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Amal and George Clooney spotted again in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 02.01.2015


How romantic is this kiss ? Love is in the air. Amal and George Clooney have been spotted again in San Lucas.

Do you think that George provided a style assistant to Amal ? I found some old pictures with Stacy Keibler and the style can be very similar …large floppy hats, printed jumpsuits, maxi dresses, floral shorts … It is only question, until Amal I never liked his girlfriends …

article-2155084-1377BE45000005DC-76_634x448 article-2173991-1413ABF1000005DC-914_634x617  article-2187539-1485CFEF000005DC-632_634x715 George-Clooney-Stacy-Keibler-Lake-Como-Pictures

Back to today post : Amal and George Clooney

For the yellow dress/cover-up, I only have a nice alternative and on sale

Vix Sofia by Vix Solid Yellow Joy Dress Cover-Up $26 !


And the cat-eyes sunglasses seem to be new. No ID with so blurry pictures.

Perhaps these ones by Prada, on sale 🙂

fal1z1_b fal1z1_a

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32 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted again in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 02.01.2015

  1. Anybody told him about they’re being photographed almost every day? I can’t understand why they continue going to that place. He always looks around trying to find the camera with a stern look on his face.


    1. its his place he can go to any time he like but i dont understand why he dont hang a sheet to block the photographer from seeing him


  2. I don’t think she has a stylist, either. Love the photos, looks as if they are having a great vacation. George reminds me of Cary Grant, so handsome! And she is just gorgeous!

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  3. But please !!! do they pose to advertises brand of tequila!!!! Embarrassing put the bottle in plain sight be hing them !! Pathetic !!! Beatiful Stacy !!!!


  4. Interesting observation about style similarities between Amal and Stacy. Although I do agree that most women at the beach tend to dress similarly, I think Amal does have a stylist or personal shopper who curates selections for her now, as her style has changed to favor more of the big name designers. Whether George influences her buying decisions is another matter, though. He probably does, at least a little, if by telling her when he likes the way that something looks on her, at the very least. George likely has a stylist, too. Most celebrities have stylists/personal shoppers who help out with wardrobe decisions and have connections to designers that wish to “advertise” their products through celebrity sightings.


  5. I agree with the tought that she has some help, whether its a personal shopper or a stylist. As you guys said, she might have been stylish before, but you can tell that all of it was amatorial, and not even sooo chic or not that well arranged. I ve read somewhere that she was given a name of a hairdresser by Anne Wintour, and it was obvious that the same lady ( or her assistants) had arranged also Amal’s wedding outfits toghether with the impeccable make up, hair and style dynamics. If you think about it, every detail of her styling was almost perfect.

    With all due respect, Amal definitely didn t dress with so much style while being single. You could find some nice outfit on her, but it was on the same level as an average blogger(as far as style, not her physical appearance).Let s not forget that now that she is under the spotlight, most of the designers are sending her their clothes as presents ( they do it with some blogger girls to get pubblicity, why wouldn t they do it with Amal?) so choosing shouldn t be a problem. Although, I see that sometimes she seems left alone on choosing what to wear and it if you pay attention, you can tell that her choices clashe with the Wintour school of style that, in my opinion, is superb 😉
    Way to go Anne 😀


  6. All celebrities have stylists and there is no exception for Amal. She has been stylish before but now she has a stylist who picks the dresses for her!


  7. Whenever I see old photos of Gergoe with different women in the past.. I feel so sorry for Amal.. And wonder how she deal with it. Like Stacy photo ridding the boat… Amal was photographed in the same position.. She will always be compared to the old girlfriends.. And maybe she will never measure up to their beauty or their fame. Although Amal is highly educated . Smart and accomplished.. But unfortunately for her.. That is being discounted and she will be just another women which geroge accessrized himself with.


    1. Beauty and fame??
      Amal is a beautiful and well-established woman. I am not interested in celebrity life in general, but there is something about Amal that keeps me intrigued. Think it’s her mix of smarts, being career-driven, and making a very public marriage work with such a background. she has no competition with Clooney past….she is married to the guy….that says a lot…..


  8. I know that Armani will send George clothes when he needs them he is a friend. I don’t think George has a stylists he isn’t that into clothes , I think he knows what he likes he tends to wear the same things most of the time.


    1. George wears make up at some events, if you haven’t noticed. I’m pretty sure he has a stylist for more formal events. Look at his style when he’s off duty – jeans and a t-shirt.


      1. For instance, in some of his wedding photos, it looks as if he’s wearing a light coat of powder on his face, too keep the shine down. Either that, or he’s been airbrushed. But, stylistically, I’m sure that he gets some help.


      1. I can’t reply directly to your comment, Nati, but it would be so cute if George really was monitoring your website.

        Hi, George! Glad you ditched the jeans, and apologies for calling you a peacock, earlier. 🙂 Nice wife, even if I do find some of her fashion choices of questionable taste. 🙂 After all, it’s not really the fashion that matters.

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  9. I was married to two Taurus men – both on the same date. These guys are stubborn, cheap, unaffectionate after the first two years, selfish and just plain boring. They never allow you to really get to know them. Believe me it gets annoying.

    I give this couple five years. Amal is going to get bored with him and move on to someone more her equal.


    1. At first, I cringed at the thought of George Clooney marrying anyone. He just seemed to be such a horrible womanizer. Plus, the huge age difference between George and Amal, as well as the media circus surrounding the wedding, really made me wary about everything. However, I’m warming up to him… slowly. Some of his generosity seems to be showing through (I’m not talking about the flashy sort of “generosity” some public personalities have). I do wish he’d talk about MTR the same way that his fellow Kentuckian Ashley Judd does, and that he would be more vocal against US imperialism, even if he does buddy up to the current president. Perhaps he’s not really that progressive, though.

      I do like Amal and wish her well. Her boss seems to be a really good man, taking on more progressive cases, too.


  10. Taurus men are generous but that ends when they get bored 2-3 years into the relationship. Amal is a stunning women and obviously very bright. She has great style regardless if she has a stylist – she still has to say ‘yes’ to whatever outfit they want her to wear. She wears her clothes with confidence and that’s what style is all about. She wears the clothes. The clothes don’t wear her. The British accent and exotic looks also appeal to her overall style.


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