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Make-Up lessons with a very “Amal” Lady – Kanwal Hasan


Kanwal Hasan is from Pakistan, but she lives in Canada with her daughter and husband. Lately, she obtained the Canadian nationality too. I discovered her through her lovely Instagram account. She has the same large brown eyes and long shiny hair as Amal Alamuddin Clooney. She loves make-up and she shares every day her make-up secret.

You can follow her here :

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9 thoughts on “Make-Up lessons with a very “Amal” Lady – Kanwal Hasan

    1. This woman is WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL than Amal. Just because George’s PR tells us she’s an unbelievable beauty doesn’t mean she is. We have eyes, we can see. She’s just a 6/10 with makeup, hair extensions, clothes etc.

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  1. Kanwal needs to thin her eyebrows a little bit. They’re a little too big/thick. But, she is definitely gorgeous and resembles Amal a lot.


    1. Actually, I think she just needs more space between them. They are too close together. Amal has more space between her brows, and it looks better, less mean.


      1. ha i think you got it Mary! there was a thing that bothered me when i looked at Kanwal’s face, but i wasn’t able to put my finger on it. but after you mentioned it, yes i think it’s the closeness of her eyebrows. she should have a little bit more space between them. they are giving her a mean look in the photos where she is not smiling.


  2. Amazing! What a strong resemblance these two beautiful women have. Very similar facial features. The comments about the eyebrows..
    I see what you mean, but if you look close it appears her brow pencil, brow powder, or eyebrow kit stencil shades the eyebrow further out than the actual brow hair. She might be filling the color in too much, thus giving it an appearance of being too close between the eyes.


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