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Amal Clooney visits George Clooney on the set of Money Monster with her family 03.05.2015


Not a day without new pictures 🙂  Amal Clooney visited with her mother and sister George Clooney on the set of Money Monster in New York. Amal Clooney wore

A pink top, here a similar  by COS 29£

0167237005_12_6 0167237005_12_0

Flared jeans

Here similar jeans by Stella McCartney


I am not sure about the ID, Amal jeans have another logo.

Dior tribal earrings, with big thanks to Gaela for the ID.

E0078MIDRS_D301_V0_Z E0078MIDRS_D301_V1_Z

The bag is by GIAMBA, ID by the community 🙂

Chain Top-Handle Bag


It was available here :

IMG_7836 IMG_7837


31343d42015-05-05 19.19.26

28413A6A00000578-0-Group_holiday_Along_with_her_husband_Ramzi_who_wasn_t_seen_at_th-m-58_1430612909353 28413CDD00000578-0-Hanging_back_Amal_s_father_Ramzi_Alamuddin_second_from_left_was_-m-69_1430613168738 (1) 284132A400000578-0-Casual_attire_The_Clooneys_were_not_dressed_up_both_wearing_jean-m-71_1430613222967 284132B900000578-0-Busy_couple_While_George_makes_his_movie_Amal_has_been_lecturing-m-70_1430613198578 2841389300000578-3065799-Fashion_forward_Tala_Alamuddin_right_and_boyfriend_Nico_left_wer-a-15_1430631969550 Amal-Clooney amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-01 (2) amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-02 amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-03 (1) amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-08 amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-02 amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-04 (1) amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-07 (1) amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-09 amal-clooney-and-parents-visit-money-monster-11 (1)

52 thoughts on “Amal Clooney visits George Clooney on the set of Money Monster with her family 03.05.2015

      1. Not sure Nati wants to hear it…. 😉

        …..and, I like Nati, she works so hard, so can’t bring myself to do it………

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      2. Jon321 , I’ll say it for you. Amal looks gauntly skinny in these photos. The jeans do nothing for her but accentuate that. The color of the jeans is very unflattering as well. Not crazy about the glasses but I like the top. Amal really needs to put on some weight. Was I close??


      3. Comments could be left here – just my wish- without being insulting or getting personal. I have been visiting this site since the beginning and I thought: o.k. nice pictures, nice clothes, no problems, just like looking in magazines like Vogue or Harpers Bazar etc.
        I did not know, that political, philosophical and social topics and moral scruples would arise when looking at clothes of very, very rich people. Did anybody really thought, that Amal Alamuddin marries a 120 MIO $ worth man without getting like that??????
        We are not in lalaland.

        For serious themes we read political magazines and newspapers at home.
        By the way jon321 – I am a very busy and nevertheless of all the stress, a very socially engaged person. My personal advice: Please do not judge people without knowing them. This is redundant, scatching and detrimental.

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      4. Phvdheide – I apologise for contributing comments which did not meet your expectations of what this blog should be, and of your judgements about how different people engage with fashion.


      5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

        Thank goodness I’m on the toilet otherwise I would’ve pissed myself laughing so hard ESR. Thanks for that very apt response. I reckon that’s raised my endorphin levels for a week!!


      6. @phvdheide – You seem to be the one that’s taking a random celebrity-by-default way too seriously. Maybe the perspective you prescribe for others needs to be applied a little closer to home. 😉

        Back to Amal’s style here, not her nest look. The pastels are not working well together, she suits bold, primary colours. The top is nice and had it been paired with dark jeans/trousers and a lower heel, it would have looked fine, but those jeans are truly horrible and unflattering.

        Maybe if she kicked the endless high heel habit, her posture would improve.


    1. Jon321 and the like: the trouble is that you seem to take your loop and point at people, in this case Amal, and you are so picky and so fast to being negative, as if it is much easier for you to go on that route. Do you silence as well when you too look at the mirror and all your clothing, make up or whatever is not so perfect on a certain day? Or do you talk to yourself and shout to others how unhappy you are? You seem to be a very bright person, as most on this site, but it is obvious that you prefer to vent out negativity than to just allow your beautiful mind to follow the yay route. It gets tiring after a while to read the inner negative minds. Please allow some imperfections, and mostly dont be so judgmental, so you dont get to be judged harshly. You speak about Amal as if what you say is the absolute truth. I enjoy reading most of comments, but there are some commentators that seems to have a different agenda than the one of this blog. Leave that blunt trashing to the DM comment section! Trash the clothing as much as if you want but dont trash the person because you dont know what is going on in her life.

      I would had hoped that by now we all had found out that this blog and Nati inspires a different spirit. Lets stop the trashing the person ladies, after all, she may be in a better position than most of us, or maybe not, so let it be. If you dislike Amal more than you like her, you should not be spending your time here. Why would you do that?? spend time -your precious time – observing the life of someone you dont really admire? Negativity is so obvious and trashiness is boring! I have no need to read what you are thinking, if what you are thinking is just a window to put someone down. How brilliant and interesting would that reading be?

