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Get Amal’s Style for less !


Today,  I decide to share with you this nice dress. I am still waiting for mine … but if I don’t post it today it will be out of stock very soon. This dress is similar to the C. B dress that Amal wore in Greece.

Price 51 – 55 USD (asian sizes are quite small)

Here the link : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Womens-Clothing-2015-Summer-New-Elegant-Style-Short-Sleeve-Splice-Hit-Color-Slim-Famous-Brand-Women/32276758653.html


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33 thoughts on “Get Amal’s Style for less !

    1. eh i don’t think there is anything wrong with buying the same dress someone else wore. this is mainly a FASHION blog visited by people who are interested and inspired by Amal’s style. So it is normal to see the blogger attempting to find cheaper and more accessible versions of Amal’s outfits, as all fashion blogs do. I highly value originality in not only fashion, but all aspects of life, so I understand where you are coming from. However, in practicality, inspiring and “coping” in fashion are conventional deeds.


    1. Hi Nati, after 3 years of buying this dress, I finally fit into it. They were tiny as they were Asian size but somehow after the kids I thought I’d be able to fit into it eventually…It happened today. It’s been in my closet for all this time. Really lovely dress and got a few compliments, but it is rather small…

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  1. Great, thanks Nati! Have you ever come across a dress with the vertical and horizontal stripes like she wore in Venice the day before the wedding? That is my fave!


  2. ummmm…i have appreciated most of Amal’s outfits …BUT this one :(( Me not like it :(( I dont think it falters her delicate slim figure, too much of tube, poor design, and i dont personally care for pistachio color, so it does nothing for me or for her…me think 🙂 so i have to bash out this one:) it belongs in a uniform closet 🙂


    1. Nati ,
      With this you are featuring Chinese knock off artists. Hurting real des igners IP. None of us are g oing to look like Amal in this dress – lets face it! Great that you found it originally – but both Amal and the designers really want it to stay couture. Just a thought,


  3. I agree, Sally!

    Why not take just inspiration from Amal’s style instead? I like the way she wears vibrant colours and bold patterns – and especially the way she incorporates them into her working wardrobe. No dull navy or black suits. She has a great eye and frequently changes her nail polish and makeup to reflect what she wears. Amal obviously loves fashion and has fun with it, using it as a means of self expression.

    She also prizes originality. Look at the comment she made to CB when he showed her his designs – Here is something different! She is not someone who tries to dress like someone else. And I think this is a big part of why she is an interesting public figure. She effortlessly straddles the legal, fashion and beauty worlds in a way which no one else does. Which means she has her own style.

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    1. Good point, Andrea, about how Amal is interesting because she doesn’t dress like other people, and what she wears is so varied. One thing I’ve taken from her style is all the patterns she wears. I naturally tend to gravitate toward no colorful patterns (including floral) in my main clothing, but wear it in scarves, etc. I really like her floral dresses, and plan to purchase those in my wardrobe this summer. We have similar skin and hair color.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong in finding a similar outfit, if not exact. Most people don’t follow her fashion and wouldn’t even know some of her day to day fashions that she is wearing. I can see being a bit more hesitant with exact knock-offs of some of the more photographed ones though.


      1. I agree with you Lulu on the point of Amal wearing such diversity of patterns. I guess that is one of the first things that got me to pay attention to her style. She can be in some cut-out- jeans or wearing funky shoes with super busy pattern leggings, or wearing “zebra stripes dress (which is usually not my favorite pattern) and she rocks in most outfits and her variety of colors and patterns are awesome, including blacks for the night or events. The Lady Amal seems to love them all:) Hey…i heard she also loves to JD in parties with friends so…versatility is in order with her sense of fashion and style and i LOVE that:) Again, the only dress i did not like no matter what is this white tube pistachio stripped one….. oh no:)


  4. Mili, I really didn’t like the floral one is Santa Monica with the suede boots. I agree with everything you said, and I enjoy seeing what she is wearing, including her lipstick colors. I actually bought a Charlotte Tilsbury lipstick and don’t see what all the fuss is about, and took it back. Bought another Clinique at half the price, prettier colors….but I digress.


    1. I loved the Santa Monica floral dress.. but i think the pictures taken of her were not flattering that dress on her….it is hard to say… was not crazy about those paparazzi pictures angles, it made her super slim frame too flat…. but i loved the dress…. i had mixed feelings about the boots and the color of the jacket with that dress… maybe the dress was a bit too fine for those accessories…. and the bag definitely was off… did not fit the ensemble… needed a bit more casual bag….i input 🙂

      I haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at that lipstick line , it does has an attractive description on the site:) …. i do know Clinique has great facial stuff and i love Ester Lauder lipsticks:)


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