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Amal Clooney and Heidi Klum spotted both with the same coat


Heidi Klum wore the same coat at the same place as Amal Clooney. Heidi Klum was spotted on past week with the same red Versace RTW 2014 collection coat at LAX airport.



What do you think ? Was Heidi Klum inspired by Amal Clooney ? I think, yes she was 🙂

16 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Heidi Klum spotted both with the same coat

  1. It could be the coat was a gift to the stars — others have worn it. While Amal looks good in hers, Heidi gives it the “cool girl” vibe. Heidi looks effortless and elegant.


    1. I agree, Heidi does make it look very effortless, I like the red shoes and handbag and the jeans…..less formal. Amal however, looks gorgeous with her dark hair and black accessories……much more formal.


    2. I think the difference is more that Heidi opened the top clasps and tightened the belt at the waist more, so her figure shows better. Otherwise, the coat is very plain and figure-flattening. I guess it’s all how you wear it.


  2. I love it on Amal, it is very sophisticated and expensive looking. Like Bahlrichs said, her hair and black pants really set it off. I like the formal structure of it, and believe that’s how it’s to be worn. Heidi looks okay in it…but it now doesn’t look as unique or expensive. It looks sloppy because she’s wearing it incorrectly. However I do love the shoes and purse with it.


    Here is a close-up of Heidi’s bag. It is Versace — made to match the coat. The fact that the coat looks great with jeans or dressed up just shows what a great coat it is! Both women style it according to their preferences. I prefer Heidi’s look because it is such a “cool girl” look, not too glam, not too slouchy. Plus, I love this bag with this coat. Amal still looks good and styles it well, too. Now, Amy Willerton misses the mark, imho (

    Bottom line: very versatile coat…worth the money.


    1. I actually like it on May Willerton. She fills the coat nicely. Just not crazy about the boots she wears with it. The striking thing is how skinny Amal looks in it compared to two women who are quite thin themselves . Amal, you’ll still be beautiful and sexy if you put on an extra 5 pounds, because now , your face is looking a little too thin/long now.


    2. Don’t like the bag Heidi’s wearing with the coat. Very cheap looking. If you’re going to wear such a vibrant color like red, keep the red to a minimum. Amal styled it best!


  4. I think part of the reason why Amal looks better in the coat is that the colour suits her more than it does Heidi. The vivid red is striking against her black hair and does not look so good against Heidi’s sun tan and blonde hair. Orange might be a better colour for Heidi.


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