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Amal and George Clooney at 100 lives Event in New York 10.03.2015


Amal and George Clooney attended the 100 Lives Initiative event on Tuesday evening (March 10) in New York City.

The event was organized to “express gratitude to the individuals and institutions whose heroic actions saved Armenian lived during the Genocide one hundred years ago.”

Amal Clooney wore a dark blue shift dress by Stella McCartney

$ 1,470.00
STYLE: 379981SEW55

34492566vh_13r_f 34492566vh_13r_r34492566vh_13r_d 34492566vh_13r_e

 with a bag by Dolce & Gabbana.

Available on Flannels

DOLCE AND GABBANA Miss Sicily Floral Bag


a0643bb95218541048201562cd47d49b 0568d529528f228ad35e8b71ed0aed07

With big thanks to Jill who shared the ID 🙂 We have the coat !

Textured-Stripe Oversized Coat


 503573305_3_fullfrontqtr 503573305_4_fullbackqtr 503573305_2_fullback

And finally the sling pumps by Giambattista Valli Spring 2013


100 LIVES Event: George Clooney Joins Humanitarian Leaders to Launch Global Prize in NYC

george-clooney-gets-amals-support-at-100-lives-nyc-event-03 (1) george-clooney-gets-amals-support-at-100-lives-nyc-event-03 george-clooney-gets-amals-support-at-100-lives-nyc-event-05

LCM_NLR_130315clooney_2 LCM_NLR_130315clooney_3


spl972387_014_0 spl972387_020_0 spl972387_013_0 (1) spl972387_001_0 (1)Video of the event with George Clooney :

60 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at 100 lives Event in New York 10.03.2015

    1. Agree about the bra straps…too bad they peaked through. Surprised she didn’t wear a neutral bra. Love the cut outs and also how George’s suit and tie match to her dress. I really like this picture of the two of them.


  1. Spanish, German…I’m Italian and it would be much easier for me to write in my own language, but I guess people are not supposed to read and understand Italian….
    As far as Amal is concerned, she is as elegant and beautiful as she’s used to be!

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  2. In the first photo, George and Amal look very alike. they have enough similar facial features that enable them to pass as brother and sister. they are not the only couple that look like alike and I always find that interesting! Also I love Amal’s purse. I can’t wait for the summer to see her wearing even more prints. Colorful prints, especially bright floral ones, produce fun, sunny, and warm energy to the person wearing them and the people around.

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  3. Amal seems thoughtful in what wears. Purple is the color of the flower that symbolizes the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.
    Thanks Nati for the images. Hope you are able to get a video of the speech George gave

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  4. Nati hi,
    I ve been looking at the last photo, and for some reason her chest seems to me a lot more prominent than before. Is it me or do all of you notice the same thing?
    PS. I was at a party in the neighbourhood, little did I know they would be there…otherwise I would have provided you all the pics you needed 😉
    PS2. some pics with shoes 😉

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    1. I was wondering what shoes is she wearing with this outfit. so thanks for the link. i love her coat too! I’m so envious of the people living in NYC right now. it’s clearly the city that never sleeps and it’s full of energy and action. also it’s so not fair that you guys get to stumble upon celebrities here and then. What a difference from the small, quite, and very boring suburb I live in. 🙂

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    2. Pp…it looks to me like she is slouching in some pictures. You can see the dress pucker under her chest. When she stands up straight in the bottom picture, no puckered dress and her chest is thrust out more. Anyone’s does that with more perfect posture.


  5. So very pretty in purple-blue! And George is looking so handsome too! Love them both outfits and i LOVE that Amal allowed the dress details to stand out without her adding any jewelry, kudos for that! She is definitely advancing Spring in New York hahah…that, or her state of mind is like a blooming garden right now ❤

    Now, to prove that Amal does NOT uses a personal stylist is that she commits some very avoidable fashion faux-pas here and there… in this one, i would point out the black bra showing…ahhhh… so easy to avoid that! Just by wearing handle-less bras 🙂 But hey… i am a big fan of little imperfections:) It shows she is not making her hair grey over it:)

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    1. She looks amazing. These colours suit her. Very politically correct couple both wearing purple! Must’ve been fun shopping for purple clothes!! Her makeup is not overdone. I like her face much better this way. The dress length is perfect. The see through holes in the dress ruin it – I find them distracting and immodest but, admittedly, I’m more of a modest dresser for religious reasons.

