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Amal Clooney appears in Debrett’s list – Britain’s 500 most Influential people

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Amal Clooney appears in the Debrett’s  2015 list Britain’s 500 most influential people.

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For more information : http://www.debretts.com/people/debretts-500-2015

15 thoughts on “Amal Clooney appears in Debrett’s list – Britain’s 500 most Influential people

  1. I wish that people would stop reminding us that Amal “worked on the Enron case.” In fact, it appears that Enron was a *client* of her previous law firm. In other words, she likely advised the company about the law (what they could and couldn’t do during the criminal proceedings). Enron ruined many lives.

    On another note, I wonder if, perhaps, the shallowness of corporate law was what led her to leave corporate law for other waters? Corporate law is, after all, about defending corporations, even at the expense of human lives.


  2. Lady, I’ve wondered about the Enron case, too. Hopefully one day she will agree to an interview and someone will ask her about that.


  3. Influential, why ? Appearing on the cover with Beckham and Mirren I thought had more to do with influencing the sales of The Sunday Times.


  4. It´s kind of sad if you think about it: Careerwise she´s accomplished so much during the last years and she must have worked hard for it (with or without Enron, which i´m happy you girls mention) but the media didn´t report on it until recently when she got married to a celebrity – something that has nothing to do with what she´s achieved professionally. And all of a sudden she becomes one of the most influential people of Britain – bravo! All of a sudden she´s perceived in a completely different way and all the media acknowledge what she´s achieved.
    I doubt that any big media would have taken notice of her if it wasn´t for the big wedding with handsome George. How sad is it that a woman is still defined so much by who she´s married to – in a Western society. Just like the fact that in every article about her, George or their wedding it´s mentioned that she´s clever – really? As if it was too hard to believe that a woman can be extremely beautiful AND intelligent.
    Imagine it the other way: Would the media really find it noteworthy how intelligent the man is if it was a female celebrity who got married to a successful barrister?


  5. I also wondered if Amal could really be called one of the most influential people. She has become very well known in a short space of time. But what exactly is her influence? She is a relatively junior human rights barrister. Many of her senior colleagues at Doughty Street have had a greater impact in that sphere.


    1. Ver true. But i wasn´t even referring to her career which is definitely impressive. What disturbs me more as a woman is that til this day the public seems to not define a woman primarily by what she´s achieved (which they do acknowledge when it comes to men) but rather by who she´s married to. And then they even have the chutzpah to keep on mentioning that she´s not only a beauty with great taste but ALSO clever – as if that was unusual or contradictory for a woman and in her case not obvious considering her career. I really think that´s frustrating for all female professionals who want to be taken seriously as beautiful women WITH a sharp mind.


  6. And if i may add: I think to make people aware of the fact that in public women are still perceived as either beautiful OR smart – and to make them start reflecting on why that is, that could really be her influence. At least that´s what i´m hoping.
    And her style of course is very influential too 😉


  7. No, i don´t think either that people will start to copy his style by the masses – haha 😉 But you make a good point: appearance has always been important and seems to get even more important nowadays, for both sexes.
    I know you were referring to the Debrett´s list. So was i. I just think that she didn´t appear on it because of her professional success (which would have been great for the cause of a human rights lawyer) but only since she gets all the attention for marrying George – and that´s what i think is kind of sad and shows how superficial the world really is that we live in. And how hypocritical too as women still seem to be judged a lot more superficially than men.


  8. Very true, Cora. Jennifer Robinson is an outstanding human rights lawyer, Rhodes Scholar, and has great style (just saying) but is not married to a Hollywood actor and so flies under the radar.

    Who you are married to seems to make a big difference.


  9. That´s exactly what i mean and find so sad! I really hope that one day in the not so distant future women will be judged less by who they´re married to (or look like) but rather by who they are and what they do!
    I do like Amal´s style but i think it would be a lot more meaningful to talk about these issues…
    Why are so many people (especially women) interested in her? Not only because she “got” George but rather because she´s one of the few women in the media who fascinates with intelligence and beauty – and to me it seems that in the end that´s what we all want to do.


    1. Without George Clooney, there was any media attention. She is an accomplished, stylish and intelligent woman. That is an earthquake in the medias world. Geoffrey Robertson underlined very well the fact that she is first a lawyer and not a celebrity. She is a working woman like you and me with a great sense of style.


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