      I too dislike this outfit she is wearing COMPLETELLY, from head to toe. It looks TERRIBLE on her, and, yes, Amal has long toes, she is overly slim, and she is not perfect. But have you looked at yourself in the mirror? How perfect are you? Myself for instance, I have small breast, and wish i had bigger ones. But i have a nice behind and some have nothing in the back. So what! That is what padded bras are there for. if i focused on my “defects” i would be consumed by them. And who said that small breast are not lovable too? And for Amal’s long toes, hey, they say that women with long toes are super smart. In Amal’s case she is beyond genius then. One of the thing i admire about Amal is that she seems to not give a dam for what anyone thinks of her. She is not standing in the mirror and saying, hey i am going to please them with these jeans. I guess she does not care, she seems to wear what is comfortable and pleases HER. And, it does not maters if one day it does not pleases us, because for sure the next day she will have something fabulous! Just like any of us, we cant please everyone and we must never seek that. Time runs fast and each day will be replaced by a new one when all could completely change…if we are lucky to be alive that next day.

      One remarkable thing about men is how forgiving they are about looks. They are not that demanding and judgmental with “beauty” details. They can overlook these imperfections that women obsess about. They seem to value the whole “package” much more! Imperfections are our own uniqueness and everyone has a set of then. What really matters at the end of the day is what we project from inside us, and that has much to do with how we feel.

      Remember that harsh and negative criticism over others, is mostly self- prejudice.

      Jon321, you are a brilliant mind, articulated, knowledgeable, VERY funny!! All that is undeniable in you by just reading you. I really LOVE reading you when you go there 😉

      I just wish that we raise above the surface here ladies, and lets allow this blog to be unique, to vent our fashion views and smarts, but also leave behind an international and diverse trail of REAL WOMANLINESS so it can be distinguished among the rest. Doing that, we will also help Nati a great deal, because she really deserves better comments for all her effort, time and care putting out this blog. She admires Amal, so It would at least be polite to make justice to her blog and honor her effort.

      Lets chose to fly in our wings instead of just drag ourselves in our feet

      xoxo… a big warm hug to you all from the sunny California! ❤

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      1. Thanks to phvdheide and OnYourFace for making the effort to address your feelings about Jon321’s persistent negativity, which I too find off putting – for being so predictable, annoying – for being so judgmental, and sad, since I too can appreciate the writer’s intelligence and humor (when free of mean spiritedness) and share many of the same values, concerns and perceptions. I have often felt aroused to express these thoughts or similar ones when reading jon231’s posts, but have never felt sufficiently moved to do so until I read phvdheide’s post and what I perceive to be the obstinately obtuse responses to it and your post, OnYourFace.


      2. Thank you so very much ONYOURFACE,
        you wrote, what i am not able to explain. The latest example is her comment in respect to Cate Blanchett.
        does jon321 know These people personally?


      3. Hey ladies, i am glad you connected Helen, Susannah and Phvdh 😉 I am happy i am not the only one who prefers to focus on things that we can really change, and take others lightly and with a more compassionate view. Phvdh, I doubt that jon321 knows any of these people personally… and even if she did, that would make it even worse, in my opinion because i personally dislike backstabbers.

        I have no mission to be here lecturing anyone… but i had to express my wish that we grow to be a more civilized, polite, compassionate and distinguished generation of beautiful women, inside and out, who honor our gender, so we can leave a better legacy to the future societies of women.

        We must stop hating each other and become more united. WE GIVE LIFE! Lets never forget who we are.

        Have a sunshine day sweet ladies! Wherever you are let it shine, even if it is raining or snowing, make it happens, the Sun is within you 😉 ❤


  1. The handbag has been driving me nuts. Seems like it should Chanel; that’s what the Daily Mail said, but there’s no sign of their interlocking CC logo. That chain handle is unique. Vintage??

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  2. ESR – sorry, but you misunderstood me. I have appreciated your comment and have answered and thanked you already for your it.
    I did not like other peoples comments. When they get persona.


  3. She looks too thin. The fact that she adds several inches to her height with her shoes makes her look that much thinner. I hear she only eats half portions when she goes out. Maybe she needs a few home cooked full meals.


    1. Diane….certainly the camera angle doesn’t help. Shooting from below will make anyone look taller/thinner.


    2. I really dont see any difference in her weight from before marriage. I f you look at her old pics, she is as slim. Have you seen her pre-marriage pics? it depends also on the outfit she wears. I sure think this one enhanced her slimness too much 😦


  4. I love hippie 1970’s flared jeans…and I love the powder pink top….
    I am not s fan if those Christian Dior inside outside pearl studs that eveyone is fawing over… They look wierd to me…I would have loved to see her in some oversized Hoops 😉

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    1. I feel the same way about these earrings… one moment i do find them creative, the other i feel strange looking at them, almost like bug ears hahaha


  5. Pretty in pink, but lack of hips looks odd, boyish, and not very sexy.
    Bit of gossip: a newspaper editor, who shall remain nameless, told me her hairdresser did Amal’s hair once and reported she had “ketone breath”.


