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Amal and George Clooney wedding souvenirs by Blessing Chocolate Lebanon

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At the after-wedding reception at Danesfield Hotel more than 200 gift chocolate boxes have been given as souvenir.

The chocolate boxes have been prepared by Blessing Chocolate Lebanon.

Behind the scenes: “Our calligrapher trying out different styles of writing Amal and George ‘s names in Arabic for the beautiful custom-made Blessing boxes of the finest Lebanese chocolate.”

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8 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney wedding souvenirs by Blessing Chocolate Lebanon

    1. Bone China favors with Jordan Almonds, not chocolate. That is traditional. Jordan almonds are almonds dipped in sugar and come in pastel colors. They symbolize the bitter and sweetness of life. That would have been more elegant and meaningful.


  1. Fabulous ! I am Lebanese and I think the party favors for the party given by her parents really spotlighted the beauty of old Arabic calligraphy. I like the dark purple color too. Very elegant ! I hope George will give some of these favors to his state side friends to enjoy as well !


  2. Off topic, but I have a style suggestion for Amal: a draped sleeveless dress like this one, only black silk jersey, with an adjustable gold chain belt, and knee-length. Paired with black slingbacks, big, dark sunglasses and her hair down, she’d look like a million bucks, and it would be appropriate to wear in a professional setting. She has the body for a draped sleeveless dress – many women couldn’t pull it off.


  3. Nice touch! Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially specialty chocolate to enjoy? All wrapped in rich plum ribbon and topped with a blooming flower. Simply elegant and regal. I sure wish I was blessed to have the opportunity here in Ohio to try Lebanese Chocolate by Blessing! Yum! 🙂


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