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Amal Clooney is back in London 11.06.2015



Amal Clooney is back in London and she was spotted today wearing a burgundy skirt suit with black pumps, top and a new black bag. I love this office look 🙂

I will update the post later.

The sunglasses seem to be by Heidi London.




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34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney is back in London 11.06.2015

      1. I actually call them 2 hour shoes…. it takes me 1 hour to squeeze my feet into them. 5 minutes for my feet to swell like water balloons… and the 25 minutes to peel them off. Not to mention the toe cramps for the next three weeks. God bless her.

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      2. This is a lovely work look. Nice. But those shoes… boy! She does teeter around in those, but she also does travel from car to building to desk, so she probably is only walking for 60 mins max. Then again, her feet are really suffering as a result of the shoes (you can see that when she wears sandals) so warning to women everywhere: do not think you can wear such ridiculous heels all the time, they seriously damage your feet!


      3. I agree with everyone about the high heeled shoes. I suppose if you have a desk job, they might be OK, but for someone who has to walk around during the days, I could never wear anything but flats to work.


    1. I believe I once saw a picture of some balloons being delivered to her apartment (in Notting Hill) but it’s just a building like so many I guess. I don’t think her adress is known though.

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  1. A very proper lady-like look. Very New York and very professional while still elegant and classic. Serious yet feminine. The perfect work outfit for Amal’s needs.

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  2. Just another day at work for Amal…that proves that one must not believe the tabloids….Amal seems to be keeping a very low profile with the paparazzi…may well be a great idea for her career sake.

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  3. Love this ensemble! The skirt appears to have 4 different colors. The overall rustic red, along with (what appears to me), a chocolate brown stripe, then another taupe stripe, then a brighter red at the top of waist band. It’s a very cute outfit. “Less is More”. Clean lines, slender skirt, basic pumps, plain & solid tee, polished make up, nothing too out of the ordinary for a day at the office. I like it. 🙂

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    1. Yes i like it too 🙂 she has not disappointed with her work outfits. I just don’t get how working these ladies handle the pointing shoes…i can handle the high heels easily but not pointing toes shoes , ouch, it hurts ;(


      1. The pointy shoes = major bunions. The internet is ripe with photos of Amal’s sore feet – poor kid!


  4. Any updates yet Nati on the suit? Maybe bit difficult as it’s not very clear in the photos…
    Well done on all your updates so far and please keep them coming 🙂


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