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UPDATE ID ! Amal Clooney’s Floral One Shoulder Jumpsuit is by Versace !


We have it ! With big thanks to Pat of

Amal Clooney’s floral jumpsuit is by Versace !

Here the dress version with the same floral design:

Gianni-Versace-Vintage-women-s-one-shoulder-floral-dress-1099-1 Gianni-Versace-Vintage-women-s-one-shoulder-floral-dress-1099-2 Gianni-Versace-Vintage-women-s-one-shoulder-floral-dress-1099-3 Gianni-Versace-Vintage-women-s-one-shoulder-floral-dress-1099-5 Gianni-Versace-Vintage-women-s-one-shoulder-floral-dress-1099-4

I love the print πŸ™‚

1409873448366_image_galleryimage_3_september_2014_london_u 1409873657231_wps_24_3_september_2014_london_u EXC - AMAL ALAMUDDIN AND HER MOTHER BARIA SPEND THE DAY TOGETHER EXC - AMAL ALAMUDDIN AND HER MOTHER BARIA SPEND THE DAY TOGETHER

20 thoughts on “UPDATE ID ! Amal Clooney’s Floral One Shoulder Jumpsuit is by Versace !

  1. Sorry I don’t care who designed it, it’s ugly and with that mustard yellow lether jacket it’s even worse. Just cause something is designer and expensive doesn’t make it good.


    1. Hi Pepper,
      If you don’t care why are you here ? For myself, this jumpsuit is very nice and Amal wore it in many occasions. More positivity would be better from you.


  2. We don’t have to like Amals outfits just because she’a wearing them! Maybe some of us check in here because we like George Clooney. Amal is beautiful but she’s not my idol.


  3. I agree that every outfit isn’t a winner, although she would probably make a paper bag look good:-) This is an interesting piece as it appears it is vintage and dates back to when Gianni was still alive and designing the line. I never would have guessed Versace as the post Gianni stuff is so form fitting. Amal is just like the rest of us in that sometimes she looks fantastic and sometimes not so much. But no one can take away the fact that she is a beautiful and fascinating woman. And I love following her fashion choices all the same…


  4. Necklace suggestion for Amal: .

    It can be made into a choker that sits higher on the neck, like this:

    Amal has a beautiful, elegant, long neck. She can wear these kinds of necklaces quite well, I suspect. As a “winter,” the cool tones of silver jewelry would coordinate nicely with her outfits. (And, no, I don’t work or have any affiliation with Novica).


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