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Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016 collection – So Amal !


Yesterday, when I saw the pictures of the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016 collection, I thaught immediately Amal can wear this, or this, or this. The collection is bold, gorgeous, feminine and classy. It is the first resort collection designed for Oscar de la Renta by Peter Copping and was Inspired by the books of handcrafts that Copping discovered in de la Renta’s personal office library. Amal would be gorgeous with this collection from the office to the red carpet. 🙂

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31 thoughts on “Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016 collection – So Amal !

  1. Wow, what a beautiful collection and you’re right Nati, Amal would look great in any and all of these! My favorite is the red and pink coat dress and the Teal and black sweater and matching geometric pattern skirt. I wonder if these were designed By Oscar prior to his death or by his new design team. They have some similarities to his traditionak collection but with a more fun twist. What are your favorites Nati?

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  2. Just beautiful. That is haute Couture at its finest. AC could wear all of them. Thank you very much Nati.
    Regarding the tabloids: i try to ignore these stories. But it is not easy, because as a Fan you want to be informed. Nevertheless it annonys me reading e.g. Amal is and looks always bored being on the red carpet. Bizarrely i always see her smiling and looking very in love to George. Do i suffer of imaginations?

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  3. I love this I love these – this collection is so beautiful with such stylish finishes and touches – very Latin inspired – and perfect for the human rights world trotting couture supporting one and only …..

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  4. It’s a beautiful collection. And Peter Copping really keeps in mind and honours what the brand is all about: glamour, chic, ultra feminine. A lot of things would look great on Amal.

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  5. When I first scrolled through this collection, I really liked it, not least because the model wears it so well and the photography/lighting is lovely. On a second, more critical look, there are only a tiny handful of pieces I actually like. It’s the frills that put me off. There are so many beautifully tailored pieces here, absolutely ruined by frills!

    It’s just my taste. 🙂


    1. I agree. The frills are very 80s and I’m not yet ready for the 80s! I love the black evening dress though, frills and all. I’ve never liked pencil skirts with a frill at the bottom. I don’t like the yellow coat at all. My favourite in the outfit with the tweed skirt and short jacket. Amal would rock in that outfit.


  6. I think these would all look fantastic on Amal, except the outfits that put yellow next to the face. Also, not a fan of the mullet dress or the short red dress.


  7. What a delicious treat Nati! Thanks for posting this:) Lovely collection!! Yes, i can totally see Amal rocking that all-yellow and all-black ones:) And me, i would rock on that all-red one and would not mind having them all on my closet hahah!! I LOVE the femininity in Oscars designs:)

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  8. What an amazing collection and Amal would carry off any of the pieces superbly! Oh how I wish we could have some similar cheaper alternatives 😦

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  9. Wonderful!
    But for Amal all dresses exept the long ones would be shortened, I think.
    Thanks for this (my favorite) Blog!



  10. Bono is a friend of George’s . I think George and Amal look very much in love and happy when they are together. The rags just right lies to sell their papers .


  11. Nati…I just read in a Lebanese newspaper while I was visiting Beirut а week ago that GC and AC are both planning to visit Lebanon in the very near future and it goes to say that he has already learned quite a lot about the Lebanese culture & traditions through his spouse Amal and that he is seeking to provide his support in the Syrian crisis all the while without getting involved into politics :)) I had to share this piece of info ☺️

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