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Amal Alamuddin – Private pictures II


The press continues to generate rumors about Amal and George Clooney and to find stories perhaps to sell more magazines. Currently we need more pictures of Amal Clooney. Her office looks are so gorgeous, and her casual looks never boring. A real inspiration.

Here some pictures of the past, probably at the university.  Tack posted a picture of Amal before her nose surgery.

Amal young xtB3kycV_6c original

24 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin – Private pictures II

    1. Kerry , sooo true! You made me laugh out loud… Of course it must be her brain burning all those calories lol
      I read that she quit smoking cold turkey when her relationship with George started getting serious.


  1. I actually like her old face better than the new one. I tend to appreciate natural beauty more than too enhanced, though. Nothing wrong with a little make up from time-to-time, but surgery, tooth veneering, etc. just send the wrong message (vanity, low self-esteem). The old nose and teeth made her look not only beautiful, but also interesting and human. Sorry, but the plastic surgery in Hollywood is ridiculous, and everyone looks so plastic there. I bet George has also had surgery/enhancement.


  2. Couldn’t disagree more with your assessment that plastic surgery indicates a person has low self esteem. For some, especially those who take it to the extreme, insecurity/low self esteem is an issue, but certainly not for all. Nothing wrong with subtle enhancements. With that being said Amal has one of the best nose jobs I’ve ever seen. Her features are more balanced and she looks beautiful. And since when is a little vanity, not Kim K vanity, a bad thing?


    1. Take a moment to assess the amount of money and time spent on a procedure. I’ve known a couple of people who have had plastic surgery done to their faces. There’s a threshold of vanity and low self-esteem one has to pass before one commits to that. Even if money is not an issue, the time spent going through surgery and recovery (which can take at least a month) should be enough of an indicator.

      I would say that the only time that plastic surgery isn’t a sign of excessive vanity and low self-esteem is when a person has a genuine medical need for it (for instance, after an accident or in cases where something prevents the normal functioning of a tissue).

      I still maintain that Amal was (physically) more beautiful before the surgery (and tooth veneering). Also, she seems to have lost some weight since those photos were taken. She looks healthier – more vibrant and genuinely happy – in the older photos than in more recent photos.

      Just my opinion as a medical professional.

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      1. “I would say that the only time that plastic surgery isn’t a sign of excessive vanity and low self-esteem is when a person has a genuine medical need for it (for instance, after an accident or in cases where something prevents the normal functioning of a tissue).”

        I would say you’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but you must live a rather sheltered life if you believe the sentiment above. Sometimes a nose job is just a nose job, and not an indicator of some deep seated insecurity or especially low self esteem. That’s quite a statement isn’t it? If you have cosmetic surgery you suffer from low self esteem?! You’re reading far too much into it. And you may want to lighten up with labeling people with issues that they may not suffer from because you don’t approve of the choices they make. For many people it is as simple as wanting to look how they feel. And how they feel does not include low self esteem.


      2. Hi, lulu. As stated before, I do have quite a bit of experience with people who have had plastic surgery. You should read the medical literature on the topic. I posted an article below.


  3. I personally think there is nothing wrong with a subtle enhancement like a nose job or,,,.
    She is not european as a race and usually people from middle east has a big nose and the nose job of Amal is one of the best one I have ever seen( seems natural), in both pictures (past and now) she is beautiful and happy. Good Choice Caro George .


  4. Expecting your answer Pargol and’ expected nothing more !!!! Born I never said that surgery and’ wrong , I just said he had a bad nose , and that I think is not’ improved a lot my thoughts all here !!! Pargol six perhaps a relative of Amal ??? Hello girls next !!!!


  5. Sabrina,
    Io non posso capire perche se lei non ti piace o non la stimi
    vieni a vederela e leggere di lei in questo blog.
    non sei obligata mica., ,,,


  6. Cara Nati3873,
    the pictures you put recently about the chinese brand are beautiful (dresses and sun glasses) , However be careful with the chinese sizes and material that they are usually cheap and small sizes in my opinion. just a thought.


  7. Dear Nati go elsewhere if I like it !!! Ok ?? ‘Cause you do not say to Pargol to go somewhere else because I offended you calling me MISERABLE !!! I can not wait’ cause I can not be free to comment here, ‘ Amal not like , ‘ cause I can not tell ?? I do not offend and have never vulgar but Isay what Ithink!!! Point !! Amal I look like Iook at other famous people , Pargol you have any problem with that ? Please make you comments without offendong me more !!! Thanks !! How do you warm and not ‘ my fault Amal has a bad nose !!!


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