      The overly short dresses (wedding dress included) and the OTT makeup are too Kardashian and trashy and I think are too young, immature and ‘in your face’ for her age and professional standing.

      Personal stylists also make fashion errors. Her bra strap showing doesn’t prove anything either way. Lots of celebrities have had wardrobe malfunctions despite personal attendants and stylists surrounding them.

      I just realised what I wrote – that she is a celebrity now. She has crossed the line from lawyer to celebrity. I suspect she can now never go back to her original reputation. She’ll always be scrutinised now first for her clothes and second for her cases.


  6. I love the coat, very creative colorway between the dress and coat. She looks elegant and fashionable and just oozes class. Any ID on that fabulous Aqua coat?

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  7. That dress is purple? Looks blue to me. Besides why would she wear a light blue coat with a purple dress? Nice dress, ugly bag. A matter of taste I guess.


  8. I believe Amal Alamuddin was a beauty in intellect, form, and spirit, George was wise to marry her. Now, I see Amal Clooney, and I find myself thinking, “George is the accessory to this woman of stature”. It will be interesting to see what collective and global impact her career will have. There is something regal about her, similar to the allure Jackie Onassis had, as well as Lady Diana. When beauty, intellect, and fashion harmonize so exceptionally we find a future icon in our midst. I am so blessed to be alive to see another woman worthy of being a roll model.
    Thank you so for respectively and thoroughly blogging about her.

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    1. Woah!!!! You know Princess Di and Jackie O had amazing wardrobes and calculated public images but their personal lives were train wrecks. Nothing to admire there. At the back of my mind I also liken all of George’s gushing to Tom Cruise when he met Katie Holmes….and my alarm bells start ringing – look what happened to that marriage! We must keep trying not to elevate these people above what they deserve. They are not appropriate nor realistic role models for young people to aspire to, they are not in it for the world, but for themselves and their own self promotion like all celebrities living lives of the rich and famous and that’s why we blog about them bce most of us find them fascinating but wouldn’t want to actually live their lives with all that is attached to them. We look at them from afar for entertainment and distraction and then retreat happily into our anonymous worlds of messy homes, warm babies, dirty unmatched clothing and busy jobs….I think the reverse is true – they must envy us 😉 we carry our own umbrellas!


      1. Good point K! She is fascinating, admirable, but lest not make too much out fo that, because we really dont know them well. I take it very lightly, enjoy coming here for fashion purposes, she is lovely to look at, and well accomplished. that is nice! As for wearing super expensive clothing to be a role model…. not realistic i am afraid… and i hope the ones who will see her as a super role model skip the more superficial attributes and focus on the other ones she offers, such as class, femininity, slimy attitude and that docile vibe she emanates 🙂 ..and a few more …


  9. I really love the unexpected surprise of how beautiful the two shades of blue (dress & overcoat) look together. It’s cheerful and she looks lovely. I love the splash of spring in the design of her purse.
    I must admit, while Amal continues to look gorgeous & maintain her beauty & style…George continues to look & dress boring. His style is blah and not exciting in any way. He’s looking a bit old, too. He always looks better when he has to dye his hair for a role. Unfortunately, he always goes back to silver salt & pepper grey all the time. Blah! 🙂


    1. Perhaps George should consider wearing a dress as nice as Amal’s next time. I’m sure that that would liven things up quite a bit! 🙂


  10. Dear George: I wish your foundation would highlight the genocide of the Iraqi people, and our government is entirely to blame for the complete destruction of Iraq, so until we acknowledge that, we are acting like the pot calling the kettle black. Iraq is still the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and is getting worse by the minute.


