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Private pictures of Amal Alamuddin

amal friends 3

Currently, you can find some private pictures of Amal with friends and family. I don’t know if they are from her old Facebook page. Do you recognize Amal at the table with her family ? Do you think she had a nose job ? It is an impression.

amal friends 4 Amal friends 2 amal friends 5 Amal friends Amal Cousin Marc 2012With her cousin Mark

Amal ex boyfriend Amal ex boyfriend 2With Xavier Laroche – corrected information

41 thoughts on “Private pictures of Amal Alamuddin

    1. had a chin and nose job… look at the profile pic of her seated.. now look on the internet of her pics as Ms Clooney… way obvious… looks better now. but it’s all manufactured..ewww.


  1. Definitely NOT rhinoplasty. If anything, her nose looks larger now, probably because she’s older. Noses grow slightly as we age. Also, facial figures often appear different in different photos due to lighting, makeup, and angles of the photo. In any case, her facial features are beautiful. Lovely as she is, she definitely appears to love the camera as much as it loves her. I’d say she’s more than a little full of herself.


      1. But doesn’t her nose appear larger now than when sitting at the table with her family? It looks larger to me–much larger now. That photo at dinner with her family almost doesn’t even look like her. Possibly a different family member? Anyway, kudos to you for your amazing sleuth skills in coming up with these photos. Don’t know how you do it, but MI5 could use you!

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    1. noses don’t grow any more – the face around them changes.

      regardless, of course she had a nose job. hunches don’t just disappear by themselves. i would have had one as well, in her case!!


      1. so perhaps you should amend your post, perhaps delete it entirely and not alert attention and allow negative comments on someone else’s features. it’s bad enough these photos have been posted here as some kind of stalk fest. In any event, how could you even believe that Amal would have an “official” account on Instagram since she’s not present on any social media front and the photos posted and the captions seem very suspect. Get your bullshit meter out people, even when your obsession becomes that blinding.


      2. Perhaps, you have to control your words. If Amal didn’t want media attention she didn’t choose George Clooney as husband. It is a fact. Currently, I will not delete my post. Did you see how many fake accounts there are everywhere ? They are a real problem.


      3. I have to agree with those who are pointing out the invasion of privacy, here. Also, the fact that the comments about Amal’s nose may be somewhat hurtful to whoever it is that is being mistaken for Amal. All of the noses look beautiful here, and all of the people pictured here are gorgeous, ladies. Let’s not bash on others’ God-given appearances.

        And, I am totally against rhinoplasty. I’ve seen countless women who have totally ruined their faces with rhinoplasty. Be proud of your noses. They are gorgeous. If they weren’t meant to look like that, you wouldn’t have been born with them.

        On another note: has anyone ID’d the shoes Amal wears here? They look really comfortable.



  2. I don’t think she had a nose job look at the 2nd and 6th picture. Now her make-up is more contouring so it makes her nose look slimmer. She’s also posing in odd angles with her head tilted back. Remember her picture from school? Her nose looks about the same.


  3. That’s a shame u lifted these from her cousins Facebook page. She’s an elegant and educated woman. We should embrace her and her intelligence and not fall into this trap of posting crap like this. Yes she had a nose job and had her teeth done . So what. And that’s not Amal at that table i know for a fact.


    1. I published them, but some pictures are already on Instagram under an “Amal Official” account … why she doesn’t close these fake accounts ? The same on Twitter … or Facebook.


      1. I agree with you, Guestina – I think that Clooney’s PR people are all over the internet posting things about Amal. She seems to like the attention.


  4. It’s definitely her at the table but she is quite young and definitely had a nose job. And no one else noticed , but that’s her younger sister Tala to her right, who also appears to have underwent a rhinoplasty. They both have their fathers’ nose and both had it fixed. Proof is how much Amal’s niece ( Tala’s teenage daughter ) has the same nose !


    1. Agree. That’s Amal and Tala, with old nose.

      It’s obvious her mother Baria has had a nose job too. And I suspect Tala’s daughter will get one, judging by the looks of it (her nose). The Lebanese are super big on plastic surgery.

      Amal before surgery. ….


      1. She’s definitely had both the nose job and veneers added to her teeth. I also strongly suspect that she’s anorexic, although her previous cigarette smoking habit likely helped her to stay thin before she quit. It’s a shame that people like her feel so much pressure to conform to ridiculous beauty ideals. The wedding was a huge PR blitz, likely fueled by Clooney and her mother’s PR people (her mother runs a PR company), marketing expensive designer clothing and a “bling” lifestyle to the masses that most people can’t afford. The latest “news” being shoved down the throats of young women today is that they should aspire to purchasing a “wedding trousseau” consisting of multiple dresses/outfits, like Amal’s.


    2. That being said, rhinoplasty and all, she played her cards right and got George Clooney. I suspect playing hard to get initially played a huge role in the mysterious charm theta drew him in. A good lesson for young women. Don’t throw yourself on any man, not even George Clooney. If he’s interested , he will pursue you!!!


      1. I don’t see why Clooney is such a catch? All he has is money, and because of that, influence. He’s aged quite a bit and looks 10 years older than his actual age.

        Maybe Amal will play her cards right, wait for him to either leave or pass on to the other world, and then marry a hot young dude with real humanitarian passion (and a real job).


  5. I don’t know why they are making a big issue about her nose.May be because they cannot find anything else to comment on.Nobody is ideal on earth.Amal has much more positive issues than negative ones.No need to repeat that she spend her whole life in studying hard and making researches until she reach her actual position.All these negative comments are from jaleous women and may be they don’t have part time job.As myself and due that I am from her native country I am very proud of her.Amal is an icon and inspiration of intelligence and dedication.She and George deserve all the best on earth.


    1. Many women are fascinated by everything about Amal Clooney because she achieved the seemingly impossible–she captured George Clooney, because she is extremely accomplished AND beautiful, because she had a VERY high-profile four-day wedding–and because she goes out of her way to draw attention to herself with very haute, dramatic, expensive styling. For all these reasons, she has become a rather sensational overnight style icon, and is therefore subject to intense scrutiny. You have to admit, she is rather unusual as a serious international human rights attorney who places so much obvious importance on her own physical appearance–which only draws more attention and scrutiny. But I don’t think anyone making comments on this blog–even those speculating on her facial features–wishes Amal and George anything but the best, just like you do. Except, of course, those who may harbor unconscious feelings of envy.


  6. She seems to look different in lots of different pictures. For instance I have never seen her so tan as in the last couple of pictures here and her eyebrows and eye make up are less prominent, say, than the way she looked in the back seat of the car when driven to her parents’ party. I think we all know that the slightest thing can change our looks. I had rhinoplasty because of a bump on my nose and I hardly look different. If anything, I look less interesting. Anyway, I can’t tell about the nose. I just think, simply , that she is very beautiful in every picture I have seen of her


  7. Plastic Surgery is very popular in the Middle East. They are very into looking good. I was recently in Doha, Qatar and I was flipping through the TV stations at the hotel and every Arabic singer / actress / tv commentator has had plastic surgery… you can just tell…

    That is her at the table , Amal is sitting on the right and her sister Tala is on the left and they were quite young ,they might of been teenagers.
    I think she and her sister are so beautiful… what ever they are doing… they are doing it well !

    I love the Red dress with the white flower in her hair… what a great romantic summer look. I also love her with a tan… She looks great!


    1. I could not agree with you more, Facingwindows. Good illustrations you’ve provided to
      illustrate your opinion. NO nose job. It’s all about light, angles, shadows, etc.


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