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Amal Clooney spotted in Beverly Hills today by Yahoo Style


Amal Clooney and her helper were spotted today in Beverly Hills by Yahoo Style. Here the full article :

Her personal helper was carrying two red garment bags with no mark of a brand name. Amal Clooney was casual with an olive short jacket and ripped jeans. I have the impression that she had some hair extensions …

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury even told Yahoo Style that she would be doing Mrs. Clooney’s for the event. “Amal will be in makeup head-to-toe,” she revealed.“With Supermodel Body Lotion and custom-blended Magic Cream from my own collection… and I predict there will be some big lip moments on the red carpet this season. There certainly will be a gorgeous lip for Amal’s look.” She even got her hair colored this week by Miles Haddad at the Bungalow Salon in Los Angeles.



Pictures by Erika Ostroff for Yahoo Style

9 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Beverly Hills today by Yahoo Style

  1. This woman does not look like a lawyer for human rights !!! All he does is stay on vacation and think about the look and the red carpet !! With what’ s’ going on in the world I find it out of place , now had to stay in Paris to protest against terrorism and not to LoaAngeles to choose clothes for thousands of dollars and get extension !!!! Even if’ the wife of a movie star !!!!


  2. She is a lawyer , they have been In Los angeles where George has been filming a movie that is his job. This event is something they had to attend George is being honored.

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  3. I’m a huge fan of Amal and her style. She looks stunning yet again tonight at the Golden Globes. It’s interesting to see her operate in George’s world of Hollywood which is so different from her work. She can absolutely hold her own next to any of the leading ladies of Hollywood when it comes to style. I wondered if she would walk the red carpet or just meet up with George inside. It was lovely to see her support her husband on such an important night in his life.


  4. certaines personnes ont un aura , c’est le cas de George et Amal , il suffit de dire un mot et les oreilles de la planète se tournent attentivements vers eux ,l’impact peut avoir des retombés conséquents ,le monde d’Hollywood n’est pas celui d’Amal , mais pour son mari elle est présente avec beaucoup de pudeur et de classe , seule note discordante les gants blancs , bon ,c’est pardonné pour cette reine de cœur et de beauté , elle représente avant tout des valeurs que le monde hélas a perdu .


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