    1. HEAR HEAR!! You’ve hit a raw button for me! I always wait for the celebrity that will rise out of the sludge and do true good without money attached. But George and Amal will never do the right thing, they will only do the “politically correct” thing – they will only support “safe” causes that feed their own public personas and ambitions. Amal as a Lebanese woman could lend her name to so many useful causes in the Middle East and truly engender change – imagine if she advocated for MuslIm WOMEN’S RIGHTS!!! Or pick sex slavery…. child trafficking…. the inequitable distribution of food resources….. etc etc….. But that would mean entering murky waters which does not bode well for a possible future US Presidency. They are certainly pretty and lovely to look at, but we mustn’t forget they are high profile people with their own selfish agendas. They live in a bubble, will never go near the real issues impacting on the majority of the world’s population.


      1. I agree with you about the safe causes issue. It looks like he picks and chooses what he wants to call genocide. I’m sorry, but the destruction of Iraq by a completely illegal invasion – after more than a decade of inhumane sanctions – and total mishandling of the ensuing occupation by George’s (and my) government is at the root of the continuing humanitarian disasters in Iraq and Syria. Why not take a moment to publicly call to attention the plight of the *millions* of orphans and widows and all of the stateless/displaced permanently traumatized and wounded humans whose lives *our government* has totally destroyed in Iraq? I’m speaking as a descendant of people who fled the Armenian/Suryani/Greek genocide, too.


      2. In this situation, economic/politic interests are stronger than human interests. That is sadly the current reality when you analyse the dramatic situation in Irak, Syria and soon Lybia.


      3. I agree, Nati. If I remember correctly, that’s the same justification that the [Young] Turks used when they slaughtered Armenians, Suryani, and Greeks.


  11. Is it safe to assume the Giambatista Valli is becoming Amal’s favorite designer? It just seems that lately every other outfit she wears had something by him. Or D&G….
    I love the blue coat. It is such a fun piece and so classy.
    I am amazed and impressed at how quickly you are able to find the IDs of her clothes! Are you sure you are not Anna Wintour, Nati? 😄😄

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    1. Obviously she loves Giambattista Valli collections. The Yasmine Sewel coat was found by Jill, fortunately i am not alone 🙂 We are a great community . Thank you Frida.


  12. K and Nadia,

    I respect your opinions as well as agreeing with your points. However, I may have not been clear in HOW I find these three women to be admirable. I believe Jackie Onassis was progressive in her roll as a First Lady. Providing the first television tour of the White House and presenting it as a home belonging to all of America. She spear headed the preservation, acquisition, fundraising for, and restoration of our countries antiquities. She was a wonderfully protective and loving mother as per historians, and her children’s words. She was fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian as well as English. As a widow twice over, and affluent enough to have no need for work, she started her successful career in publishing as a book editor. She was well educated attending Vassar College and adored books. She was worthy of admiration for her intellect, elegance, and nurturing mothering.
    Princess Diana was also a protective nurturing mother. She was passionate about banning land mines. Traveling to war torn countries and helping in hospitals where children had been harmed by them. She brought awareness to depression and self harming through her own personal struggles in her marriage. She was elegant, sensitive, empathetic and nurturing.
    Amal Clooney is I believe yet another example of a woman that has become an icon, or celebrity and thankfully she is one that is worthy of admiration. Proving that a woman can be beautiful, intelligent, driven, compassionate and humanitarian in her labors.
    It is the public that creates these icons, celebrities, or superstars, chose the name one prefers. I am just pleased that as we the public cast another human into the limelight that they are humans of accomplishment, grace, intelligence, and kindnesses. I am pleased that in their stardom it will bring attention to the causes they so passionately believe in. This is a good thing. It is certainly correct for us to remember that they ARE humans. This gives US the permission to realize that we TOO can pursue what we passionatley believe in. I feel passionate about battered woman, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and orphaned children caused by war. I do what I can with my resources and time to these causes. I think if we all gave according to our abilities what ever that may be we all could make a difference.

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