7 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney on the cover of Paris Match N°3445

  1. This shade of red looks so fantastic on Amal because it is a blue-red. She should stick with cooler colors like this shade of red – colors that would complement her complexion even in the absence of make up. Otherwise, she will look pale (or sallow), like she did in that golden dress.


    1. I’d like to see her in a true blue-red lipstick. I haven’t loved any of her red lipsticks so far (though the one with that dress is okay). Her pink lipsticks on the other hand are lush.


  2. I loved BOTH dresses on her. Maybe she just needed to tweak her make-up to compensate for the paleness/sallowness, because Amal also looks great in orange colours which are not cool/blue.


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