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Amal and George Clooney spotted at dinner Asanebo Restaurant 17.12.2014

photo 1 (2)Amal and Geoge Clooney were pictured leaving their favouite sushis restaurant Asanebo in Los Angeles. They were accompanied by Grant Heslov, the producer/writer of “The Monuments Men” movie. Amal Clooney wore her Balenciaga pink coat. It was one of my first spots for her.

The coat by Balenciaga


And it is still available here in size M  £719 :


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

Amal-George-Dec-18-07 Amal-George-Dec-18-14 Amal-George-Dec-18-15 Amal-George-Dec-18-16 Amal-George-Dec-18-17

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33 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted at dinner Asanebo Restaurant 17.12.2014

  1. She looks stunning in the Balenciaga pink coat… sooo beautiful on her. Perfection.
    George on the other hand is looking like he aged 10 years since his wedding. He should color his hair… the grey is really aging him. Some say grey gives men that “distinguished” look. I think it’s making him look tired and old, and he is not old at all. he is still in the prime of his life.
    I vote color the hair George.


    1. HaHaHa Heidi, I totally agree with you. What’s happening to George? Gaining weight, looking tired & run down, hair suddenly going white, and looks stressed. What’s happening? 🙂


  2. Nati
    You do a great job!
    George looks cranky!
    Staff open Amal’s car door – if you look back she has opened it herself until last two dinner dates.
    When is he ever going to retire old man jeans, brown suede shoes and Casamigos T shirts?
    Boring – given she is so stylish!

    Just a thought :-))


      1. Umm….seems like she has more substance than he, and yet she looks stylish. I think he just likes the rumpled look when ‘off duty’.


      2. I agree with Jezzy…..the man doesn’t about OUR judgements and doesn’t even wanna look and notice towards the vultures (paparazzi) and ALSO DOESN’T care for what he looks like……Just a cool liberal dude looking to have dinner at a restaurant and not at WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER


    1. Amal is a “winter” (going by the old color guidelines published in the book “Color Me Beautiful”), so cool colors tend to look better on her. Another example: Kate Middleton is a “summer,” which also looks better in cool colors. Autumn and Spring colors tend to look drab on winters and summers, which is why Amal and Kate look less than optimal in earth/warmer tones, etc.


  3. George but what’s wrong with you??? Why are you so’ sad ??? Maybe you’ ve already’ regretted signing married ?? Amal instead always smiles , seems to aspects other that being photographed by paparazzi !!! The coat is fine pink for a girl not a woman almost 40 years !!! My humble opinion !!!!


      1. Nati, as Paragol said: Best Thing would be to keep Sabrina alone with her “humble opinion”. I do not see any reason to publish further statements of her… she is such a pain and will never stop – I assume…

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  4. Sabrina – 36 is young! Amal is beautiful and YOUNG. Stop criticising her wardrobe choices defined by your predisposition of what you consider old age – she wears them all beautifully and is a true style icon. Please don’t keep harping on her age as seen through your eyes – focus on the brains and beauty of this lovely woman!
    And KN – yep – GC needs to ditch the T shirt!

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    1. Dear Sally,
      Leave Sabrina alone, she is so jealous of Amal that all the time just critic Amal and her style and age…and so on 🙂
      She thought maybe George could married her(Sabrina) or maybe she is races and cannt stand by George marring Amal.we didnt undrestand why she all the time critic her beauty and ,so,,,,the fuuny things is that she keep coming here and click on this blog every day.
      God knows why ,hahahahhah
      By the why, I like Amal and her style very much and love George and they are wonderful together.
      Caro George is time to change your T-shirt with a nice blue classy shirt.:)
      Thanks Nati for your great blog.

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  5. Ladys:
    Watch these 2 video in youtube you’re going to like it. In my opinion of course 🙂
    Amal Clooney is Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of 2014!; Official Video

    George Clooney House Tour awards season

    Jusk copy and paste them in youtube,
    Nati if I am not allowed to put this things here please just let me know. Tnx

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  6. Thank you aw – I really agree. Nati – you have created a wonderful blog for a very beautiful and accomplished woman – let’s be true to that dream.
    Good on you and all the positive followers.
    Sabrina and co – if you don’t have something nice to say – leave her alone.
    This is about Amal – NOT your problems.
    The girl is a shining star – in her own right.
    Let’s keep this site good, fair and honest.
    Merry Christmas Amal and all who admire her unique style and talent.
    Wishing you all peace and happiness for Christmas
    Sally xxxxx


    1. Yes KN – I agree totally.
      Let’s ignore spiteful Sabrina and – Nati – please don’t give her oxygen.
      Again – peace and joy to all of you for Christmas and a better 2015 for the world.
      It has been a stellar year for a beautiful woman – and well deserved
      Sabrina – love this blog or leave
      Lots of love in the world please

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  7. I would like to know ? What humanitarian work does Amal do ? She is no fashion plate . She has people help her . He could have done a whole lot better . Wait in 10 years . She will not get any better .


  8. Pops of Color like “pink” are so beautiful during the winter. Color is IN and there is no faux pas to wearing certain colors at certain ages. Who, What, Where, When, Why, ever said pink is for children? The “punch of pink” on Amal looks fabulous. I give it 2 thumbs up. It makes her look radiant. 🙂 And she feels special when she is with George…what woman doesn’t want to look fabulous in the presence of her man?! 🙂


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