7 thoughts on “Amal Clooney on the cover of Grazia UK

  1. I have to say: these magazine cover speculations are somewhat hilarious! All they do is take a photo – one in which she has an ambiguous expression on her face – and then write something dramatic (and bogus) on top of it, as if she’s some kind of drama queen. Who takes this stuff seriously? At least Amal can content herself that she looks great on the covers!


    1. The titles are only speculations. Paparazzi pictures of Amal are so good that magazines can use them for the cover and here it is the same photographer who took both pictures..


      1. I was wondering if, Nati, it is necessary to post magazine covers like this on your blog? As a fan of your blog, I just feel that you could be a little more selective about the magazine covers. These are clearly tabloids – so unworthy of attention.


  2. It’s the price one pays in today’s Fame Game whether you want to play it or not. Someone like Amal, in her position, could hardly avoid it. She sells, and that is the bottom line, even if the press have to make up stories or stretch the Truth to keep it going.


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