup like 80s Arab actresses , she looks like a real lawyer even she looks tired from working lol ,and I like that . Enough with all the nigative image she projected in the past I hope she stays that way .
      Nati you don’t publish all our comments and I was shocked reading your response to one of the ladies mentioning the same by being rude and saying goodby instead of overcoming your mistake. If you love Amal as you claim that much you should believe in her causes but instead you make your blog as it is Egyptian court , the one Amal resented . Amal benefited from the ones who showed her her flaws and they were many and big but if she listened to the ones who only do like you she would have stayed the same and world would laugh at her. I think you forgot that we are in a free world . Kala Anna me and many many others criticized her and that was the truth as a reaction to her so don’t remind us of dectators when defending HUMAIN RIGHT lawyer.
      Nadia honey calm down hahahaha you are going to get emotional break down staying like this . Honey pls relax lol get a life . I mean you started writing songs! Amal deviated from her path and started chasing attention , only wake up calls benefited her . Your worship didn’t and won’t do her good
      Last , everyone pls wish me luck in my masters thesis defense , I should pass and present it in a conference, industrial engineering is difficult field especially for women I need all your prays


      1. Dear Maha, all my best wishes for your master thesis. Critics must be constructive and with respect. I have to put a limit. Again all my best wishes for your defense 🙂 🙂 🙂


      2. Maha, good luck on your masters thesis defence. I agree with what you wrote. Amal Clooney just fought in a case for freedom of press. Would Amal Clooney, would any woman who is interested in critical thinking, in dialog, in intellectual debates, be excited or bored by a blog that censors critical opinions, would she prefer a one-sided view with only admirers and no critical voices?
        You know the answer yourself. Nati, you made your blog interesting because you let it grow into a place for various analyses and debates with many disperse and articulate views. About a year ago when you announced at one point that you would ban a critic from your blog I begged you not to devaluate your work by blending out critical voices. And thankfully you continued publishing them.
        Now that I read from people being frustrated because they are not being published I am alarmed like Maha. (Of course, if people cross the line of being obscene or brutal, that would be another case. But:) Those women sounded articulate and not vulgar or beyond the line at all. Just critical, with their own point of view. I’m also tired of this frequently used term of “haters”. Those people who criticize are being labeled as haters, now that I find truly aggressive. We are not in a sect here and people who don’t worship are heretics. We are all grown ups and can differentiate. So can Amal. If we admire her for her intellectual power, let’s live up to it.


      3. Claudine – well said. Brava!

        Naha – you don’t need useless prayers….you have relied on yourself, your intelligence, and your hard work. That’s all you need! Defending a thesis is tough but remember, you know it better than anyone. 🙂


      1. Nati, also it seems the shoes she was wearing on the link you posted is the same she had in the Maldives? one of them.. the black stiletos? It looks the same to me, the details on the front..


    1. If she would wear always the same clothes, this Site was really superfluous. We are all here to see these beautiful … most of the times…. Haute Couture outfits, aren’t we?


  2. Stunning! Beautiful big arab eyes! Reminds me of Omar Shariff”s.
    Very classy suit. Classy and classical. Love the color.
    Nati: I wonder what kind of material it is, kind of a suede?
    Go Amal! I love what you are doing! Better than being in Toronto……..
    The publicity is ok with me. Puts this causes and cases out there, otherwise, few people would be aware. Publicity brings awareness.


  3. I LOVE that while haters, jealous and envious people are spending their time trying to tarnish her image and reputation, Amal just keeps on going, and while they try to downsize her resume, she just keeps adding to it hahaha… that is the difference between a doer and a whiner.


    1. Nadia, just my thoughts.
      She will have a great career and much influence. And the amount of haters will arise but this circumstance is to be ignored..


      1. In Germany hasn’t yet any negative Sentence been published about Amal. Sometimes there is an article and the question is raised, wheather the hemline of a skirt or dress is appropriate.

        Here you can read most of the times how intelligent, beautiful, high skilled AC is and that she really does a very good job.

        If she would not have fallen in love with the womanizer George Clooney, nobody would say these nasty and very mean things.

        I followed the comments of DM readers and i am pretty sure, that 90 per cent of these people are not only jeaulous. They cannot believe, that George Clooney fell in love with one woman, married her and still says in every interview, that she is the one and only he wants to share is life with.. um to the end. He still admires her and this is too much for a lot of people whose lifes are not that priviledged and perhaps, who do not feel to be loved.


      2. You are totally right Samba, there will always be the ones who sees the glass half empty. I thought replying to their comment would bring them a better reasoning, but the fact is (and i am so glad Amal seems to know that and does just that), the best way to fight negativity, to put haters, jalous and envious people where they belong, is to just ignore them completely. That is what i will do. From now on they won’t gain any attention under my light.

        We still need much progress in raising the human frequency to a higher level, especially women’s frequency, to allow them to accept that a woman today can achieve much more than what has been allowed in the past. Amal seems to be breaking barriers in some people’s restricted minds. It is a delight to see she standing tall in her place and not conforming into compressed, surpressed and opressed molds in order to please the never satisfied.


    2. Nati, how does this post add any value to your blog? It’s just a passive aggressive negative comment. It’s not better than the negative comments that people write about Amal.

      Nadia’s comments are bordering on strange and creepy at times.


      1. And yet they are being posted!! Good Nati ,others are opening your eyes like me .
        Where is constructive in such comments !?!?!?!


  4. What an amazing woman!! She really has it all…beautiful, classy and an avid fighter for issues that matter to all humanity. George may have given her his famous last name but she’s always stood tall with or without it….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m going to confine my post solely to how gorgeous this colour suits Amal’s colouring. 🙂

    This russet aganst her skin tone brings out the absolute best in her. I think a lot of the primary shades she wears are too harsh for her because they fight too much with her natural very strong, vivid and beautiful colouring. These ‘dustier’ shades allow that natural colouring to shine. I can see her looking equally vibrant in sage and moss greens.


  6. I love this suit, It is a great colour that would look good on most people, and the cut and style accentuates the waist; very flattering!
    Valid criticism, intelligent analysis and personal point of view always have a place in public forums. Naty, you are astute and sharp and can tell the difference between those who write in with genuine comments and concerns, and those who are negative for its own sake, rude, superficial and enjoy putting people down. I trust your editorship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Psemsk,

      ‘Valid criticism, intelligent analysis and personal point of view always have a place in public forums.’….I love this and I totally agree. You summed it up perfectly! This blog used to be a lot more interesting with a lot of really great comments…thought provoking comments…as well as the fashion comments. Unfortunately, some people have left or comment less.

      Those people who are ‘negative for its own sake, rude, superficial and enjoy putting people down’….you are describing one of the people in here for sure. A person that, more and more, people are starting to point out. I hope to see less of the negative, insulting comments and more of the interesting comments….makes life a lot more enjoyable…


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