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Amal Clooney back in Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday with George

headerVia People Magazine, we knew now how George Clooney celebrated Amal’s birthday . After her representation at ECHR in Strasbourg, Amal went back to the US and joined George Clooney in Los Angeles.

Amal celebrated her 37th birthday on Sunday with George Clooney in understated fashion with a low-key dinner at their home.

That’s what Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s husband and one of the Clooneys’ close friends, told reporters at the Omega and Orbis Hospital in the Sky screening at the New-York Historical Society on Thursday.

“We just had a dinner with a small group of close friends at George’s house,” Gerber, 52, said. As for what George did for Amal’s birthday, the entrepreneur revealed that George is “always doing special things for her.” So romantic 🙂

9 thoughts on “Amal Clooney back in Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday with George

  1. ummmm….. i am not sure if we can really rely in many of those “news” post… it is not really implied by randy that Amal was there, is it? I read some of the reports on that and he never says Amal was in such dinner? It seems a lot of online publications just want to say whatever in order to get traffic and Amal Clooney is indeed a hot topic so they keep inventing up stories, or distorting the truth, like they are doing with the Egypt case, by implying DEMANDED to meed with Egyp president, when her alleged letter did NOT placed things that way. It see,ms there is a lot of people out there out to just denigrate her on the media…posting things about her that are not true 😦 In any case, if indeed they were in LA celebrating her birthday, it is only normal, i hope it was sweet:)


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