  6. I think if you pair a short top with high-waisted long jeans that go down to touch the ground…over 3 (??) inch heels….you are trying to look tall and thin. That’s the silhouette you are aiming for and it is deliberate.

    I don’t like the purse/earrings with the jeans/top. The purse/earrings seem too formal for a relaxed, casual 70s look. I agree with Heidi…some hoops would have been nice. The purse could have been the fringed one from before (even though I personally don’t like it). However, it would match the 70s vibe a lot more.

    Just a personal note, I hate those glasses. I like oversized glasses but now these just look silly to me. They scream ‘look at me’.


  7. Gotta agree with the majority. She is rail thin and she has never looked good in slacks…they all seem to hang on her no hips (George has wider hips than her-for goodness sakes). Sweaters are good for her to wear..they always make a woman look bustier.
    Her sister has a very nice shape and it is healthy looking for her height…..her boyfriend is quite the looker! Even…more handsome than George (in my humble opinion)
    That red dress worn a few days ago…looked stunning. The bodice top gave her some hips making her look very proportional ! Red is always a good color for dark haired gals.


  8. Ai caramaba! Que paso!?!? WHAT A GUILTY OUTFIT!! I am so glad this post came before the Met Gala dress hihihihi 😀

    This got to be the biggest proof that Amal does NOT spends hours in the mirror and does NOT gives a dam for what anyone think. I would almost bet my coins that she put on this outfit while she was still asleep, and did not even looked at the mirror, grabbed her purse and walked out ba-ra-bum….However, If these jeans were lower waste, maybe… but this high waste is killing…ME!!!

    But hey, there is always that smashing Met gala red Gallianos.. that one can forgive any other Amal’s fashion sins …so lets make sure we all visit that posting before we leave here folks… do not leave with this look in your minds…unless your eyes looks at the pink hand bag just before you exit, hah!


    1. Nah, this is Amal consciously rocking the seventies trend… If she wasn’t thinking, she’d grab the ‘default’ and dead-easy style of skinny jeans and t-shirt. And she looked in the mirror long enough to get her hair blow-dried again (as she does every day…)


  9. Nice to know she is human and can have off days like all of us. The purse is beautiful but too way too formal for this outfit. In with this outfit it makes it look like an old lady purse. I use to think her skin was amazing but in some recent pics I have noticed she has large pores on her upper checks and some pits on the right side of her chin. I think she wears way too much foundation – can make your pores look much bigger. As usual her hair is amazing.


  10. Thanks to phvdheide and OnYourFace for making the effort to address your feelings about Jon321’s persistent negativity, which I too find off putting – for being so predictable, annoying – for being so judgmental, and sad, since I too can appreciate the writer’s intelligence and humor (when free of mean spiritedness) and share many of the same values, concerns and perceptions. I have often felt aroused to express these thoughts or similar ones when reading jon231’s posts, but have never felt sufficiently moved to do so until I read phvdheide’s post and what I perceive to be the obstinately obtuse responses to it and your post, OnYourFace.


    1. Thank you susannahortegos, phvdheide, and OnYourFace, for your comments. Count me as another who finds jon321’s repetitive mean-spiritedness very tiresome. Maybe Nati will consider moderating the comments a bit more closely.


      1. Well, i actually get Jon321 and think her comments are constructive and not necessarily destructive in her criticism. What’s wrong with disagreeing with what someone wears? We all admire Amal and find her inspiring , and I don’t think her comments are belittling. I actually find them funny! And yes, I’m a fan of Amal too! I think we all need to lighten up a bit and not take things so personally.


      2. I am not surprised that you get jon321 negativity Masreya, since you too tend to take that route more often than not. Negativity, harsh and unfair criticism is pretty obvious and very annoying to read. if you dont want us to take it personally then please keep it light yourself!


      3. I am keeping it light; by being honest in my opinions on what outfit I like and what I don’t. I’ve also noticed that Amal does tend to look cocky in some photos and have commented on that as well. Why don’t you compare how she appears in videos versus how Kate Middleton does. You’ll see the difference. i don’t think that’s being negative . It’s constructive comments and perhaps if Amal is reading this blog, she will take it as sincere advice.


  11. I dont think that this look is bad coz maybe she fell comfortable in this jeans we all have same cloth that make us fell comfortable even if them not a fashionable
    And about her shoes it is caler she love high ones


  12. How did I not see this post before? So, the pants are definitely NOT flattering on Amal. Make her look too skeletal. Not a fan of the earrings, either. Everything else is OK, although the combination isn’t the best.


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