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New dress for Amal Clooney by Camillo Bona


During her stay in Strasbourg, Amal Clooney had the chance to have a presentation of new Camillo Bona collection Spring-Summer 2015 and she choose a bespoke dress which you can see in the header.

Big thanks to Lola and her comment 🙂

Interview with Camillo Bona and how he met Amal Clooney :

QUESTION: Bona , how did you meet with Amal ?

C.B: This summer she came to me a lady from Rome who asked me for  elegant dresses for her and her daughter and she said it was for a wedding . I did not know it, but the  wedding was  Clooney’s wedding . Amal saw the dresses and asked who had made ​​them .

Q: And then ?

C.B: And she had my contacts and called me . I went to Como , the villa of George Clooney , and I showed my creations , we tried the dresses. She chose five dresses, the first one she wore it in Greece , right after her wedding .

Q. So you created this beautiful contact . She also saw the new collection .

C.B : That’s right , she chose a dress seeing only a sketch .  A great satisfaction . Yes , I’m happy because she is exactly my kind of woman . She is not only a woman who just needs evening dresses , she is a working woman , a lawyer , who needs to be elegant and refined .

Q: What did she say seeing your creations ? C.B.: She said ” finally something diffrerent ” because it is currently difficult to find special clothes for the day. She always told me : “I’m a lawyer , I have a job , I need beautiful clothes but wearable.”

Q: How is it to dress one of the most admired women of the moment ? C.B : Amal is a person who helps a lot . I had designed a simple white & red cotton dress on anyone that would look like a normal dress . About with Amal it  was different , she seemed Jacqueline Kennedy . She wears the clothes , that’s the beauty : the dress doesn’t arrive before the person, but Amal’s personality ,.

Here some pictures of Amal Clooney’s dress during the presentation in Rome (January 31 2015) Alta Moda of Camillo Bona new collection.

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Presentation of  the dress for Amal Clooney during the Camillo Bona fashion show as a part of AltaRoma 2015 at Acquario Romano on January 31, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photos by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images)

Amal Clooney already wore Camillo Bona during her visit in Greece for the return of the Elgin marbles.


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8 thoughts on “New dress for Amal Clooney by Camillo Bona

  1. Gorgeous! I’m sure many designers already have her in mind when creating a design. Everything looks fantastic on her. Even a sack of potatoes would look amazing. Then most likely some silly journalist would ask: “What are you wearing? Looks like a designer outfit.” And she would laugh and politely say “It’s Albert Bartlett, fall collection.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you got me rolling on the floor with your: “It’s Albert Bartlett, fall collection.” hahahaha too funny…..and now that i think of it… well possible:)


  2. That dress will look so lovely on her – it is cut to suit her figure perfectly. I just hope she keeps it knee-length, as it was originally envisioned.


  3. I absolutely LOVE this dress!! Perfect for Amal! (and for me hehehe) I can see Amal rocking it already :0

    But i agree with “Lady”, she must keep the original! Perfection shouldn’t be modified!!


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